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Why there is no secret to succeed in seduction

secret success seduction

What is the secret to succeed in seduction ?

By discovering my blog and the science of seduction, people react by:
– Rejection outright: “It’s bullshit … and if there really was a way to become more seductive, everyone would know it and would do it for a long time.”
– Or a polite curiosity: “really? There may be something interesting in there”, without going any further.
– But some people have a motivated interest: they dig the question and test it for themselves.

If you try to find opinion on the game on the Internet, you will come across people who find it amazing, others who say it is absurd and others who say it is a scam (it would be the same for anything a bit innovative).

And in fact, among the thousands of people who came to my blog or on my Youtube channel, many unfortunately (for me and for them) :
– Had this reaction of rejection more or less violent.
– Or only read or watch a small part of my content diagonally and get a hasty opinion.
– Or find it interesting, test one or two concepts then forget about it.

It’s a pity that very few people get a real benefit from what the game (yet at the click range) could bring them. There may be two reasons for this behavior:
– The human tendency to postpone things that are not urgent to the next day (that is yo say, often to “never”).
– Skepticism: and if Fabrice Julien was lying, even partially? And if he was mistaken, if he took his dreams for realities?

This form of doubt is healthy and quite normal, much more than the immediate rejection in any case. In fact, I encourage you to be skeptical. But there are good and bad skeptics:
– The bad skeptics: when they discover a new theory that questions their conception of things, they reject it “that goes against all that I think I know, and if it really was possible to have the results described, if it was so simple, everybody would know!”
– The good skeptics: they are the ones who, by discovering a new theory that questions their conception of things, say “it is interesting and the results described are motivating, but is it true ??? What simple experience could I use to test one or two principles and see if it suits me?”

In all areas, there are methods that work better than others for the majority of people (some of them are ignored by this majority)… and those that are most used are not necessarily the best. Yes, there are methods that work better than others in those areas that are important to you, such as “seducing” and “making love” (if you are still there, probably you are concerned).

I am particularly interested in motivated people (even passionate people like me), who are ready to use their intelligence to open their minds and apply concretely what in the Game works for them. By adopting constructive skepticism, you can multiply your capacity for action. To continue without this motivation, without this will for success, would serve only to increase your general culture… but not to have concrete results (you have to know what you want).

Concretely this means that instead of looking at the average results that lambda people get in seduction, telling you that this is probably all you will get, you have to ask yourself “what methods do the PUAs practice to have such results?”

Then go in search of these methods. As a beginner in a domain, you will sometimes fall on quacks and maybe you will not realize it until it’s too late. These are the risks of gambling (keep in mind that scam artists who last in a domain without being spotted are extremely rare). But by using your common sense and good skepticism combined with an active search for what works best, you will easily detect methods that will give you a decisive advantage in life. This is also why I am an expert in relationships between men and women and that I can be useful: I know what works in general and what is pure shit… so I can quickly draw a line between a quality product and a wacky product or with no added value in seduction.

“As to methods there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Maybe it’s too good to be true? Just powder for the gullible? And if I told you that you can, for example, double your chances that a girl finds you attractive and gives you her phone number in two seconds, easily and without spending one single € ?

Well, know that it is possible: just touch briefly (one to two seconds) her shoulder or her forearm. This secret has been public for a long time (you can find a lot of scientific investigations) and yet many people are still unaware of it. And many people who read this will say “wow awesome” then forget it and move on without having taken the time to integrate this technique into their everyday life. Do not be like these people. Be an intelligent winner!

You might object that all women are different (as all men are) and therefore the Game could not function universally. This is partly true but we also have a lot of similarities and some that distinguish us from other animal species on Earth. We share many physical and psychological characteristics. Despite what we like to think, we all have more in common than differences with other human beings, often it is determined by our genes. If we follow this logic, the Game has more chances to work than not to work for you.

It may be profitable for you to discover this kind of methods. And since these methods are much more effective than most people use, they give you a much higher ROI than others get for the same amount of time, energy and money. Do you think this will give you an advantage in life? Or do you imagine that it is enough to count on luck by simply doing what you have always done until today, even if your situation does not suit you?

“Luck is the meeting of preparation with opportunity” Oprah Winfrey

The sucker, in my opinion, is not the one who pays to have the service he needs to unlock and help him moving on in his life. The sucker is the one who does not believe that he can have a better life than he has, who does not try anything, and who ends his life frustrated, all this to save €25 by thinking he is smarter than the others. And then, of course, when we put things in front of him, such as regular threesomes with two chicks, the loser manages to maintain his denial: to turn it into derision, to be in bad faith or to criticize, etc. But no one is duped and it is well known that these people are frustrated in fact. It is a shame for them because I am actually ready to stretch out my hand and help them.

One of my readers wrote to thank me for everything I give for free and then asked me if some people are actually buying my ebooks because he told me he has only two pick-up ebooks on his computer, that he Illegally downloaded (not mine – it’s DeAngelo – I find it very disrespectful for David DeAngelo because I know it’s hard to write ebooks).

Some people buy my products because what I propose resonates especially in them, or because they have applied tips that I have given and have had results that have changed their lives (for some buying me something is a way to thank me). This money is very useful: it helps me and motivates me to continue to write my blog and to create my videos you like, I hope (because all this is not free; blog hosting and for my newsletter are kinda expensive). I prefer to be honest and transparent with my readers. Thank you if you buy my products! You help me to continue the blog! It encourages me and makes me want to continue!

Another of my readers told me about one of my books “It’s good! I wonder how you find the time to do all this, because when I take a look at the free extract that you propose I find that you offer quality, good work. But to be frank, €30 for an ebook, even if powerful, I think it is too expensive.”

In fact, this guy has not yet realized (like many people) that we’ve switched to a new economy for a long time. An economy of knowledge where knowledge is exchanged. An economy where knowledge is valued commercially.

Imagine that you are a young single man and that you are trying to seduce more girls and more interesting ones… but that it is a calvary for you because your friends give you tips that do not work and that you do not know how to do it alone. What value has then for you a regular and quality information that will help you? An information that will transform the way women look at you and will prevent you from making costly mistakes (such as long relationships with chicks that do not suit you or losing money in dates that will lead you nowhere) ?

When you look for online information on this topic, you come across a lot of sites, articles, videos, which lavish billions of tips for free. Great… how do you get into that? The good information is drowned under the mass of poor quality information or information that is not relevant to you at the stage of your learning. And they are all disconnected without a clear pedagogical line. How much would you be willing to pay for a book that sums up the essential concepts for you by articulating them into a coherent and step-by-step method? It is in these terms that we must think. This is the value of information.

My clients are those who want to go even further than those who just enjoy the free content (even if it is already good to get through better than average). In general, these people are the most motivated and therefore those who have more chance to succeed.

There are people for whom anything below €5000  is like a metro ticket. If I sell at €30 or €2000 it is the same for them. Or in any case they are willing to pay €2000 for a service that interests them. If I only sold products at €5, I would not allow people to spend more even if they love what I do.

Why would there be sports coaches that we would pay, but we would not pay a guy to give us tips to have better sex or to pick-up more and more interesting chicks ? Why would we pay people to teach us how to eat better, how to dress better, but not to teach us how to improve ourselves in these areas of sex and seduction? It does not make sense. If you are intelligent, you see further than these old taboos. And you will go far in life! If you give yourself the means!

If you have money, invest it to make progress in areas that matter to you, it’s not when you’re dead that your money will come in handy. There is no shame, I have already bought seduction ebooks and it helped me. By paying, you will also have a contract with yourself and you will make more spectacular progress in less time because you will feel more obliged to make profitable your investment (it is not for nothing if it is the principle in psychoanalysis too, paying to have a deal towards healing). And this will give you a considerable advantage over all others!

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