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Follow me and I’ll flee, flee me and I’ll follow : true or false?

Follow me and I'll flee, flee me and I'll follow

Follow me and I'll flee, flee me and I'll follow

What about the behavior of a person who tends to move away when you get closer and get closer when you get away from her?

Many men and women use the “Treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen” voluntarily as a method of seduction… But, moving away from the person desired to attract her, is it really an effective seduction technique?

Bad state of mind

The widening gap between men and women is due to this kind of behavior that blurs communication and makes it impossible to understand the other one. Personally, if my accomplice had not shown me any interest when I met her, I would have gone away to find another girlfriend.

People think that the technique works because it pricks the ego of the person (his pride) and that is what makes him go out of his way to get the attention of the person who flees.

But it does not count with three things:

1) Sometimes people are not confident and will not insist on women or men who pretend to be indifferent. So if the guy is an interesting guy but a little shy, the girl who plays this petty little game risks discouraging him and losing big. Same thing for a guy who would like to seduce a shy girl. This kind of misunderstanding can give rise to comic or dramatic situations…

2) Only the sex-starved guys who do not respect themselves and the men who have no choice in seduction are ready to lick the boots of a girl who ignores them or does not treat them at their true value.

3) The fact that a balanced guy will probably try to avoid the balance of power in a loving relationship (this is the principle of prizing: you must remain a challenge and not put the girl on a pedestal).

This technique can only work in some cases

Warning, if the person is confident but is not at all interested in you, the technique will not work, whatever you do… It will not change her mind and she may even be glad that you stop clinging on to her (relief). Such is taken who believed to take, that is what I call the “flee me, I don’t give a shit!”

This is exactly like the technique of the fridge (the freeze-out or “silence radio”) that only works when the chick is already interested.

“Follow me, I run away from you, run away from me, I’ll follow you” is a classic of French seduction, which is true only when the person is confident and is already interested in you (or when the person is not very balanced but I do not wish you to have a relationship with someone desperate or disturbed).

Nevertheless, it remains cult because mentalities evolve less quickly than the world around us. In the days of Moliere and Marivaux, when one always saw the same people in the same circles, it was obviously more effective than today when one can disappear on the Internet. You must know that we owe this expression to Alfred de Musset, who wrote in the 19th century: “A woman is like your shadow, run after, she runs away from you; flee her, she runs after you!”

Anyway, keep in mind that nothing is foolproof: even the most effective seduction techniques fail by bad luck… the the worst shit can work by chance.

What is the advantage of this technique?

It is interesting to use it in moderation to raise sexual tension. Generally, the more one desires the person before bedtime, the better is sex. The anticipation (when we know that we will probably make love with this person) is a fucking awesome aphrodisiac!

It’s also interesting to use it when you’re ready to roll the dice. One must always be ready to lose the girl in order to win her without too much headache : it is the other side of the coin and that is why it is necessary to have the choice and not to get attached too quickly (one should never say “I’m in love” with a girl with whom he has not even slept… LOL!)

There are people who do realize the value of what they had (or could have had) only when they lost it or it become inaccessible. But do you really care about those people who have not recognized your value in time?


For me, playing a game at the beginning of a relationship does not help much. I would even say that it is mostly counterproductive because being natural makes it possible to make a good sorting and to move away from people not interested as well as from those with whom there is no future. But that does not mean that you can do or say anything under the pretext that you want to “yourself”.

My advice is to be frank and to show (or let guess) your interest in the other. However, be careful, do not make me say what I did not say: avoid frightening her by saying “I love you” at the first date or by becoming too needy too fast. It must be realized that emotional dependence, when it happens too quickly, often reveals bad things and can constitute a reason for rupture (unless it is reciprocal, of course).

I am convinced that it is a bad idea to force people to love or desire us. I am absolutely against the stuff like “5 infallible tricks to make her fall in love with you” (it stinks too much despair). There’s a time when you just have to optimize your chances by doing personal development, giving time to time and letting nature do it… it’s called letting go.

To be able to apply this seductive acceptance: learn to fight against jealousy, show the limits to women or men who have a borderline behavior with you and continue to become always more attractive…

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