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The feminist who absolutely did not want to be submitted in bed

The feminist who absolutely did not want to be submitted in bedThe feminist just wanted some soft sex

March 29th 2016 (approximate date because I had not taken notes after these two fucks),

On Tinder, I had approached an 18-year-old brunette who was doing the splits on her profile picture (I detail this because it immediately turned me on) : « Oh a young woman , do you like older guys? » She replied, “I love it! My ex was 26 years old so now it would be weird to go back with someone my age. And you, do you like the younger ones?
– Yes… even if they are little experienced, I teach them.
– Ah, you have so much to teach?
– It seems.
– Pretentious! This becomes interesting…”

As a result, we agreed to meet up yesterday around 6:30 pm and we discussed the rain and the weather in the meantime (that’s how I learned that she had known only one man in her life). Except that, on the eve of the date, she wrote me something that pissed me off “I saw your Facebook page by accident : I do not like your way of thinking, it looks like a performance for you…
– No, it’s not a performance, sex is a good time between 2 people. I am a simple person. I do not want to put pressure on you or anything, it must remain relaxation. I’m always the one with whom you spoke yesterday before you saw my site, you know, I did not turn into a monster, there’s no manipulation or anything that threatens your anonymity.
– I do not know… you give advice, you boast about what you do, etc. I’m just trying to have a good time. I’m sorry, I know it’s going to annoy you but I’m really blocking since I saw your site.
– So much the worse… it is true that it is a bad idea to come to a guy you know that he has experience in bed and that he will not judge you. What are you afraid of, seriously ? I have no illness or anything and I am honest with you. In fact, it may be an excuse to get cold feet, but in that case, it’s not like that you will enjoy life and learn sex. In fact, you might have wanted me to lie to you?
– But, in fact, I do not want to learn, I do not consider it as a science but as a feeling between two people. I’m not looking for an excuse, it’s just that I do not feel like it…
– From my point of view, you are 100% wrong, but you are still young, you have to learn to think for yourself to see where your interest is.
– We do not have the same point of view, that’s all. There is not necessarily one that is better than the other.
– Well… you talk about exact science stories and all this stuff while I talked about it nowhere so I guess you did not understand or you do not want to understand.
– Perhaps I did not quite understand your way of thinking then… but what I see is that you speak in terms of” method “,” techniques “and” number of conquests “whereas I speaks in terms of feeling.
– It shows that you have not read anything. I speak in terms of personal development to become more seductive and understand the chicks. There’s no manipulation in there. As for the number of conquests, I am obliged to speak of it to be credible but I no longer count…
– You’re not trying to be good with someone, you’re just trying to be with someone, anyone, as much as possible… That’s what I understood and I do not like.
– I do not take anyone, no, I need to be seduced ! Do not pretend that you have read my blog because it shows that you have not understood the concept. Afterwards, if you prefer getting a headache and everything rather than enjoying, it’s your choice and I find it stupid… but I cannot help. We cannot help people against their will. It’s up to you to see where your interest is!
– I am afraid of regretting this it if I meet you. I think you missed your chance, too bad.

– Lol, stop talking as if it was on-sided. Well, I’m not going to kneel for you. A+, my deer!”

I do not know what made her change her mind, but this morning I received « And how would you make me come without kneeling for me ? 😉 » So I landed in her small student’s room, sat on her bed and we discussed a few minutes. Then she took my hand, we kissed, undressed and I licked her until the orgasm. After, I took her doggy style and I could see that her pussy was more than wet. She told me I was really a good lover, that it was too good and that her ex did not fuck her like that. She even pointed out that it was even the first time she was taken so well.

Under my eyes, she even recommended me to one of her friends who, like her, wants to discover sex “He’s a great leg.
– yeah but I do not want to go after you, my friend…”

Here ! I hope this story has allowed you to see how to reassure a girl who is afraid of womanizers. Moreover, we observe in this conversation that the girl wants to enjoy like crazy but that her stupid principles prevent her from living her life to the fullest and to do what she really wants. It’s so sad ! Finally, the response of her friend makes me laugh: she believes that she can afford to be choosy and select on stupid criteria… as if there were plethora of sexperts in Lyon! It personally does not bother me to fuck a girl who also slept with one of my friends. In short, it was a typical reply from a half-virgin woman, that!

But be careful, the story is not over. Around 8 pm, I ran to the train to go back home and I barely had time to shower : a girl was already knocking at my door.

My second date of the day was a medical student. On her Tinder photo, she was wearing a surgeon’s mask, so I approached her as follows: “Nice mask.
– Thank you. Unfortunately, I could not keep it.
– So much the better. It will be more convenient to kiss you.”

This chick was claiming to be a feminist and totally liberated. She said she was not afraid to go to a boy and fuck him on the first date because she has a black belt in karate (so she was sure she could defend herself if needed). You will understand, fucking her was not difficult. Fucking her well, however, was more: I was very tired after a day of work (I prefer not to talk about it) and the first pussy!

Post-coitus, we discussed and the girl talked about stuff like “Equal post, a woman earns less than a man, do you find it normal?
– No…”

Then she said with considerable assertiveness that women were always harassed in the street. So I asked her if it was her case and she replied “No, but many tell it on the Internet.
– OK…”

Well, I know that I will not see her again because she looks weird. Plus, sex wasn’t awesome : she absolutely did not want to be submitted : so no doggy or blowjob… all this to be thought of a liberated woman!

May the God of the Game be with you!

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