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Conversation topics: 20 good ideas for sexualizing and avoiding silences with a woman

Conversation topics

Conversation topicsToday, I write an article to give you ideas of conversations to feed your dates. The goal is not, however, to give you ideas of topics of conversation to just fill the discussion with a woman: I want it to lead you somewhere. For me, the purpose of a good topic of conversation is to direct the conversation towards seduction and sex, subjects that are so delicate to address for many men, yet oh so important.


Why choosing topics of conversation that sexualize the interaction?

The principle: what is a good topic of conversation with a woman?

The idea is to accelerate the feeling of intimacy and freedom of tone between the girl you have picked up and you, talking very freely about a little hot and intimate subjects. Including everything related to the body, sex and relationships between men and women.

– The age of your first time;
– Your best and worst sexual memories;
– The stuff you’ve tried before, and the ones you’d like to try;
– The things you like, the things you do not like in bed;
– Have you ever slept with someone much older or younger? ;
– Etc.

The idea is to talk about sex with the girl, freely and without embarrassment, in order to break down the barriers.

Several interests in these topics of conversation to create complicity with a girl

Your ability to talk about hot topics is a sign of your freedom of tone, open-mindedness… and some confidence/experience.

These are both crispy subjects (so we get caught up in the game)… and a little hot, which help to raise the temperature and give ideas not very Catholic (nor Muslim) to the girl you seduce. Evoking these topics can disturb the woman you are flirting with, and it is even desirable. Otherwise, it’s because you leave her indifferent…

The fact of confiding on such topics, and sharing intimate details, helps to reinforce the impression that she and you are close… very close… until getting into each other.

When to bring these topics of conversation?

Obviously, it’s something that’s easier to do in a good context. Do not do this around the coffee machine in the office!

The best is still when you are only two, because the social pressure is then a little blurred. At home  : it’s ideal because you can act directly when the tension is at its height.

Or, you can do that in a bar, while you have a drink together (incidentally, alcohol helps to let go and to talk more freely, so it can help… but especially drink in moderation, if only to keep the ideas clear and to remember the fuck).

Ideas of conversation topics

Here is an example of a hook to start a topic of conversation about sex if you are shy :

“Is it true that women love sex more than men? It’s a friend who told me that this morning.”

Here are some of the most effective topics to talk about with women , ranging from less conducive to more conducive to sexualization:

– The beautiful corners of the world she wants to visit (travels);
– The mysteries of the world;
– The news that makes the buzz;
– The future as she imagines it;
– The funny scenes of the movies;
– The things that fascinate you;
– Social dynamics;
– The psychology of people;
– Gender relations (we will focus on this)

You can also ask a girl “what is there right now, as a book on her bedside table”. It’s a good topic of conversation and a subtle way to include a sexy situation inside an innocuous conversation. You / a bed / her bedroom: the temperature starts to rise!

Conversation topics


Why talk about gender relationships is THE best conversation topic

A good way to interest women and get them talking about sex is to talk about gender relationships, it’s a fabulous topic of conversation. This allows to exchange and guide the discussion on the body, the attitude, the sensations.

This topic of conversation, is soft, acceptable, easy to introduce into a conversation… and most of all, it appeals to 99% of girls.

If you see that she likes to talk about it, you have the green light to engage on anecdotes and hotter questions. However, if you feel her uncomfortable, adapt!

Here are some ideas for good conversation topics:

“What do you think about dating apps? »;
“Have you ever been approached in the street? Has that led to something? »;
“Have you ever been in love? »;
“Have you ever had one-night stands ? »;

It goes without saying (but it’s better by saying it): avoid sexist remarks… if you want a woman to be open-minded, be open-minded first.

Indeed, in your eyes, a woman who sleeps should not be “a slut”. Either, how do you want them to let go?

To better understand how and why you have to sexualize, if you often end up in the friendzone or if most of your dates do not give anything, I urge you to read The Basics of Seduction and Friendzone and Sexualization!

If you have a little more advanced level and you want ready-made quotes ideas, I will direct you to 1000 sexy alpha funny lines.

When “an angel passes” in the conversation: how to manage the silences


Conversation topics

The obsession of a man seducing a girl may be: “I hope there will be no silence in the conversation”. Focusing on it means forgetting everything that is not words but that helps to create the attraction during the conversation.

But when you are with your good friends, family, relatives, etc. : a moment of silence is experienced as normal.

That’s exactly how you should live silences with chicks. Do not be afraid! Do not be uncomfortable!

Sometimes they are bothered for two when there is a silence that lasts, so explain to them what I just explained to you and it will be better.

Personally, I like to enjoy watching them during a silence, right in the eye with a smile, assuming that I have something in minde. It makes the sexual tension rise !!!

For other tips to improve your interpersonal communication, I invite you to read Communication, seduction and manipulation!

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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