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How to know if a girl likes you?

Source : Agent Provocateur

Today, I will introduce a tool that will let you know if a girl likes you, and how much.

I named … the compliance test!

Its utility ? Seeing if the girl is ready to play the game with you. Taking the temperature of the interaction (does the girl like you? does she a priori trust you?) And see if you can get a rate.

There are “easy” compliance tests and “hard” compliance tests.

Easy tests are not completely reliable but will reassure beginners and encourage them to move on to the next phase in their seduction process.

Among the easy tests, there’s, for example:
– Does she agrees to go with you on the dancefloor?
– Does she agree to be alone with you?
– Does she agrees to talk with about sex?

If she responds positively to these tests, you can go further with confidence.

If she responds negatively: you can devote your time and energy to a more receptive target.


Hard tests have less chance of success but, if she is receptive, it is almost won.

Does she accepts, for example:
– To answer your naughty intrusive questions? (It is on this principle that is based the game of the questions I propose in Secrets for seducing on the Internet)
– To drink in your glass or (EVEN BETTER) that you drink in her glass?
– To give you her hand? Then to caress your hand when you caress hers?
– That you caress her thigh? First put your hand in her knee and then move up to see how far you can go.
– To give you a kiss on the cheek when you ask her casually? A girl who submits to this type of testing is at least a little bit attracted.

On the other hand, if it does not work: do not struggle. There is nothing more ridiculous than a sex-starved guy trying 20 times to kiss the same girl at a party.

However, one must know the difference between a rejection and a persistence test. As you know, women love to make us believe that they are not “easy”. So sometimes they do it on purpose just for their conscious. But in this case, other indices let you guess you have to insist. This is your social intelligence and your experience that will help you to:
– Do not give up prematurely when she likes you;
– Do not insist like a sucker when it is dead.

The idea by going fast (the hard way) is to quickly test the girl’s tolerance. Yes, a girl you have met a few minutes ago may well agree to give you her hand or even to kiss you! But even if the test fails, you will have demonstrated your interest and  thatyou have balls. Besides, if she stays with you despite that, while she may go away it’s that she tacitly accepts that you try again (or she is very stupid and likes to live dangerously).

I want to say that if she does not want to kiss you it’s not necessarily dead, in this case. Indeed, if you go there in a hard way, she may need more time. She may need you warm her a little more. Or that you reassurance her a little bit. It is for you to adapt to the circumstances and to individual cases… but often it is the logical part of her mind that resists and the emotional part that wants to orgasm. It’s up to you therefore to unlock and excite her!

When you quickly try to kiss her on the mouth, for example. It’s a bit of a door in her face: if she refuse something huge, she will be more likely to give you something less huge. If she refuses the kiss on the mouth, so try to kiss her neck. Anecdotally, it repeatedly happened that a girl did not want to kiss me but let me warm her and then she came up kissing me herself and we fucked in all positions of Kamasutra.

Also, daring to try your luck and to take things in hand like that, it’s a form of DHV that can create attraction in itself. The future therefore belongs to men who have the nerves and that will take initiatives wisely!


But this test (which is like a green or red light) is not an end in itself: you must see how far you can go and try to go further into her bed… Try pressing women like lemons about sex. Always try to get on the higher step of the staircase of life.

This is where I differentiate “like” and “seduce”. There are plenty of guys who are simply liked but do not know how to move on the process of seduction or who are too afraid to dare to do so. Result: even if women like me less than them, I fuck more. It is important to don’t forget that many women are seduced by guys they do not like. But what is more important? Taking her doggy style with a spanking in your kingsize bed… or she likes you in secret?

Finally, a warning: I advise you to eject yourself rather quickly when you interact with a girl who resists too much or who pissed you off. Because a player can quickly be accused of rape or harassment, I advise you to be very careful and take no risk of ending up in jail. If the girl wanted to you but she played too much to resist, too bad for her! At one point, some chicks need to grow up and assume their cravings too! I know this is hard to accept to sacrifice targets like that especially when you have few opportunities but it’s wiser… and besides, it shows one more time the interest of having several opportunities in the same time !

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