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Understand and pass shit-tests

shit test

Understand and pass shit-testsThe “shit-test” another key concept of the game! I’ll explain what it is, why women are testing us in this way and how to react. I will even give concrete examples, yes yes!

What do we call “shit test”?

In fact, these are trick questions and disparaging thoughts that can sometimes destabilize if we are not prepared. Note that this process is also used during job interviews…

“You’re too short! “; “You’re too tall! “; “Why should I kiss you?”

Why do they do that?

Officially, it is a way for them to see if we have balls and to test the will of men. Unofficially, I put myself in their shoes and tell myself that it must be fun to feel in position of authority like that… when you think about it, it really looks like trolling.

These forms of test questions thus enable them to check our level of alphaness (the fact of being alpha) and the quality of our talk back… and, you know, a lot of women appreciate confident men! So the shit-tests are useful because God knows there are many men who play the “real guys” but who have nothing in the panties in fact. And God knows that men like to believe and tell that they are gods in bed while they are actually often not very good. So many that a lot of women assume that a man is a loser until proven otherwise.

Obviously, if a woman really likes you, one might think it would be stupid of her to test you… but they often do anyway! It seems that it’s second nature. One could say that often, to make out, the girl should like you a priori and then you must pass her tests. We’re not out of the woods ! Some girls really abuse and sometimes use a lot of tests that discourage even the guys who pass with flying colors. Besides perhaps is it a way of refusing their advances without assuming to directly say “no” while having fun. You should know that most of the time they already have their own ideas about the guy that approach them, that they have taken a negative decision in the first seconds of the interaction and that making them change their mind is very very difficult.

This feminine illogic leads to abuse: some paranoid see shit-tests everywhere. Then, know that sometimes the girl may just ask you a sincere question. Sometimes she can just ask you to pick her car because she really wants to go out with you… not in order to test your degree of submission.

The best advice I can give you to recognize such a test is to listen to your social intuition. Because, anyway, that’s not so important whether you are dealing with a shit-test or not if you always react more or less the same way (alpha way).

How to answer?

The best way to pass these tests is to respond with humor and detachment (but not too much ironically because it would be stupid to block a girl who liked you). Please do not get mad even if you have passed the age of examinations (and even if the girl who tests you is a stupid one that allows herself to judge), do not respond so too hard nor too aggressively. Please do not take all that literally and do not always try to really answer. Otherwise, there’s enough to go crazy!

This is your inner game of alpha male that must underlie all your answers: you have to impose your frame, your reality! You need to communicate that (in outline) as a man, you assume fully the fact that you like women, you have no apologies to make nor to justify yourself for your desire to meet and seduce. You must also communicate that you are not a manipulator, that you are sincere, and that indeed, you are a good lover.

So take advantage of shit-tests (since they are part of the game anyway) to show that you have nothing to hide, you are mature, credible and do not try to play the usual bullshit that women have heard 1000 times before you. Reassure by showing that you are someone she can go around with and not a crazy sex-starved opportunist pervert. Besides the more you will become an alpha, the more the correct answers will come to you naturally.

Note that sometimes it is useless to answer in a very crafted way. If a girl tells you eg “I have a boyfriend” or “I am a lesbian”, these are not really shit-tests! Indeed, an intelligent woman who would be interested would logically not tell you that, or at least not immediately. Or if it was, too bad for her, she needs to be less pervert in the future, it would have avoided her to miss a great guy. But since you never really know if it’s a shit-test or if the girl does not give a shit about you, it is important not to spend hours searching for a good answer!

In all cases, always leave the interaction with pride “too bad :)”. Because, in fact, it’s too bad for you who won’t fuck a beautiful girl (but apparently she did not deserve you.) But it is especially the girl who misses a good guy good in bed like you. Instead, she will get banged by selfish premature losers, and will have only what she deserves…

Concrete examples?

Be aware that women all like to think they are original but, in fact, you will still see some of the same tests. Here are some typical ones:

“Do you regularly approach girls like that?”
If you say yes, you’re dead because girls like to feel a little bit unique.
If you say no, you’re dead because the girl will take you for a smooth talker.
You can answer “only the girls I like.”

“That’s what you say to every women?”
You can say: “Yes, every single one, even my mom;).”
Or in less incestuous mode : “What’s the difference? The important thing is that I say it to you, right? “

“What do the girls you meet usually say when you tell them that?”
You can say: “Why, do you need the opinion of others before taking a decision?”

“Why should I give you my number?”
You can say: “There’s no obligation, do it only if you want to enjoy like crazy after a nice date.”

“You’re a little perverse. ”
You can say: “Thank you but I just assume unlike many”.

“You are small.”
You can say: “Horizontally, it is not important.”
Or: “It’s better than I was stupid and bad in bed.”

“I’m sure you’ve got no balls!”
You can answer with a kissclose. Sometimes arguing with words is useless.

Do not forget that we are testing women too when approaching them (oddly when they realize that we test them too a lot of them take it quite badly, like if it was an offense when we just do turn their guns against them)! Indeed, with the high number of bitches out there, we need stuff to see quickly if one is a bitch or a nice girl. So their reaction and attitude will be crucial. Personally, when I approach a woman, it is still far from won for her! We are often forced to take the first step but it does not mean that one must be ready to tolerate anything for ejaculating in a pussy, that would be a sex-starved reasoning.

If they are not invested enough or if they are a too annoying behavior (eg too much ridiculous shit-tests already heard 1000 times) then you are entitled to troll them before leaving, with pride.

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