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Sexualization and kinesthetic escalation (kinos)

kino escalation

I recently devoted a 140-page book to sexualization and how to avoid the Friendzone. Here’s the link if you want more details.

Today, we are particularly interested in kinesthetic escalation (kino escalation), which is an important stage of sexualization and helps to avoid the FZ.



The term kino comes from the community of seduction and designates touching. The word escalation refers to the steps involved in creating a sexual connection with a girl.

The so-called “kino escalation” corresponds to the physical escalation of the kinos with a woman, from the first touch on the shoulder (for example) to the finger into her pussy.


The concept

Kinesthetic escalation has the advantage of making you more concrete in the eyes of the girl. As soon as a contact (even a simple touch) is made between two bodies, they become more familiar. Numerous studies have shown that contact makes people who touch us more sympathetic and make us more likely to trust them, to want to please them.

In fact, touch (in the broad sense) can turn her on, which would also increase your chances of fucking her. Basically, even if she does not like you more than that, touching helps creating sexual tension and can make her want to kiss you.

Finally, it must be understood that each touch is a test in itself, which allows you to appreciate the progress of your game at any moment: calibrate, adapt to her reactions.


Sexual anxiety

Some guys have trouble with the idea of touching a girl. But touch is paramount in your seduction game if you want to kiss a girl and take her to bed (not to sleep). One of the keys to success in seduction is thus to overcome this sexual anxiety.

The best is to physically escalate quickly, to be fixed on what you can expect from such girl. If after 30 minutes she is not receptive to your tests… she won’t probably be more receptive 2 hours later. In such a case, you should save time and energy by attacking another target.


How to touch her?

You must touch a girl you have just met in a progressive way because any contact with a person makes you enter her privacy. To better visualize the idea, imagine that an appropriate contact is equivalent to knocking on the door of the girl’s apartment, while a touch made too early on an area of her body more intimate (breasts, buttocks , pussy) is similar to pushing her door.

You should use kinos as soon as possible, from the beginning of the interaction. This helps to make her understand that you are someone touchy and so it won’t sound weird when you’ll initiate new touches a little later. Your first kinos should be on non-intimate body areas: hands, arms, back, hips and shoulders. Finally, they must be fast, light and intermittent so as not to be too pressing.

There is kino and kino. Some touchs will show her that she attracts you. This will then correspond to a sign of interest sent from you. These are the ones to be mastered. For example, when you meet a girl, shake her hand when you introduce yourself. And when you remove it, gently slide your fingers over the palm of her hand.

Assume each of your touchs so that the girl does not feel any discomfort that could make her feel uncomfortable (because of the contagion of emotions). Stay relaxed and make your touch feel like something natural. Put your hand on her body with slow and short movements. So you will also communicate that you are confident.

But for me, the real escalation (the real challenge) begins when you assume to caress her. When you take real initiatives. For example, stroking her hand, back or thigh. You can do this nonchalantly by talking about something else or you can reassure her so that the touch passes better if dared.

You must see if she is comfortable with your touchs: does she leave her thigh against yours? Does she let you stroke her hand without removing it?

If you see that she is comfortable, receptive (and the best it’s when she touchs you as an answer), go! Depending on the context, you can kiss her on the cheek, neck, etc. You can even totally turn her on!


If she is not comfortable

Stop or interrupt the contact yourself, if possible. Then, restart by reassuring her and/or dismantling her resistances. Dredramatize the thing and try to understand what is blocking her. If it’s just stress, make her understand that what she feels is actually sexual tension.

When it starts to get hot, women are “programmed” to give signs of resistance. It is a reaction to avoid feeling “easy girl”. So if for a test, you go up your finger along her thighs and suddenly remove it, she will feel a disappointment or even a lack but will not object because the touch has disappeared (and so much better because she will not be thought of as a whore who gets fiddled). So it is better to do and to interrupt … then to start again, rather than go there without moderation.


The massage

It is a technique of seduction very classic, but diabolically effective. Few women refuse a massage and it has the advantage of exciting them. It is also relatively okay to offer a massage to a woman but she knows implicitly, if she accepts, what to expect. I always fucked a woman I had massaged. On the other hand, few have massaged me in return: it is better to do it yourself because often, the chicks are too shy to massage. You have to know what you want! 😉

Do not forget that it will be all the same be up to you to provoke your chance by making this massage “slip” … 😉

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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