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Feed the conversation

Feed the conversationGeneral remarks :

When the first contact is established, the girl is going to communicate with you. She is going to throw you some lines whom you should not miss. If you manage to seize these opportunities, you will have big chances to quickly communicate with her and interest her. Seize THE interesting subject which will inspire her or which will make her speak about herself. For it: a good listening and a lot of concentration. People adore speaking about themselves!

Favor the open questions because they will bring a person to get involved and to speak with you. We cannot answer it by yes or no and you thus can bounce.

Direct positively her answers « what did you like in ___ ? » rather than « did you like this ___ ? »

Don’t be afraid of not beginning with serious subjects, master the art of the commonness. It is certainly what I hate the most.

What makes your interest is not the subject in itself but the way you approach it, your way of handling it. It is the originality! To be original, start by being yourself. That is to say speak about things you like. It is in the expression of your passions and interests that will underline your natural freshness. In the same way, if you wish to seduce a woman, it will be necessary to you to make her speak about things that interest her.

To make her talk, imagine that every new meeting has to give rise to a short history. The woman to whom you speak always has to tell you her short history. You too have yours to be told. But you wil have to listen to hers if you want to be listened. Especially as her story will condition yours : We often answer an anecdote by other one of the same type. Who? When? What? Where? How?

Have a LITTLE OF culture and keep connected a minimum about the current events (newspaper, TV, etc.) : It is not necessary to spend hours on this, if the world collapses, one shall tell it to you…

During the sexual selection, if we tell something that she does not want to hear, no matter if it’s true, that kills the chances of the member of the male. By being completely honest or killjoy, we thus have fewer chances to succeed!

Do not swear as a truck driver. In any case not before knowing her better than that.
Show automockery, for example about your fat. That will make her laugh.
Do not spend your time to compare her with your ex (or worse with your mother).
Do not speak about yourself at the third person, except to make some humor.
Do not put yourselves in the center of all the subjects as if everything was related to you.
Do not get confused if she does not laugh in one of your jokes!
Do not imagine yourselves the date before being there, it is counterproductive!
Talking about sex is the first stage to make it, but use a sexual humor not needy. Use small nicknames creates a complicity, if you feel at ease. The seduction is not something which really puts into words …


About what not talking to a woman that you want to seduce?

What you speak about is not the most important, however, it is necessary to be very careful in what you do not have to speak about:

– Negative things on her (you have to change her mind, to make her have fun);
– Negative things on you (show nevertheless small weaknesses) ;
– What shows that you have a low status, that you are a loser;
– Controversial subjects (example, the gay marriage);
– If she speaks about religion or about politics: try to not disagree if not in agreement;
– The boring subjects for the women (soccer, technology, video games);
– The subjects technical or logical as the fact that your card has 1GO of RAM;
– The vulgar subjects (poo, fart, etc.);
– The offensive subjects (as liking mistreating animals or babies);
– Her ex or a guy who she could still like;
– The sex: do not put it into words. If she speaks about it, joke as if that had no importance, show that you feel at ease and change subject. Be excited but do not speak about it too much and wait that she is as excited as you;
– Not too many questions: you are the guy with whom it was a good match at once;
– What gives the impression of having been planned (the unforeseen is exciting);
– The romanticism before the sex;
– A little of humor but not too much: she has to take you seriously all the same. Etc.


About what talking to her ?

(Interesting) anecdotes, of what happened to you recently, TV programs, movies, music, celebrities, the food (places and dishes), the holidays (places where you went), your passions, the differences men/women, shoes (they are quite fascinated by shoes) Etc. Express your opinion, speak by affirmative.

Do as if you knew her for a long time and were in total confidence.

To excite her sexually, you have to excite her emotionally at first. When you tell something, make her feel the feelings which you felt over the moment with your words and your intonations.

If you say something hardly funny: she will laugh if you have a good connection together. Make some “spiritual” observations, from time to time!

Turn on the women, tease them on the answers which they give to your questions, the way they are dressed, their whims or their manners.

Give her a slap onto buttocks if she says a naughty thing or throw her a ball of paper with a player face. Consider her as a funny younger sister.

The person who has the strongest feelings can contaminate a group of people. Be relaxed and excited sexually thus, and prolong the interaction until she is in the same state as you. You will so create the conditions favorable to a sexual act.

An attractive man is a man who has sex thus that is not really important for him. So that a woman has her attention, she has to deserve it. It is not the opposite: he is a challenge and nothing is beforehand won for her.

The obstinacy can make you fuck even if you fucked up the rest. Wait that she puts into words the rejection before leaving frustrated instead of trying to interpret signals.

Leave the principle that she is attracted to you because most of the human relations are directed by what we would like they to be. She will then be influenced. Furthermore, you will thus not make any beta behavior error in this way.

Don’t try at all cost to say what is needed because you would look like seeking for her approval, and it is not a good thing. By having a good body language, a self-confidence, a good physical appearance and an interesting life: The women who are not ice-cold will find you fuckable.

If she asks: “what made you want to speak to me? Do you tell it to all the girls?” Don’t try to give the good answer, play the indifference because if you worry about what she thinks, you give her the control while you have to be the one who leads the game! You have no duty to amuse her, only to interact with her.

Anyway, if you are not any more a challenge for the girl, you will be less attractive! She has to make efforts for you! The key is your state of mind! You will maintain the sexual tension. For example, if you get ready to kiss her, you approach her lips, then you stop, you withdraw by smiling. Small test: tell her “you like me” in a condescending way, if she says that no by laughing at you, then she probably likes you. You are in control, thus do not especially say “what do you wanna do?” but rather do it by letting smooth a small mystery.

Surprise her with ideas, unexpected fantasies. Do not forget that you have the class, the culture, the discipline, the dominance, the brain, the happiness, the adventure, the voluntary, the expertise, the attention, the indifference (challenge), the charm (soft and polite), the imagination (artist), the sexual control…

Do not forget to affirm yourselves: you say YES (constructive attitude) or NO (childish or destructive attitude). You take a stand and punish her if she acts badly.

Notice the small details: it is not a coincidence if she has a sexy dress, if she is made up or if she has the clean hair. It is for YOU!

Try to sit down as close as possible to her: less than 40cm and both feel at ease with the fact of touching you… And this interaction could lead you in her bed!

Evoke the friendship: she will try to make you become sexual. If you evoke the sex, she will become afraid. It is you who decide if you want to go farther with her.

If you speak about your ex, do it in positive terms because you go out only with valuable girls and she will not say to herself that you will speak badly about her in her back like that.

Very important: THE GIRLS ADORE THAT YOU THINK OF THEM. By saying “I was thinking about you, thus I wrote to you”, the girl in question will have a kind of click. It seems that they like the small presents, not for their value, but because they imply that you think of them and that the present is only the symbol of that. But well…

You must be ready to leave her at any time, if you don”t like the girl any more. There is no obligation to conclude even if you are in a date. If she does not please you, too bad for her and then that’s it. It is always possible to leave! Keep it in mind!

Here is the standard sequence of human relationships:
1) The eye contact
2) The verbal contact
3) The face-to-face verbal contact
4) The contact hand over the arm / the shoulder
5) The contact mouth-to-mouth
6) The contact hand over genitals / breast
7) The contact mouth on genitals
8) The sexual intercourse

If your target shows you signs of relationship (synchronization of her language of the body, she touches you, laughs with you), then you are on the right way. From time to time, go away from her to show that you are not too needy.

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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