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10 pick-up techniques

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Are there truly pick-up techniques or do you just have to work on yourself to improve your lifestyle and communication skills?

To try to see more clearly, I have listed 10 (recognized) techniques of seduction and I will analyze them.

Pick-up Technique 1: Frame and reframing

This is about mastering communication in general and living in a reality of male alpha to try to be happy and attract women in this reality that highlights you. For me, it’s mainly NLP and communication.

Pick-up Technique 2: the prizing

It is a question of not accepting the status of a man who is sex-sstarved and who must do everything to obtain the favors of women. You must understand that you are a man who has value and you must respect yourself. It is a story of communication with yourself.

Pick-up Technique 3: storytelling

It is a matter of learning how to tell the stories in such a way as to give emotions to your interlocutors. This is especially important when you tell erotic stories to the chicks to warm them. 100% communication.

Pick-up Technique 4: the kino

Touching a person makes you look more sympathetic in her or his eyes, this has been proved many times by numerous studies. This is again a story of interpersonal communication.

Pick-up Technique 5: Make her feel unique

Even if you bet a lot on the statistics and you pick-up a lot of women at the same time… it is important to make them feel unique to maximize your chances of concluding! This is a simple understanding of the opposite sex.

Pick-up Technique 6: Invite the girl at home and raise sexual tension

To do this, one must already have a “home” (question of lifestyle), have the nerve to invite a chick (so you need a little nerve that you can acquire by working on yourself) and make a kinesthetic escalation. This is about understanding what sexual tension is and learning to play with, not being destabilized by it and exciting the woman in the good way. Above all, it is a question of understanding the world around us.

Pick-up Technique 7: Sexy humor

I dedicated an entire ebook to sexy humor. It’s a question of communication!

Pick-up Technique 8: The relax body language

I dedicated an entire ebook to body language. This is obviously a question of communication!

Pick-up technique 9: Ttwo steps forward, one step back

Learning to do double-edged compliments, to practice two steps forward, one back to make things easier to accept, it’s a communication skill. We find the same techniques in psychology, sales, marketing, etc.

Pick-up Technique 10: Having the nerve and assuming

To attract women like light attracts butterflies, you must have a good lifestyle (or be very sexy). Nevertheless, it is useless to attract girls if we cannot conclude with. So it takes nerve and assume your sexuality to get to have the sex life of your dreams.

To finish, I leave you with the video “Seduction = manipulation?

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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