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90 % of the guys are bad in bed

19th January 2013,

Get ready, I will tell you a story about defilement of a minor, incest, and almost threesome.

Let’s begin from the start… I still post bullshits on my blog and I have some groupies… one in particular, we will call her the-girl-from-Toulon, who asked for my phone number something like two weeks ago. Because she looked hot and sexy, well, I gave it to her. I learnt she was from Toulon : it’s not near but it’s not very far of my city (at the beginning I don’t know why but I thought she was living in Metz so a bit of nooky became instantly possible). Well, we flirted by text message, have I to say that it’s not really « hard » to find me at this game… (?) and I recently sent her the speed seduction. Well, I admit, I did not get much involved, I transferred the same messages than I used to fuck the-girl-with-the-name-of-precious-stone (cf. previous story).

It was understood that she comes visiting me on Friday evening and that she sleeps at my place EXCEPT THAT on Thursday evening, the day before, she sent to me « You are going to kill me but finally I will come and see you on Saturday morning I am going to sleep with my boyfriend » I informed her that I was not a sucker nor anything and that she could get lost but I remained extremely polished for once… then I dashed wanted to sleep so I stopped answering. I dared all the same to add « I hope that you took the good decision ».  Her boyfriend is a guy from Aix too apparently, but she says that she has several guys at the same time and that she doesn’t care.

Well. Yesterday evening, we were drinking at my place with Arnaud, Hafid, the Breton neighbor of Hafid, and two buddies of her… When I suddenly received this text « I made the wrong choice.
– I know.
– I want to die right now. Do you think that if I run away it will be OK ?
– Hell yeah you just have to join me.
– But how can I, please ? I have no means of transport.
– You do how you want, Aix it is not that big and I live in the city center. » I have been a bit « hard » with her by text message then I thought and I phoned : she explained that her guy had broke up with her because she did not want to fuck. OK. Never mind, Padawan was coming to my bachelor apartment then he made a detour by car to take her (I will buy you a drink for that brother it is promised). They arrived while I was already drunk but it was a good thing, it helped me taking the shock when she announced with dismay being 16 years old… I thought she was 19 when I invited her MOTHERFUCKA (need to better read the FB profiles).

We then decided to go out in town. We have drunk heavily again FUCK ME I had said that I stopped. The naughty girl always managed to tax the drink of the one or the other one… Padawan and I began an operation of merger with the pitchoune. She touched our butts. At a given moment, she was speaking a little too much to a guy then we suggested her thinking if she wanted to sleep in the street this evening or not and that calmed her… We were in two different clubs, it is in the second that I lost her one moment then I found her speaking with another guy… a blond … I came and I introduced myself as her older brother.

In brief, we drank on his account and she danced with him. Later we have lied to his congeners with Padawan by saying that we all three were from the same family and everything and they believed us « Ah but yeah you have the same shape of face and the same nose … On the other hand your sister doesn’t really look like you.
– Yeah but it is our stepsister (this is why we can fuck her). » After a while, she returned and I asked her why she was dancing with him, if she liked him and everything « No but it is so that he offers drinks to us. I never pay anything in clubs. » Beautiful mentality ! Then I suggested her kissing in the back of the guy while he danced and while he would not see us. She answered « no ». I went away then she came towards me, I informed her « I am a bad loser ». She said « Oh no we can do what you want but not here need a more quite place » so I took her hand and… kiss. Afterward, she was so drunk that she kissed the blond in question then came back to me « ah fuck he is ugly and kisses like a mammoth, he put me some slaver everywhere ». Listening her, it was squalid, then explain to me why she gave him her phone number ?  In brief, you suspect it, we left and he immediately sent her a typical loser’s message « Hello its jérémy of the club. How are u ? » Of course, she never answered.

Direction my place with Padawan and the teenager from Toulon. We were high… especially her… me I felt better, so we talked to everybody in the street, I remember a black, a kind of dealer who wanted to discuss with me of the respect for the woman « It is necessary to respect the woman.
– nope.
– But, your mom, you respect her?
– nope.
– But all the same without the women, we would do nothing.
– You know, the male chauvinism and the pornography it is guys’ inventions. They just invented the polonium. » I believe that he did not know what it is then he shut up and left.

At my place, we ate chips all three together, we excited her and we were ready to propose a threesome, but the girl went to bed before… in my bed. With Padawan, we a little spoke and everything then he told me « go and take care of her before she fall asleep ». He is really a buddy. No sooner said than done, I put myself in underwear and I came into the bed with her. A little earlier, she had made us hard by telling us that she loves to be submitted so I stuck to her I touched her tits, she was hard, I caressed her stomach but she resisted « I want to sleep.
– me too. » Because she presented me her back, I kissed it then I came down and I licked her during a moment. When she approached the orgasm I told her « say that you want me » she answered « yes I want to feel you and everything » but she did not want that I put a condom then I insisted (new resolutions of 2013). So we fucked. Frankly, she had an attractive face, a blonde with blue eyes as if they had been retouched on Photoshop, a thin body as we find there only very rarely on the girls of our age, tall, really thin and everything (I learnt moreover afterward that she was anorexic during 2 years). She told me that she had not slept for 3 weeks because she did not want but I had tempted her because I « lick pussies like a girl, and it is a compliment » (yeah she is also bisexual, I dunno if I specified but I am almost hard only thinking again about it).

She wanted to sleep against me and we did it again this morning. She pleased me when she told me « ah looks like you do body-building in fact ». Besides, she told me that she had 53 lovers in 2012 (not my business)… She told me that 90 % of the guys are bad in bed and she congratulated me « it is obvious that you have experiment, you are a good you know » (well if she wants to send me her friends no problem). I was very surprised when she told me that her father stopped talking to her because she fucked a lot of unknown strangers this summer, he told her that she was a « slut » so she lives with her mother and everything I don’t remember the details because I was totally fucked up. Also, she sucks guys in her high school because they ask her firmly, it is totally crazy… (I don’t know if it is a good idea to believe everything she says). The new generation is thus totally crazy… and entirely shaved. Another exciting thing, she really wanted to clean my apartment before leaving … I walked her to the bus and she gave me a kiss on the cheek. So cute. She has just left and I am still excited, fortunately, at noon I eat with Marie my open relation, I am going to ask her to suck me because the teenager did not do it, naughty girl !!!!!

XXX. May the God of the Game be with you !

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