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Sometimes I wish I had when I was younger the seduction skills I have today

4th February 2013,

Well, it’s been a while since I had not posted anything, shame on me… by way of purgatory to repair this slander, I am going to quickly tell you the last two weeks!

Continuation of the story with the 16-year-old girl : would you believe that the two guys I did not know who had come to my aperitif with the Breton told everything to Precious Stone (yeah they knew her : Aix is a little town) and as a consequence she did not want to see me anymore « so… you bang young girls, I don’t want to see you anymore, you’re disgusting »… ? Well, I didn’t try to defend myself, knowing that it was jealousy speaking. I would have been able to claim that not, that she was just a friend and everything but well… I have a chronic lack of tact which made me send « yes she came in my bed so we made love ». Notice how I skillfully am thought of as a victim in this sentence.

Thursday after these events: Padawan, the Captain Haddock (a buddy of Padawan who as looks like the captain in Tintin as two peas in a pod) and Julia (ex of Padawan) were present. We were drunk in a Corsican bar and we imitated their fucking accent, we saw a hobbit, set fire to the hair of a girl then we went to the reopening of this club which I despise cheerfully, but famous for its population, young sexy and full of coke. I have let a hand at the entry again (20€) but I enjoyed my night. I drank in the glass of the ex of Padawan but at the end of the 5th time she got annoyed and I got chewed out then I left towards more green pastures. I fell on Precious stone, accidentally in the club, then I warmed her and she was not necessarily against : she touched my cock, put her hands on my butt and everything. Well, at a given moment she made me hallucinate « do you have a condom ? » I really believed that I was going to fuck her in the club but finally when I took one out of my wallet, she said « forget it ». A whimsical girl if you want my opinion. A guy hallucinated by watching the scene, that made me laugh, it is already that. I saw again Mary too, the girl who had bled on my bed, the one who thought that we were a couple because I had fucked her once but who was disappointed well when I told her my scandalous medical party (I really have to learn how to lie). Since then, she had blocked me on FB and so I wanted to speak to her in face-to-face but she did not let me say anything and avoided me. That’s why it is important to be really clear from the beginning (and that’s what I do), the aim is not hurting women. The thing is that most of the time they don’t WANT to understand. Bah no prob, I was kissing Precious Stone in front of her to piss her off by way of punishment. Then, I got lost in the pit (or dancefloor for the close friends) where a girl fixed me, I fixed her in return but I did not speak to her and she left. What a dick I am : she was cute. In fact, at the moment I am in search of « routines » for when my brain is « OFF » because I would like to approach in automatic mode (my game is based on provocation…it is difficult to be original with 10 grams). In brief, by leaving, I have crossed Precious Stone in the changing room « It cannot be a coincidence !
– ahfkezhgksjdhgskjh (she was even more drunk than me)
– Kill yourself nasty starved pedophile (her roommate and best friend threw herself on me, bawling as a fishmonger and gave me fingers so, well, I did it back to her, it was funny). » After, I proposed fucking to Precious Stone but a black intervened « you’ve missed your luck, she is coming back with me ». He was a little aggressive and she did not react then, ben, I showed myself vulgar, I gave them a finger to all « MOTHERFUCKAAAAAAAAA » and I returned alone… With the head up but the testicles full.

On Friday, she sent me a text: Precious Stone wanted to fuck, that was urgent, the situation of the day before had excessively turned her on. Then, on the evening, ben, I took her up against her front door. It was very exciting except that at a given moment the condom left and I put her some unprotected back-and-forth before noticing it. I hope that it will not be sufficient for having caught a shit (answer in 3 months). With that said, it was all the same cool so then we fucked again on her bed and on her cooker. She reassured me when I knew that she had not even let the black of the day before kiss her : what a big shit this guy, another hopeful jerk who understands nothing to the Indicators of Interest nor to women in general. In the same style, one of the guys of the aperitif also tried to fuck her, he took out his cock when he walked her back home and told her “Precious Stone I want you now.” Fail. Last thing which made me happy, I fucked in the bed of her bitchy roomate.

Saturday : I saw Marie, my darling spoils love. We made brownies and while they cooked… I fucked her doggy-style on the table of the kitchen. She asked me if I had screwed without condom some other girls meanwhile by swearing on the Bible that she either had not made a bullshit but I lied because I wanted her so much. In fact I did not really lie, well, only the two back-and-forth in Precious Stone bothered me. For my defense, she sucks very good Marie, I am addicted. Then, we have a privileged relation based of the fact that she is the only one whom I take unprotected (I know that she is clean). I don’t wanna lose her.

Still on Saturday : we made the event Facebook for our bithday with Arnaud and Hafid then we went out at Place Richelme at night. Except that these two traitors left me at the time of 1:30 am then, ben, I went alone to the nightclub. It was cool anyway : I approached a set of two. Then, I have met and fucked again Marine the girl with the blue eyes of November… bam, same problem of condom but this time in position missionary. It is just baffling!!!!! Should I change mark or verify the size?

Well, the next week : search for internship and everything, I measured the city from top to bottom during 48 hours, I looked at the Nouvelle Star and I settled in a restaurant, Wednesday noon. I ordered a croque-monsieur then I left in search of the government-regulated Holy Grail. BIP BIP : In the afternoon I received a surprise message on Adopte « do you often come to XXX ? » it was the confectioner/waitress/maid who had recognized me. Then, ben, I invited her at my place this WE, for the Candlemas. This story of internship which I do not find perturbs me … Especially because if I have  still nothing on April 18th I am going to lose one year and shall not be awarded a diploma before December 2014… Then a shot in a baker would allow me to release a little of pressure. I guess, if she contacts me like that it’s because she likes me.

On Friday, small aperitif at Hafid’s place : this girl, Mélissa was there, a kind  of psycho if you want my opinion : at about 00 am, she had already removed the shirt of Arnaud, Hafid and mine. We were not necessarily against then here we were, we were passive. But seriously, she frightened me a little in fact, I not at all wanted to screw her. Finally I want to say, at the moment I have three quality Regular Fuck Friends (Marie, Marine and Precious Stone) then I am not going to force myself even if I have to recognize that she has beautiful eyes and that she is not the worst girl on the planet. I was so much not motivated that I guess that I had a nap on Hafid’s sofa…  We did not go out and at the end of the night when I woke up, we were JUST THE THREE OF US : her, Hafid and me. It almost turned into threesome especially that at a moment : I went to the bathroom and she joined me there and began to masturbate me in my jeans (I didn’t ask for anything). Hafid came to see what was going on and we acted casual (then I had not too much desire) then I said that I was going to leave. She said « me too » and convinced me that she was going to suck me in the staircase in the black in the corridor of Hafid. Well, I let her do but I felt that something was wrong. I felt a presence. I heard frictions against the wall, I was persuaded that we were not alone. Then I asked her to stop and everything then I switched on the light and we actually saw the neighbor of Hafid, a 35-year-old old man without hair who smoked his fag casually sat on the staircase ! Well, I was so to speak put down, the voyeurism it is check. Outside, hopeful Mélissa tried a « you come to my place ? » I said « no » And I returned without turning around. I was not in a mood. The air disgusted, she released a « farewell». It is true what, making me suck it is a thing but if the girl wants that I lick her and everything, it is another debate. On the other hand, I am well afraid of being corruptible by means of the blowjob.

On Saturday, the Candlemas : pancakes party with The Confectioner and the dreamteam (Hafid, his Breton neighbor, Arnaud) and captain Hadock and Padawan who didn’t stay long. The Captain Haddock is the buddy of Padawan that I like very much, he is very funny and he looks like my cousin I do not see any more a lot that then it builds links. In brief, during the meal, I sent a text to The Confectioner, and I gave her a discreet DATE in the black room (aka my bathroom but I did not changed the bulb for a long time) to do naughty things. Once inside, I asked her to show me her tits, just with the mobile which enlightened the room… It was sexy but she kept a certain distance thus I did not kisskiss her. Then here we are, since then, we send messages. I’m not saying she is a pure hottie (even if she is cute) then she looks like an adiot when she laugh but she is tall (around 5ft9) and looks like she is good in bed. Thus it is in negotiations…

At about 00:30 am, go to the pub and the clubs. In the pub, I have met Alex. Flash-Back : Alex was the hottie of my prom when I was in the UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY and additionally a good friend. She had a boyfriend and was faithful during the TWO-YEAR TECHNICAL DEGREE except during a short period when she and her guy (who also became my buddy) paused for I don’t know which dark reason. In brief, I made many neg with Alex, because she always was flatting me (and because it was the only technique I knew), and I believe that more I pushed her away and did not show my interest (while the other guys of the class showed openly that they had only a desire : destroying her pussy)… More I rejected her, pushed her away  and pushed her to the limits and more she was attracted. Finally, she made two-three things which consolidate me in this theory. She said all the time that she found me handsome (I am always fascinated to notice that I often am liked by the girls I really like and that I am almost never liked by those I don’t like), she made rise my quotation with the other girls by laughing to all my jokes and everything and then she stuck to me, let drag the hands on my legs, gave me the hand by walking in town, and one day at noon in a corridor she told me « Kiss me » another casual crazy thing to her certainly but I dashed wanted to take her there like that. Except that well, had my buddy and an another friend were two meters there farther and they would have probably found that strange then I said « no ». I was such an AFC. My friends hallucinated by seeing that I the plump young I put a rake to the hot girl of the class. Nevertheless, this rake which I put will haunt me forever. Finally she slept with a skinny guy I didn’t like. She had regrets. For my consciousness I repeat that the situation was not ideal nor anything finally I look for excuses but in the day of today I still regret my lack of testicles of when I was 18 years old. I find comfort by telling to myself that even the  handsome waiter and the DJ of the most prestigious club of the region gave up to her: I am probably the only one in the world who have put her a rake. Anecdote : physically and mentally, she reminds me of the girl of Toulon… but in brunette. Sometimes I wish I had the skills I have today. I am not maybe very romantic but I am sentimental.

Return in the current events : I kissed a red-head, and took her Facebook in the first club. I saw again Marine in the second and we kissed each other in front of the Breton, just to piss her off a little. Well, the Breton is not a girl who I try to pick up, because it is cool to have a girl in a group of buddies, that doesn’t bothers her to go speaking to girls to bring them to us… But well for a one night stand that would not bother me to put my head between her big tits.

All this to say that the situation becomes complicated … I have three sex friends what makes that even if I fuck them only once a week each: that leaves me fewer time and desire (motivation) to go hunting and that risks to feel the effects in my papers. Maybe that I should make a choice, and drop one or two (but keep Marie my love of course). Especially because I started again intensive sending of « pokes », and it seems good : I talk with 2/3 this week which do not look like against the idea to meet me to kiss me. Pokes are cool, you send a lot, 98% girls ignore you or offend you and 2% blow you. The game it is statistical, friends.

News of the girl from Toulon also, the one who is 16: she will come to my birthday apparently. Needs to say that I recently put her back the ideas to their place : « You know, I am probably not the only one, but a girl adrift, I find that terribly delicious. Kind of girl whom you want to take care of her and put back on the rails to make her the ideal woman…
– I am a fantasy.. I dunno if I have to laugh at it or to cry for it. »

To finish, I dunno what you think about this fashion of « Spotted ». In any case, I feast on it, I left bloody comments on the page « Spotted : Campus d’Aix ». Here is a memorable exchange :
– A girl called Léa : yeah spottez moi fuck ! Mouahah
– Me : I can poke you and take you doggystyle if you want, it’s the best I can do for you
– A girl called Alison : Less romantic
– Me : I can’t see what that has of more romantic saying that we want to doggystyle a girl but that we have not the testicles for approaching her IRL… Spotted encourages the small carpet beaters not going out of their comfort zone. Then they jerk off while writing a completely stupid text of two pages which would give even the runs to a poet. All this, hoping that their “soul mate” connects, recognizes herself, reads it, and have some respect for such a gay.

The cyberwomanizer tells you: Kiss kiss. May the God of the Game be with you !

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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