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I approached a lot of sets with lines which I would consider as legendary

9th February 2013,

Catastrophic beginning of night : exhausted by body-building + by the time school starts, I fell asleep on my bed and woke up at near 9:30 pm! The Captain and Padawan were already on their way to Aix, whereas I dragged in boxer shorts the empty stomach like a pale ghost who would haunt an old Scottish castle. I quickly cooked some pastas (it was that or I came down to the truck of pizza in underwear), I shaved this beard of 10 days I kept all this week in spite of me (I didn’t took a shower because I did not have time but that doesn’t bothers me and also girls often say that I smell good that has to be the pheromones) and I went down at top speed the staircases of my building (by taking the elevator).

Padawan and the Captain were a little irritated because I made them keep waiting 15 minutes in front of at my home. It doesn’t matter, I acted just like if it wasn’t important and it contaminated their state of mind: we moved on. First bar (rich people), we debriefed the week: the Captain has poked the same girls than me, did not fuck since August and Padawan is in lack of sex too.

Pokes, that works : without joking I poked about fifty girls and I had 16 answers and 5 friends’ requests and a lot of private messages. A real industry. I had even a date this evening, but I had badly looked at her profile and when I spoke about her to the Captain, he told me: « The face OK, but she is fat ». Zebbi, I had badly looked in my haste at poking everybody who moves … So I flaked her ! Balek ! She took for all the girls who pissed off me lately! Otherwise I have one fresh girl in reserve, I have her number, we send hearts and everything, she is really hot : Brown hair, tall, stylish and long hair, thin but with forms and a great first name. I dated her for Valentine’s Day, that promises ! I AM TOO ROMANTIC. Otherwise on Adopt, I have taken two numbers also! A profitable business. I am going to become a true cyber hunter : it is restful but deafening.

The second bar, it is there that I really came on stage. The cyprine-man in all his magnificence finally showed the real face. I approached a lot of sets with lines which I would consider as legendary :
– You have beautiful croup my mare, I would like to be astride you to win at the trifecta.
– I am master in these places, be allowed court and you will have audience in the court of king.
– You are not bad, I want to do things without delicacy to your ass.
The last line does not work, but thanks to both first ones: We were quickly surrounded with about fifteen people, among whom 3 funny girls and two shy persons. I have brilliantly taken their Facebook.

Well, Padawan had to go back home… so they both left as a matter of urgency and I joined Hafid and the Breton as well as their big but nice buddy, Youyou. Direction an Erasmus’s club, they took me by surprise and presented me a fait accompli: 10€ the entrance huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… But open-bar then I was tempted, group dynamics and all this … I wanted shooters but the bar was full, so I had to resort to manners a bit unorthodox to give way to me.

I had to put 10 hands in the bottom to the same English before she turns around by laughing and sticks me a pépito in the mouth. Hafid told me « You can do what you want with her. » She stank of the mouth then I made nothing at all, I pushed her away and ordered a drink. I flirted with the Breton also, I dunno why but I told her «During my birthday, will you agree if I put you some alcohol on the tits and lick them?
– Yes.
– Are you kidding ?
– No, if you want. » Then here we are, we decided that it would be some champagne. Understand, Breton I like her very much as a party buddy… But if it is just for sex why not. Finally here we are, we put ourselves hands in the bottom during the evening and I kissed her tits at a given moment by surprise. She didn’t even looked irritated. But, I had something else to think for the moment: this clubs hurt my eyes. A pool of Erasmus, blondes, brunettes but especially blondes and tall and not ugly.

First of all, I spoke to a very nice Italian with beautiful eyes: Facebookclose. Then, go on the dancefloor, but without dancing, I am not gay… Did you ever see James Bond dancing in a club ? I spotted a group of tall blondes (Swedish) and I told to one of them « I love you.
– You’re nice.
– And you, do you love me ?
– Maybe in 15 minutes. Why me, you would have been able to tell it to 5 girls tonight?
– You are not a bad dancer.
– Thanks, and you ?
– I dance like a God but I prefer that we go have a drink.
– OK », go at the counter, we spoke our faces to 5 cms one of the other one, our noses contacted from time to time, it was sexy. Contact of lips, we returned on the dancefloor, danced together, and kissclose. Then Facebook close. (Or the opposite I remember).

One of her buddies was jealous and wanted to play the cockblock but I left her, he spoke and he didn’t notice it but I was discreetly caressing her back and her butt and everything, that made her laugh and the other idiot got nothing. In brief, we agreed with my Swedish to see again at my home to drink a tea (green tea with lemon) = I am going to do things without delicacy to her ass when she will come visiting me. Hafid has kissed too, a short but cute brunette. He noted my Swedish 7.5/10.

Here we are, then I decided to adopt the opener « je t’aime ». So here we are, the Valentine’s Day approaches and everything, I really want to have sex with the girl who has the beautiful first name. I really like her.

To finish, some nice lines this morning on FB :

–          Ah all right I thought that you were lesbian. But so much the better
–          Not at all lol
–          Lol I thought of that because you did not look very interested in my number yesterday. I said to myself “she probably do not like men”
–               Not I got nothing, I was tired lol and ill ahaha

This girl is a buddy of a girl with whom I fucked a few years ago. A bisexual (I shall tell you the story). And I think that they did it together, then that, that excites me.

–          By the way, you will see it certainly in my text, you woke me up this night at 4 am !!!!!!!!
–          Our first night together. You snored  darling, not well!!!
–          Mddrrrr yeah all right it is beautiful, dreaming!
–           What do not tell me you do not remember!!!!!!! You smoked after love. And you slept against me and you snored. A small angel drooled on my shoulder lol
–          Sorry not I do not remember myself I had probably too much drink…

I sexualize since a moment but well there I admit that I was obnoxious. It was funny.

–          You slept well? Not too much dreamed about me!
–          I slept very well, thank you and you? No, not too much just a little
–          You imagined me naked????????????? I dreamed that we drink a tea at 4 pm
–          Really? I I have dreamed the same thing it’s a pity it will stay just a dream
–          Unless you come to drink a tea at 4 pm (I have some green tea and lemon)
–          Not bad that you remember. But I have forgotten to tell you that my sister will come today to visit me. I shall be occupied
–          OK. Then we do not see each other?
–          Not today. But I can not imagine myself that you leaves me so fast.

Looks like she wants my cock ? Not really, she did not make any counterproposal. In my opinion, she is just a player. May the God of the Game be with you!

PS : By going down le Cour Mirabeau, Captain and Padawan fell on two girls who returned them at their home with them. Padawan screwed one, the not very beautiful one while the Captain ate chips in the lounge. The other one, who was apparently less ugly, tried nevertheless to suck him but nothing to do. He impresses me for someone who didn’t have sex for a while.

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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