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How would we seduce if we could not speak ?

10th March 2013,

It has been a while since I did not write. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know, nevertheless I have things that need to be told … Then I am going to sum up these last fifteen days in order chronological.

The Thursday after my birthday, Pauline came to my place. Remember, she is the girl I decided to make wait 10 dates before showing her my dear penis … Well, it was the number 7 there and I have fingered her on my bed so I had difficulty not taking more initiatives. I was strained as a nutcase but she is rather the kind of girl who is passive, a fucking passive starfish then it helped me holding on my positions. I like very much well the chicks who show me their excitement by jumping on me and by licking me everywhere. Well, that arrives not often but it is beautiful, dreaming … As a result, she went back to her home with great difficulty at about 3 am and I masturbated. It is sad, right? These lousy principles? I pity the girls who impose it themselves every time…

The last WE, night out “Harlem Shake” with the captain, Arnaud and Hafid. We had taken our water gun then we shot the floozy girls in the club. Some danced like naughty girls and waddled and everything and suddently BAM in the mouth. Some believed that it was some beer, so one almost made a shampoo in the washbasin. We retested a “crash and burn” with the captain, but nothing : it didn’t work. If somebody knows the parameters which can determine the success of this kind of operation, thank you for communicating them to me. Like : free club or not, it changes anything? The hour of attack also certainly, the type of place etc., everything was different this time … Otherwise, I approached all the same two girls who did not let me leave anymore: “you  are so cute, we want a picture with you.
– Thanks you. ” Seriously, what the fuck, it is really the first time that someone tell me that. Arnaud took a picture.” But we cannot kiss you, we have boyfriends “. They added me on FB and I negotiate to fuck them (or only one at least) in the common showers of the university hall where they live.

Otherwise, there is a guy who, when I tried to pick up Beautiful Name, came  bullshiting me “let her go, you are ugly and not fun”. Well, he clearly wanted to fuck her and everything but this shit is waiter in the club in question, the club where there is a lot of Erasmus. He even blocked me with the page FB of the club, if it is not sad, being so stupid. Let me clarify the things for you : he never did anything with Beautiful Name, he is just a big frustrated jealous person dressed like a ridiculous hipster… In brief, we saw him again and the captain shot him with his water gun. This asshole came trying to be alpha male there, he was received with a “WHATDAFUCK?” from the captain and his accent from Marseille and so he came back apologizing at least 3 times. Too good, this captain. That is called charisma, I guess. Bah, I have to say, he is brilliant this guy, he approaches girls on Couchsurfing and tries to find a naughty girl who will make him sleep with her in Aix being thought of as a Canadian in journey while he actually lives here … Awesome !

End of the night, we have switched to another club to join a girl with whom I had to have a bath which suggested me going to my place in order to (I quote) “play to the Monopoly”. Except that the last time, when we had met her, she was dressed well and everything and now I dunno, I saw her and I didn’t want anymore. So, I preferred to go back to my place to sleep rather than screwing for screwing … I said that my cousin had felt sick and had vomited to do not hurt her.

The week, I spent it in the papers because I am going to work in the finance since Monday then here we are, my life is going to take a new rhythm and will certainly be healthier. Unless I continue to cook Tatin pies in the rum with my roommate at around 4 o’clock. Needs that I talk to you about my new roommate: he is a sort of hippy night mechanic, who smokes weed 3 times a day, who drinks heavily all the time strange things and who eats only sandwiches full of mayonnaise. He is apparently an ex-dealer who waits that his trial takes place and has weapons in his room so: he does everything to be unnoticed even if he has fines for drink-driving and of course no licences anymore. Otherwise, he is very open-minded: everything seems to flow on him, I like him even if he turns on the music full tilt till 5 hours of the matt and even  if thus the neighbors pull a bad face to me in the morning. It is all the same a sacred misfit, well, me too after all even if in fact he is maybe even a dangerous madman! That I know nothing about it, we have had no subject of quarrel yet.

On Thursday, party “Adopte” in town with the Coach. I found Marie there, remember the FR of my birthday « I am in full negotiation with Marie to go in her car (which was not baptized yet) stop in a dark corner and have a drink 🙂 ». She is adorable this chick, she a little reminds me of an elf with her face. But I was irritated because she had flaked last WE by saying that she finally had to go to Nice then did not give any news during 3-4 days. I believed that it was dead for me but she excited me excessively then I re-feeded the conversation by the routine “how would we seduce if we could not speak? ” And BAM she answered me… and followed an innocent “are you coming this evening to the Adopt party?
– Yes, are you going to adopt me?
– Yes:)” as a result, here we were, we flirted during a long hour but I didn’t make the first step, I just  caressed her (the back, the hips, the legs) she got closer moved closer and closer and when the tension was in its paroxysm, we found ourselves lips against lips but it happened alone… I didn’t have the impression to give the order to my brain to kiss her nor anything. We just kissed each other passionately, we even danced on the tables of the bar and she took my shirt off because there was a group next to us who was fun and did the same thing… We did not have sex because she began early the next day. Last message: ” then, I reserve you my evening of Saturday?
– I suppose. ” Rendez-vous on Saturday evening, for a night-stroll in her car.

On Friday, the cutie from Toulon came back to my place. I have called Padawan and the captain: hang out in a bar, mussel gathering, we returned to my house with a group for an improvised party. They were girls, artists of Les beaux arts or I do not know what. One I knew btw, we had met in a nightclub and I had slept with one of her delicious friends months ago. Me, I already had my sandwich with a first name of the 20s then I didn’t dug too much the question. Padawan said to her this legendary sentence “I dunno if it is because you are young or whatever but you really have a sexual thing.” Well, it is true that she is h*t… When they left, the chick from Toulon did not want to go out again, we then went to my room and she kissed me. We warmed more and more, her body is really thin, it is excessively exciting and she became my big buddy. Has no notion of property nor anything there even if she puts messages like that on my wall FB « I remind, friendly, that I smash the face, I defuse her race, to every girl licking too much your cock (which belongs to ME). So bb ♥. » Furthermore, she made me a hickey: welcome to adolescence. Then, I undressed her but her river poured red apparently so she gave me a blowjob in string. She swallowed, I travelled, I adored. She confessed that she swallowed only three guys in her life “I don’t swallow whoever: the guy with whom I am in love, the one who forced me and you.” Cool, I don’t believe everything girls say but that pleases all the same, it flatters the ego. To me, the blowjob is the most important. I even prefer to finish in the mouth of the girl bicause I have more pleasure than when I screw like Woody Woodpecker !

On Saturday, Marie picked me up by car. I expected that she cancels, that she flakes me and everything but absolutely nothing. We settled comfortably in a sort of way or a street or I do not know what. It was not enlightened. I can tell you that we quickly disappeared in the vapor like the Black Pearl sinking into the fog. We drank two shots of tequila on the back seat “I don’t like tequila” she said “but I am going to drink it all the same”. Phew, she was thus full of willingness. We spoke, I kissed her, she rose on me, we tipped over the seat, we got naked. She was very wild and took initiatives : she scratched, bit, rubbed, hummed, her breath accelerated … I wonder if two cats which kiss hum? Well, I admit, it is a stupid reflection.

In brief, we then passed in the back, she sucked me and it was really good. Very good rhythm, very good appetizer. The congratulations of the jury. I have fingered her “I want that you take me RIGHT NOW”. Then here we were, we contorted in the back then she rose on me “I didn’t tell you everything …
– Tell me.
– I have cardiac problems, I can die by making love there because everything accelerates.
– OK”. We ended our business then she explained that she will be operated in two months and everything to have a pacemaker and everything and that this is why she lets her hair grow to hide the future scar… I suggested her to do it again but she asked me for a respite, for her heart and everything. OK, after all even if it shall be a beautiful death, I have not the desire to kill somebody. She has sucked me again, and we did again then we spoke till 1 am in the morning. She told me that she has already crossed Marseille naked under a mac for a guy, that she has already driven naked by night to join a lover and other cool things. It is her frenzy to do things like that… I hope that she is going to become one of my partners of game because she is funny and a little bit strange. Rather strange to be sexy, she has a mystic and geek side in the look! I asked her if she wanted a doggy style “next time: I want to see you again. Well, I drive you back?
– You do not want to return me in 20 minutes by chance ?
– No no no no. When I say no more than three times, it means yes.
– Ah well.” And we did it again. For the anecdote, the next day she saw the guy whom she had met in my birthday: he came from Avignon just to screw her if I understood well.

End of the night in a club, I found the girl of the street-fucking and her friends and I had a date with Pauline the working girl for a 8th date in a club. Except that I didn’t find her and I could not contact her : I accidentally put some Vigor on my telephone and it then soaked into the tequila in the car. Ugh. I am thus not contactable now, that risks to damage my sexual life! Otherwise, anecdote: I said “get naked” to one of the friends of the girl of the street-fucking and she answered me “let’s go you first” then I opened my shirt and my pants. She laughed. I told her “it’s your turn, at least show me your tits”. Then here we were, she pushed aside her top. I was surprised. Well, nothing more: she is married. Last anecdote: as soon as a guy who they did not like approached them, they came dancing against me. Seriously, I looked like a fucking pimp with his 3 cuties … So class ! Arnaud was in the club too, I told him for Marie and asked him to do not repeat it to her ex who is additionally his best buddy: the first thing which he did was to tell him. :/

I came home completely done, my computer overheats every twenty minutes, impossible to lead a correct pick up on FB, I have no fresh plan and my telephone is dead. Fucking week. Besides, I am under stress for my job on Monday.

Let’s cross our fingers. May the God of the Game be with you !

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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