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How to pick up women with Facebook’s poke

19th March 2013,

I should be sleeping to be in shape for the work tomorrow but I absolutely have to tell you three short stories. We are going to speak about inner game, instant kiss close and girl who cries.

After the WE during which the girl from Toulon made me shiver as much as if I had Parkinson and during which Marie showed her butt to a motorist, I was afraid that my internship seems to me insipid and boring. In fact, the first week was cool but exhausting. Seriously : I go back to home after 6 pm with only one desire it is sleeping.. I only fucked a sex friend last week (Precious Stone). I thus waited impatiently for the WE …

Friday evening, totally exhausted, I said to myself that if I did not move, I would regret it. Thus, night out with Arnaud and Padawan, we acted like gay people. It was funny, I told the girls “olala but lookat the DJ he is sooo cute” and “ahlala but you if I was heterosexual I would do you what you want” and other “we live all three together, we are soon going to adopt”. A two meter high girl was there (I’m not exaggerating) who believed in me and who was completely in, she took my FB to become “my best friend” except that she probably hallucinated by reading all the girls’ messages on my wall. Something else: a silly bitch treated me “gay loser who doesn’t dance” and a guy told me “don’t talk to my girl, the girls like that it is for the real men”. Poor France…

Well, second part of night, in a club, I tested an opener “you are hot you” without much success. In the best case, I had a “thank you” otherwise ” you on the other hand you are ugly ” and fingers confusedly. The girls who allow to say to a boy that he is ugly and everything, in particular without having even looked at him while he just compliments her in fact, are really bitches who do not realize damages they could make on a guy who would have a fragile inner game. Because it is about inner game that I want to speak now … Indeed, on Saturday I chatted with the girl of ice cubes, who asked me to piss off a girl on FB then I did it because I was at a loose end. It rather quickly went down the drain … “How are you, love ?
– But you have a problem in your head you? By what right do you call me my heart? I don’t know you you owe me some respect! Did you think that I was your buddy or what.
[ I didn’t answer because I was occupied and on Sunday morning and I had that]
– Well then there are some things which you should know: physically you are not attractive at all, I would even say that you are ugly. But also I believe that you a little forgot all about your place, and you see your place with me, it is to have the minimum of respect, maybe that your approach works with other girls (woe are they I would say, they do not have a lot of dignity). Thus to return to what you are, you are an idiot full of himself (without any visible reasons), you are certainly a guy who is going to miss his life, what makes me most pity it is that you hide yourself behind a computer because you know that in the real world nothing can be done the girls reject you. You post on Facebook to feel powerful, but what you don’t know it is that any girl with a minimum of dignity would refuse your cock. Now that things are clear small miserable man you do not deserve to have a girl like me, I would not want to brag, but I deserve certainly a level above yours whether it is physically or mentally. It would be time for you to grow up in your head and you will realize that the respect is the basis of anything especially when we do not know someone. Thus now I ask you to close your mouth and to stay at your place with me, IE I do not talk to the animals of the farm. Best Regards, fuck off.
– Hello love! Then first of all I was anxious to thank you for having taken time to answer me. I wanted to remind you certain points: the only respect that you deserve it is a facial. You are certainly hot but you have done nothing for that, thank your parents. You are certainly rich but you did nothing for that: dad’s girl you allow to patronize guys who succeed in the finance thanks to their work. Do not hold it against me if I do not take into account your attack on my physical appearance which reveals a sacred lot of frustration and superficiality
. I think that you should have your ass destroyed you would feel better my heart. I also think that you have the hatred bicause you think that I am going to post you on FB but for it still you would have to be funny. Then even if I was ugly I don’t care because girls like you I eat them for breakfast : I have already screwed girls more sexy than you (well also less attractive I grant you that but they had something in the lemon and wrote in a drinkable style with fewer spelling mistakes). About dignity, I let you judge: I am a devotee practicing of sodomy. Indeed I would not want that you brag neither and I would not want that you lose an opportunity to lecture me (I see that you take so much pleasure there like if I did you a cunnilingus). I always had things in common with the girls who thus lecture me roughly you excite me bb. Last point concerning your notion of the respect : if by “animal of the farm”, you talk about a pig, then yes I am one. If you want that I close my mouth so that you can open yours and welcome my cock, I answer “OK but only if you swallow”. Best Regards, a big kiss on the mouth.”

With this, she shut up and blocked me. Seriously, poor nasty small bourgeois whore who allows to try to cause damage by pleasure. Even if all that she said was true, why saying it? And why ignite like that? Well, I believe that I reached a sacred level of confidence in me because I couldn’t care less about this kind of reflections. And that it is satisfactory indeed, I just have to think again about some awesome women I fucked and among girls who run after me to get that she is the one who is wrong. Fucking shit. You take yourself for a princess but you are only a moralizer for pussies! As for myself, sometimes I catch wondering if it is really my life or if I am dreaming, then… I’m not planning to question myself soon.

Small explanation now: why did the girl of ice cubes ask me to piss off this girl? Because apparently she is on the waiters of the club, and thus on the guy with a head of teddy bear. What lets me think that the girl of the ice cubes does not tolerate that we turn around him, she is thus a little in love with him. Small disappointment : I asked to Arnaud to support myself and to help me pissing her off, he said yes, he saw her pictures and found her pretty then he said ” finally no “. Like if he had a chance to screw her seriously. Small pathetic cock.

Well, otherwise, I tried a routine the same Saturday afternoon (in parallel) : “readyfor the poke party?
– What do you mean by poke party? Because according to what that is, yeah I’m in
– Ah and you are ready for what type of poke party you? Me it is very innocent
– Mdrr ba to meet you
– Haha rather direct but that pleases me. You lived in aix too?
– Mdrr it is more practical to be direct. Not far yeah. And for you what is a poke party?
– Yeah I always found that sexy the girls who take initiatives. So, this evening you come to Aix? Bah for me the poke party is to send pokes, some messages, to see you and to kiss you without the tongue
– Ah so much the better then. Yeah that’s it. Why you would want that we see each other in the evening? It’s OK for me indeed this kind of poke party in any case. Ahah and well I hope that you will be up to your reputation.
– Well, yes if you come in town or what I would like. Okay ben there I lost a bet I cannot kiss with the tongue
– Mdrr but at the basis I am not a girl who takes initiatives that well has to be the first time I am like that ^^. Ba in this case yes I can manage to go into town this evening. Mdrr it is not very grave that.
– Mdrr ah well it is the pokes which make you this effect ^^? In this case yeah that would be a good idea. Lol well so much the better if you prefer but I can kiss you on the neck and quite everywhere no problem! What did you plan this evening?
– Mdrr I don’t know, but at the basis I am a shy person me. Ba that’s OK then I would be on Aix this evening. Mdrr that goes ba we shall see that this evening. Ba I had nothing planned
– Lol bah with me you reveal another facet of your personality half angel and half devil. Yes don’t worry nobody ever complained
– Yeah mdrr but in the truth I promises nothing. Mdrr well ba then I should not complain either
– Lol bah I shall know well how to corrupt you but it will be our secret. It’s lucky!
– We shall see that we just met and we already have small secrets between us.”

In brief, we made an appointment at about 9 pm, small text before joining her “I’m leaving home I kiss you” answer “I kiss you too” so by seeing her I had to kiss her to say hello. She looked a little surprised: it was funny for unknowns and we spent a nice evening in a bar together except that Padawan joined us, he so to speak imposed, he was a little bit boring and scared her off. I see her again on Saturday normally, she wrote me on her way back “I want to be desired a little”. Otherwise, I made the same routine to other girls: having no sandwich in the morning I have three numbers among which two potential sex friends + her. So class. Thus, I am certainly going to screw Margaux, Charlotte and Lola. I do not put the other conversations because it was grosso-modo the same thing.

Well, otherwise at work and everything… There are two-three pretty collaborators that I would stuff more gladly than the printer but well. I great behave well over there, you would see that, unrecognizable. I believe that I have a kind of double personality … Even if I got on with the cute secretary (who is going be laid off soon moreover) and some girls who make some labor law… at the moment no way to introduce me in them even if it would be very nice during the breaks.

Otherwise, this evening I saw again the married woman of December 2012. OK, it was nice (a little less than the last time all the same) but she was a little bit sticky, always to give me kisses and everything and to tell me “I am going to miss you”. We fucked at my place and everything and I fell asleep one hour (normal I am constantly tired) then I walked her back to her hotel. By leaving, I returned and I saw her crying. That hurt me in the heart, so I guess that I have one…

May the God of the Game be with her !

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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