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Is it possible to stay one month without ejac ?

Is it possible to stay one month without ejac This text is a bonus in my Diary of a French PUA 2


The game, if I can call it a game, was to do not ejaculate during one entire month. I was thinking I was going to succeed easy-peasy because at the momentI was in a slump, but when I took this fucking decision, I think I pissed off the whole universe because that is apparently not my mission in this world: I strangely received plenty of calls … including a lot of girls that I had stored in the folder “Mission aborted” for ages and who suddenly came back tempting me.Like if a higher power was telling me “you just had a really dumb idea so I will make you regret : they will all want to blow you …”

And, indeed, it was harder and harder every day. After one week, a simple kiss in a club was enough to make me hard all night. I tried to give orgasm to girlfriends who pressured me on the phone but fuck, it excited me too, what a torture! Anyway, they enjoyed, perhaps even more than usually because I focused on their pleasure and not at all on mine. I’ve licked a lot of pussies too without asking anything in return.

After fifteen days, I decided to have sex for good … but to firmly hold on. It was hard, very hard, if you know what I mean. As if I wanted to stop smoking when people are smoking a cigarette in front of me: you must have a strong motivation to succeed. Must say that it is a habit ingrained in me, satisfying my impulses … I admit that I have more or less jerked off on average once a day since I was born (with a girl or with my personal girlfriend ie my hand.) So here we are, I’m a kind of cum-addict and I wanted to wean myself.

At one point I had the idea to train myself to enjoy without ejaculating some great masters of Tantra like are able to do. I have not been able to orgasm, but I have not finished either … phew (I stopped just before) … So, this session of sex rather put me in shape me instead of tiring me. Once is not custom. So I repeated the experiment with others girls.

With that said, the fact that I did not finish in doggy style disrupted more than one “YOU DON’T WANT ME, HUH, WHAT’S WRONG ? WHY THEN ARE YOU FUCKING ME ASSHOLE !” Women are just too accustomed to the fact we ejaculate, they feel guilty or disgusting when it doesn’t happen.

I admit, I lost a lot of fuckfriends during this period. A real massacre: but I am very stubborn (it’s not my fault it’s in my DNA)! Must say that I gave back to my semen its sanctity, making it rare and it was not nothing. After twenty days, I did not even have pain in the balls anymore when sitting down. I could dominate me, control me, and stay away from girls. The hard part was probably behind me (no, I have not tried to get sodomized).

So I resumed my seduction activities on the well known social network that begins with Face and finish with Suckerberglapute. I talked to this girl, a cute brunette. We warmed each other, like before I started this little challenge. Understand, I have never met this chick though she lives in the same city than me … Because she talked a lot but did nothing in fact (like many cause it allows them to stay in their comfort zone while feeling desired), it remained a fantasy relationship (so much the better because that’s what I needed at that time).

She said “come for me on Skype and we’ll meet up.” I said “no”. I resisted a little and then I said OK after the 24th day. We did never meet up after that, she was just a biatch who had challenged herself :I won’t let me trap so easily again, besides “you deceive me once shame on you, you deceive me twice shame on me“. It’s the hormones that disrupted my judgment, I guess, fuck. Needs to precise that she had assets !!!

But I do not care, because I shared something sexual with her in a way… I saw her naked, and everything (on the webcam). Finally, it’s different, I know, but … Understand me, when I don’t fuck, I approach and when I don’t approach I imagine naughty things. The girls that I want and I cannot get in real life, I’ll fuck them in my head. You are now warned, ladies !!!

In some ways I am addicted and proud of it.

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