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Her best friend told her “bang him and you will feel better then”

December 11th 2013,

In two words, I finally created a successful profile on Adopt which makes that the girls send me the first message. Seriously, every day at the moment, I have one or two chick who writes to me spontaneously. Example (vile but without special effect) :

[Sunday evening]

– Hello how are you ? I introduce myself, I am a natural model since I’m young… No I’m kidding I’m just a girl among so much others who works on Marseille. I really liked you description this is why I allows myself to write you 🙂
– Hello darling, I live in Aix, it’s up to you to see if you want to make the trip
– Why not 😉 and you ? [she doubtless wanted to know if I was ready to go to Marseille]
– Me I live in Aix so… 😉
– Yes we could have a drink if you want? [I don’t want to go wasting my time and my money in a bar]
– maybe yes , at my place ?
– As you want 🙂 What’s your work during the week?
– Finance and you? well, yes it is way more honest like that:)
– I assist people and pork butcher ^^ yeah right 🙂
– wow it is the wide gap between both jobs ^^ that’s good, I need someone to assist me
– Yes I have 3 different jobs 🙂 Ha really what care do you need sir? 😛
– oh really what’s the third one ? For example that you help me to take a shower I guess
– I take care of children. It is possible I think I have some remedy for this but it is not sure we will see :p
– Ah excellent in this case I think that you have quite a lot of qualities to support your candidacy! It is necessary that you come to the job interview :p
– I like your sense of humor :p On the other hand I already have 3 jobs it is impossible to have another one:/ However all the internships are allowed:)
– thank you ! :p nice, an internship that suits me! Availability?
– I work every day except on Saturday afternoon and on Sundays and you?
– It’s a pity I would gladly have taken a shower or a bath at the end of the day
– I finish late the evenings but why not
– It will relax you. Wednesday evening?
– You’re right. I think that I have physiotherapist on Wednesday evening I verify when I’m home, but Tuesday evening I finish early if you want
– Good state of mind in any case. All right thus verifies that, in case on Tuesday I think that I can make it possible for you ! Do you prefer to bath or shower?
– I finish at 9 pm Wednesday and Tuesday at 4 pm thus as you want. Alone I am rather shower, with a guy I don’t know I have not really experience if you see what I mean…. I count on you to give me advice


– Indeed so it is better on Tuesday !!! But at 4 pm it is not the hour of the shower! It is better at about 8 pm what do you say? All right I shall give you some advices! A Facebook?
– OK for 8pm it will be necessary that you give me your address ^^ We can easily park next to your place ? Yes it is [her name = always ask for the Facebook to see if she is a fake and also to have other photos]
– Yes so you can get dolled up before ^^ so I live [my address], it is the city center! And we can park there free of charge from 7pm this is why it is better at 8 pm and not at 4 pm! good day ? Signed : 06XXXXXXXX [my phone number] !

[This morning]

– Yes it is sure, unless you wanted that I arrived in dress of home help but it is not very classy lol saddened sorry no more internet connection yesterday. Yes I had a good day and you? Take my number: 06YYYYYYYY See you later


On the mobile during the day, nothing crazy, two-three messages. She came, I told her not to put her affairs in the lounge… rather in my room, to do not disturb my roommate [I finally understood how to turn this affair of roommate in my advantage]. There, I made a tea, we drank it sitting cross-legged on my bed. We had no plate to prop up bowls, too bad, I caught two books randomly: The Kamasutra and The Selfish Gene. Okay.

We spoke a long moment to get acquainted, almost 5 minutes, and she kissed me. She admitted to me that she made love only once in her life (with a boy because she banged a girl too), but that she really wanted to test again. She fell only on shy persons and does not have enough confidence to make the first one step then she decided to do it with a stranger to be finally able to feel free. Then, she sucked me with appetite, the first blowjob of her life… I just had to guide her a little but it was not bad. It was imperative that she makes profitable her travel from Marseille. Then, I fucked her. Hoping I have helped her in her life to gain confidence, I complimented her and everything. Gone back home, she wrote me “thank you for this nice internship”.

Anecdotally, she told me that it is her best friend who selected me on Adopt. She showed her my profile and told her “bang him and you will feel better”. What she did, beautiful mentality. Apparently, she will not regret having forgotten the fucking principles like “never at the first date”. Sleeping at the first date, it can be good, it just depends with whom. Obviously if the girl falls on a jerk who has sex in 2 seconds and who says “ah she is a whore I fucked her at the first date” it is some shit but paradoxically, they rather tend to keep waiting the guys they really like. It is stupid. They miss orgasms. That girl, for example, if she had decided to keep waiting me, she would never have had me, and she would still masturbating.

For my part, I am not a virgin of December.

Very nice. May the God of the Game be with you !

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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