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I enjoyed the surrealism of the situation

May 23th 2015,

Something like three months ago, I started talking to this Brazilian girl on Tinder. Or to be exact, it was her who had approached me. Ah, I like South American people.

Hi how are you ?
– Hi Justine! I’m fine and you
– Very very good!
– It’s talking to me that puts you in joy?
– Yes you give me the smile

But, it’s a 18 years old girl and I said I wouldn’t attack too young girls anymore even if they have a nice ass. Too much pains in the ass. Nests of shit. But she was nice and friendly so I made an exception to my own rules. “Are you rather beach or pool? Coffee or chocolate? Salty or sweet? Lol
– coffee and beach and for sugar or salt its depends
– Hmm ok that’s it?
– If you do not ask me questions I will not know what to tell you
– Shy?
– I would rather say reserved
– Reserved like a table at the restaurant? it means shy at first / in public then totally hot in private ?
– Hahha you have a good sense of humor you!
– It seems dear but tell me don’t you think it would be more convenient to warm me on snap or fb? Kisses or handshake (choose one)
– I prefer kisses. Add me on Facebook

Her FB made me hallucinate : on her profile picture she is in bed hiding her breasts with a very hefty guy like “oh yeah friends look at the handsome guy I just fucked“. This is where I saw her originates from Brazil (her parents still live there but apparently not her anymore I did not really understand what she doing in France). Well, I sent her a message on the chat because I was too hard:
“and therefore, do you prefer kisses at a specific location ps: nice your profile photo, congratulations you put your hands on a apollon
– On the mouth and neck! it’s just a buddy the guy on my profile picture
– Let’s start in the neck so !!! You are direct, is it your Brazilian side? cool for the guy, but somehow I’m not a jealous possessive-sick-person
– No. I’m just basically like that
– Good. We will have together then.
– And you talk to me a little about yourself
– OK darling, tell me what you would like to know because it’s hard to talk about yourself in the absolute (yes I have used the word hard)
– Well I have forgotten our conversation so tell me everything”?

Seriously, I didn’t stop hallucinating with her. No girl had ever told me like that yet. Okay, so I reminded her who I am to this crazy bitch:
“Okay okay’s I remember now! This is the time you invite me for a drink okay?
– Ok, tomorrow? “And then she has not answered for no apparent reason during two weeks before waking up (after I gently sent her a photo of my buttocks with written answer bitch above for making her react):
“I don’t want you write about me” I tried to negotiate a little but nothing to do. She was stubborn and not even answered anymore. So I gave up … Until the other day I moved all my FB to find girls for the night strip – card game. She was interested but was not available that day (what a surprise) so I offered her playing just together when she would be free (it costs nothing to insist a little). “When would you be free for an experience like this one
– Wednesday night, but if I play strip poker, put in your head we will not sleep together
– OK but if you want I can make you a cunnilingus anyway
– Hahah. You’re a real pervert!
– No I just give orgasms! you won’t complain!
– I’m not complaining, I just observe.
– Do you want to have one?
– Yes I always want everything. But it’s rare that a guy know how to give me pleasure with a cunni
– So do not reject me for once you could orgasm strongly
 – The only way for your I let you give me a cunnilingus is I must desire you, that I really want you, then you’d better be a good flirt
– Well you don’t say no anymore so we made a step forward
– Loool I have never said no
– So let’s get your orgasms
– Hahah we will see
– Even that after it will be you who will want more
– You are sooo confident!
– In this domain yes
– Do not be arrogant
– Lol if I really give you two orgasms what do I win ?
– To see me again
– Well
– I am available Wednesday at 19h, we’ll have a drink, then I will go at your pace with you for the strip poker
– If you want oki
– I kinda forgot the rules
– As long as you do not forget to take off your clothes it doesn’t matter
– Yes indeed, but between us you will be the first to lose you clothes”

She had a big mouth this kid, anyway. She challenged me and thought she was more intelligent than me. So I was curious to see what was behind that … without too many illusions especially after her two weeks silence. Wednesday around 5pm, I sent her a pseudo-confirmation message asking where we were going to have this drink … and no answer. So, I went back to my business. Around 8:37 p.m. I received “I cannot be there maybe later
– Ah you answer now? did you not say Wednesday 7pm?
– Yes but I had a problem
– Oki good and later tonight or tomorrow?
– I do not know
– So tomorrow
– Yes
– Ok but not the flake this time. What time?
– End of the afternoon
– Good tomorrow morning send me a message around noon to tell me at what time ?
– Okay, the truth I is I got cold feet to be honest
– Classic, you had a big mouth
– I have a big mouth but I had to see another guy, but he flaked me so I’m sorry I flaked you to be honest lol this is the Karma
– 2 guys planned the same day at the same time? or you never really planed meet up with me ?
– Yes always a Plan A and a Plan B
– Well and then why did you not meet me?
– And you were the plan B but I chickened
– Seriously I am a plan b me the best pussy licker of your life you cannot talk to me like that
– You’re too pretentious
– Non it annoys me that you don’t know how to distinguish
– Really ?
– And tomorrow how many plans? and you will get cold feet again? and why not inviting me at your place right now? “
“… it is useless to pretend you do not see the messages lol! …”
“Well tomorrow send me a text for the time and place and if you get cold feet again! shame on you!
– I was on the phone! Because I want to be quiet tomorrow night I promise no flake, but I warn you I will be shy at first
– Ok no problem it’s cute that! I am waiting for your message tomorrow as evidence of motivation !!!
– It works
– We will see”

Obviously, the next day, no message. I did not care I was at home quietly. I still sent by provocation “Why are you so much of a pussy like that?” I do not like flakes, seriously. No answer. From there, it was the beginning of a dynamic of shit. I thought I had a bad karma because there’s a fucking AFC (The metallers) who harasses me by leaving shitty comments on my blog and I meanwhile went to a party with Jojo and Titi : they told me we could make it turn into an orgy again and take a midnight swim there an there would be a good ratio M/W. It has unfortunately ended up in a weird thing in a closed band mates. And not even a pool. 4 girls, 9 guys. 3 fuckable babes. 2 couples tight-ass. 2 girls, 1 free but sick, and 1 passionate of video games who had to leave early. It frustrated me to see that there was nothing to do, and Jojo and Titi wanted to stay anyway, so I have decided not to treat a girl not fuckable as a friend (she was the coolest) which included of course to say “shut up” when she was a pain in the ass. In fact she was asking me lots of questions like eg “what do you do in life?” I have not responded because I was talking to another guy. She waited silently to ask me again. I found it a little weird. But after I understood that she had recognized me from my blog. She then spoke to me for almost 45 minutes asking me lots of questions and everything but her boyfriend (a kind of fat man of 1m90 completely drunk who had drunk a lot of pastis and mixed alcohols) thought she was going to leave him for me or I don’t know what (my reputation has preceded me – Jojo and Titi had told hima lot about me like what I am a big fucker). Must stop believing that because I talk to a girl I want to fuck her, seriously … After 1h sleeping on a chair like a rag, he approached me strangely and then lunged at me grabbing my throat without telling me anything. I hit foot on I don’t know what and I fell. It fell the head on something and I have the arm that is dolourous. Now I do again anxiety attacks because I’m too scared to have a concussion, it woke my stress of the aggression I guess. Fuxelife. Fortunately, Titi and Jojo have caught him and released me, but seriously, it sucks the alcolos bonobos like that especially as I tore my jacket, farted my glasses and I saw nothing on way home. In addition, he felt guilty afterand his girl was ashamed of him. Btw that is not why he would have sent me a message to ask for forgiveness, the asshole. I could complain if I knew it could succeed but Jojo and Titi would not have testified for me because there was a pretty girl who had friendzonned them but they hope to fuck her so they refused to take side in this story. When he threw himself on me I felt these weird heart beats as if my heart was going out of me I was more afraid of having an attack than of the asshole and it disturbed me . I had no need for that. The moral is : the dog was the friendliest and most open of the party there.

I never give up and I wanted a success so the following Sunday, I sent to Justine “then girl you want to try again to take on you or you think it will never happen?
– Why do you care so much about me?
– Because I have empathy and I find you attractive but more than 3 times it would the last so no plan bcd o IDK what
– Hahah bah when I have faith I call you
– You think I’m a dog that you can whistle?
– Yes
– Well no so either you take on you and you enjoy something out of the ordinary or you stay in your comfort zone and you stay with your little rotten Plans
– And bah .. I don’t know I’ll see
– You will not go far in life if you let it stop you
– You put too much pressure Relax yourself
– You’re the screwed up then talk to me in a good way
– When I will want to see you I will tell you
– Like you did not want to see me this week you just freaked out
– I have my desires so I’ll let you know in advance and I’ll stop torturing you and I’ll come to the date. Just relax
– You’ll see if me I come
– Yeah, if you wanna play it like that
– Me too I have my desires and the best oral sex of your life you’re going to miss it with your bullshit and you will fuck many losers !!!
– don’t get upset! and you do not scare me I have already slept with older guys than you
– And I’ll write maybe on this approach that certain chicks have
– Which approach?
– Like you: chicks prisoners of their comfort zone … you think you’re the first girl to get cold feet and tell lies? you the difference is that you’re very rude and that I must teach you respect
– I’m not rude I tell you what’s on my mind unlike other girl exactly. And my last impediment is because I had to see friends and it was important
– No you faked the last TWO times while I leave you a chance to live a great and original thing … limit I have to beg you it is weird
– But I’m not asking you to beg me!
– So my offer still stands one week after that over for you “

I know that the ultimatum is the low leverage. But I did not give a fuck so I did it anyway. To challenge the statistics: it worked !!! Yesterday morning, while I was with Virginie at the train station (she left for a week in Paris and as we arrived early we parked and she sucked and I was purposely over-hitting my pleasure with the open window to make people around hallucinate (she also asked me if I would help her discover sodomy)) Justine sent me this message “we can meet later I finish at 3pm
– Cool appointment at your place or mine?
– We’re going at my home, I have not much time so we can meet up and fuck
– It does not bother me but it surprises me coming from you who was so scared “

So she gave me her address and I checked on Google Maps (remember a lousy story like that which left me a bitter taste). I arrived at 3:05 p.m. AND … no one. I called her, but she did not answer byt wrote me tit-to-tit “I am not at home yet
– Okay
– Sorry” and there I saw a girl with sunglasses entering the building but I was too far and I just saw her back … I was not sure but it could be her according to the measurements. I sent her a text message asking if it was she, and from there, she has not responded to either the telephone or texts when I rang like crazy on her door to make her react she held on and gave no sign of life. Yet it was the real address because there was her name on the door. I just talked to her housekeeper and other people who were supposed to live there then I realized it was yet 4:15 p.m.. An hour and a quarter in the sun outside her door like a jerk, seriously. I have not become a PUA to let girl treat me like that.

I sent in bulk:
“You’re the queen of crappy plans and cold feet”
“If I were you I would answer me because I do not like being taken for a fool and suddenly you’re not going to like what I’m doing”
And then she said “You’re going to write about me?
– I pity you, there’s no goal to do that especially since YOU have revived me
– You are right
– I saw you entering in addition
– And yes
– Well open me at least, assume a little what you do
– I’m in the shower there and I have my period I thought that only after
– Open to me I just want to talk so I did not come for nothing OK “?
… no more answer …
“A little notch I will not eat you.”
“Oh, not again answer something at least”
“I’ll ring until you blow out”
“Oh, it’s amazing that assume a little it will change something”
“You’re stupider than stupidity or what? Do you find a lot of guys ready to wait 1 hour to speak to you”
“Last chance to see me in fun mode after it will piss me off and you’re not going to like what I’ll do”
“I have known a lot of stupid girls but you beat them all it’s a shame”
“Oh, and I know you do not have your period you have always been a pussy except that this time you made me move so it won’t stay without consequences”
“When I think that we could have enjoyed together and that it’s going to be war instead”
“If your teachers look at you strangely Tuesday is normal”

And there she reacts, she phoned. Outraged. “THIS IS A THREAT OR WHAT ???
– Ah OK…
– No, I swear … I do not know what came over me … I was afraid …
– No lol …
– I’m sorry, now I have to go in 1h I really can not see you but I swear I will repay you this
– Uh … I really cannot. I have a party tonight to atten and I have to leave in 1 hour but I’m still getting dressed. But I call you and I will come to you place and will make me wait 2 hours if you want.
– Yeah … OK I’ll open. But I have only an hour.
– We can do things in an hour don’t worry. “

I went to drink tea. Seriously. Then I called for testing her and she picked up the phone with a voice of little girl “This was to see if you’d answer. I really come this time.”So I returned there. And then she opened. Fortunately, otherwise I shitted in her mailbox. Fuck you have to persevere and be understanding in life! And swallow snakes (as long as it’s not cocks it suits me) … Well, she’s pretty, it’s something. She has big breasts btw, it was not so obvious on her pictures. A little too big for my taste but well. This is also the first point I told her. Then she wore a party black dress and black underwear. I told her that she would not last long at strip poker with that, it made her laugh, she finally relaxed. She did not stop nervously storing her stuff, applying cosmetics and preparing her bag. I told her that I was going to piss her pff while she wore make-up, I touched her everywhere making her little kisses. I even spanked her after 5 minutes of conversation. I put my hand in her pussy after 7. I felt a string, she really had her periods. How could she have forgotten this detail ??? I just stroked her clit while enjoying the surrealism and the incongruity of the situation.

After that was a bit boring because I had nothing to do there. A girl who is preparing for a party and who must leave in 20 minutes, it’s just anoying. I wanted to warm her, me. I still tried a “Justine, I have something for you?
– what’s this ?
– Give me your hand you’ll see” She gave it to me and I put it on my dick saying she was responsible for it and asking her what she planned to do to catch up. She said she would call me next week when she would not have her period so we have fun together. After she began lipstick. I told her I was going to take it off. She said it was not a problem, she would put more of it. Her girlfriend that she had to join called her. I started to fuck in front of her and then I thought I was going kiss her while she phoned. I did it. Death of laughter. Sometimes I feel like more like a comedy sketch than a real pick up … very fun but perhaps less effective I should be more serious with my game. With that said, she’s a good kisser what’s cool.

After she hung up we French kissed. Finally! Then it was time for her to leave. And was still hard. So I told her to touch my dick. She did not drag her feet, the naughty. She said she was proud to have given a hard cock to me. After she touched it without my asking. She’s not a shy, she quickly vaginally sociable yeah! She was preparing joints and everything then here we finally left after three false starts. I have not fucked her …

I accompanied her to La Rotonde in my car. She confessed me that I was the first guy she met on the Internet (lie? with her nothing surprises me) and she was proud to have overcome her stress in spite of herself. Beating all these blockages, damn, I am a true benefactor Minesweeper. On the way, I told her she had some lipstick on the teeth then I did like it was because she could not stop jumping on me to kiss me. We were next to 4 riff-raff when I said it they have hallucinated hearing me it was legendary. She said she thought I was very nice and funny.

She asked if she worked well with heels or if she was ridiculous. I told her she looked like a big slut. It was somewhat true but she thought I was kidding. Good for her. I also told him that I would kidnap her and lock her in my basement but she laughs … fuck, me who wanted to make her a little scared. To say goodbye, she gave me kisses in the neck and all. Funny how the girls who go to their first parties look like big sluts because they do too much “too much”. Anyway, it was good anyway. And there was a hammock in her apartment to fuck it is probably cool.

I spoke to my father and he also agrees with me. It is around 17-18 years old they are most hot but they are a little inexperienced and therefore unconscious so pains in the ass. They do not take advantage of it enough, and neither do we. What a waste ! Well, she I do not know if I will fuck her in doggy-style like Bafétimbi Gomis making the panther when he scores a goal because she is the queen of muddles and flakes, lies, etc.

After I went swimming my km and by going out of the pool, I had her lipstick on my beard. It holds well that crap! This is waterpouffe! At the exit, I saw a bald who was using the hairdryer.

May the God of Game cleanses me!

NB: I read The Game for the 6th time now. At page 200 of the edition I have, there’s a chapter on Zan. I totally recognize myself in his style I will focus on his work. There’s also Steve P and Hypnotica giving orgasms through speech thanks to NLP who are interesting … I wonder if I should or not work on it for my anxiety attacks.

PS = I clarify something for my readers : I do not write on the blog about all the girls that I meet, kiss or bang. Sometimes they ask me to don’t write or to make them unrecognizable, and I do it because I am respectful. BUT Justine was cool not at all with me as you were able to read it thus I do not see why I would make her a favor.

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