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Multiple erections at the Law university prom gala

June 20th 2015,

Well. I went to the gala of the law university with Yellow Laughter and we played to Crash & Burn. Moreover, since this little coaching he is warm to approach and practice direct game (it was a trigger for him, he saw that it is easy and that it pays).

The party was pretty funny but I was not really into it because my mind is elsewhere yet (I spent four job interviews and wait for the answers to start in early July). It was a few days ago so I do not remember much except that I kissed the girl of the letters college’s BDE (student office). I remember that because she was stuck to me, so I asked her if she wanted me to kiss her, she replied “no
– But your body is so close it looks like you want me
– OK I admit.

So kiss kiss, and then after I asked her to have sex with me, she said “yes” but she was so drunk that 1h later she kissed another dude and didn’t even remember she had said “OK FOR HAVING SEX WITH YOU“. She did not sleep with him, for that matter … she went to bed alone. The ravages of alcohol! What a waste ! The moral is: do not listen to drunk chicks. Or fuck them right away if you have fewer scruples than me (jk I’m not an angel).

I met a few fans of my blog that night. Including a girl who came talking to me in English. She fucked up an approach in addition, by ruining the conversation like a big bitch. I said I’d recognized her, I had spoken to her on FB … she said no, I was wrong, she was English and everything. Okay, so I said “OK that’s no problem.” I asked her what she wanted and then we talked a long time. After half an hour, she said, “HAHAHA I’m not English you do not recognize me you’re so bad we have already spoken on FB
– Oh yeah I said that I had recognized you
– no
– OK.
– Then go for it prove it what’s my name?
– Ah that I don’t remember
– Ah you see you’re a liar
“. It just cannot remember the name of all the people who write to me on the Internet: it’s not a lack of respect, it is just humanly impossible . For them, they write to the PUA of Aix. But for me, it’s just one more person who writes to me… Finally here it was: the ravages of alcohol bis. Me too I’m a weirdo sometimes (even sober) I cannot say the opposite, then please forgive me. I’m thinking in particular about the last party with Jojo and Titi after which they decided to don’t talk to me anymore (but they never said it they said they said they have no problem but the acts talk louder than words) … but really : they put me a crazy pressure, brought me in a shitty evening and have not at all assumed ! It’s over, I won’t do demonstrations in such situations to please my fans ! I’m not a freak!

I nevertheless had a good laugh at this gala. A friend took coke, that’s a problem. I do not say “+1” because it leaves traces all the life on the heart. Finally I wouldn’t do that, but everyone does what he wants with his body. Even alcohol I do not say “+1” anymore : I made a long way when I think of it.

At the garden party before the gala itself, I laughed a lot with a friend of Yellow Laughter. A short 18 old girl who was the girlfriend of an homosexual dude who did not fuck her. I warmed her a little for fun, and YL told me that she wondered if she would make her first one-night-stand the first night with me. She decided that no when I kissed the girl of the BDE. It’s a shame to be so jealous, we could have made a threesome !!!

Otherwise, less cool: I had to go to the police. The Metallers really sucks (Padawan’s mate). He is so needy of attention he is ready to do anything so that I’m interested in him … I explain :
– For a few months, he leaves a lot of comments on my blog, I am forced to remove without answering … and the more I delete them, the more he leaves comments the more he is unhappy to be censored. These are insults, explanations of why I’m a big mentally ill person… he even wanted to advise me “a very good shrink” because he thinks he is a model of balance, etc.
– As he saw it did not reach me, he began to send messages to some chicks that are on my FB contacts. He told them shit like what I have STD or stuff like that (the last I had it was 2 years ago and I am healed). So I locked my contact list.
– Then, he made up his mind to call my mother (he had the number by Padawan) to explain that I harass one of his friends (the banker), and it bothers him because she was his girl or I dunno what. WHAT THE FUCK! Bad luck for him, he fell on the answering machine and it left a mark. I checked with the banker: she does not want him and never told anyone that I harass her (besides I had not talked to her for a while). My mom laughed when she heard the message once I have explained her.
– Now The metallers requires that I close my blog because I supposedly defame him. He even made a lawyer write me a letter (one of his friend who is specialist in totally something else) … I laughed at that! If I was a bastard I could write to the Bar for intimidation and complacency letter full of nonsense!

In order to best prepare the next crazy this guy will imagine, I collected the testimonies of seven chicks he harassed and the one of the banker who says it was shit these charges and I reunited everything in a folder. I also have the messages he sends to my friends on FB. For defamation I can fuck him when I want.

I also kept a copy of the comments in which he insulted me and called me a psychopath and everything. Public name calling is also a crime.

Unable to do anything, he gave my number to one of his friends from Paris who enjoys signaling my FB accounts (so they are blocked but it does not work because I have validated with an identity card). A big weirdo who also harassed 6ft (the metallers makes a one itis on her like on every chicks that have given him a little of attention for example they tag her on FB saying that she’s a slut who takes coke or they ring at her door at night). In short, I do not understand why Padawan leaves his buddy do that … I think it’s shameful … certainly we decided to put distance between us but that’s not a reason to become a stupid asshole!

The guy I do not know, the poet of Paris, is really the dumbest and the most full hate. He says shit and insults me, but with his phone number. I just screened that and certified that to the police. This is when the policeman wanted to call them both to calm down before possibly complain. He did it: The metallers returned his brain by victimizing … so I had to call myself to put things right. I recorded everything. It was ridiculous, he denies but any behaviorist can see that he is guilty by his way of speaking and playing with words “I do not harasses I troll ahlala you do not understand humor.” At the end I said “ohhh you’re actually envious because you’d like to fuck chicks like the banker.” He has no clitoris, but then he hung up without answering so I hit a nerve! The envy it’s when you’re not jealous of a millionaire on TV but you’re jealous of your friend who has earned a lot of money and you’ll do anything to spoil his pleasure instead of working on yourself to do the same. It’s hard to be a PUA !

In short, the policeman told me that I can sue them for malicious calls whenever I want. I keep it under wraps: I’m gonna see if they calm down now… if not I’m gonna be forced to make my move. I would take no pleasure but hey, we cannot always turn the other cheek. But I leave them a chance.

Meanwhile I read the old FB conversations with the Metallers and I kept the best extracts, especially where he says he enjoys my blog but do not assume. Where he says that the chicks are all stupid and all the guys rednecks except him. It says he is ready for anything even to betray his friends for a girl (he always try to pick up the chicks of his friends). It is full of contradictions, he changes his mind all the time, speaks badly of everyone. He is so megalomaniac that I thought he was joking: he calls himself “a genius who will save humanity with his thesis.” In seduction, he does like me, using my techniques just like the poke but never one single “thank you” … instead I have threats and insults by email. With him everything is always better elsewhere, the society is rotten, everyone is idiot (except him of course) but he still lives in Aix. He claims to be a higher intelligence, gives lessons to everyone but is unable to finish his thesis and has never measured his IQ. He says he is autistic / psycho / evil manipulator. He acknowledged that he regularly have unhealthy obsessions about girls: 4 at least have wanted to file a complaint against him … and several of his friends turned away from him “because they were crazy“. But of course when you listen, it’s always the others who have a problem, who have lost their mind. He even admits having printed naked photos that his ex had sent to him and putting it into her school: it’s nasty! Before, I trusted him because he was a friend of Padawan … but now I see through his game. With this document I can discredit him in the eyes of any judge.

Finally, he is lucky I work to become a Buddhist to calm my anxiety attacks either I would have retaliated against him a long time ago. Moreover, finally, I recommend some books to help you if you also have nerve problems. Or at least to better manage this damn thing. Here are those who have helped me most:
– CURE stress, anxiety and depression without medication or psychoanalysis by David Servan-Schreiber
– Healing your Inner Child by Moussa Nabati
– Done with anxiety attacks by Shirley Trickett
– The great epic of Uncle Scrooge
– Praise of lucidity by Ilios Kotsou
– The Monk and the Philosopher by Mathieu Ricard and Jean-François Revel
– Buddha’s Brain by Rick Hanson and Rick Mendius
– The strength of the emotions by Christophe André and François Lelord
– Meditate daily by Christophe André
– Small intellectual self-defense courses by Normand Baillargeon
– The Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman
– Sebastien’s blog “Towards a serene life”

Several days after the gala, I received this message from a girl to whom I spoke quickly. She came to me and told me that the photographer of the party was very good (although she did not assume to have recognized me from my blog) and I answered “yes the photographer has a big tool that helps” . She did not answer, had turned on her heel and left. But a few days later I received this shit on FB:
– At the gala of my college, I met someone with extremely dirty mind. It reminded me you so much it was dirty, until someone told me that I was right and that it was you. Like what emoticon wink
– Who spilled the beans?
– A source. You know, he has many friends Yellow Laughter. I don’t regret that night, to have turned around without even apologizing because I was so moved

– He has too many friends who are girls to be honest. You regret a little either you’d not spend energy writing to me
– And without blogging, he is quite good Yellow Laugher [it’s easy to have girls who are friends when you fuck no one]. No lol. I’ll just want to tell you that you are such a monster by message. The world is too small sometimes. Good night
– This is your opinion. If I was interested I could question myself.
[And then she blocked me! They are people who too much take themselves to for center of the world!]

I saved the best for the end: I have fucked a chick of the garden party. Not the ugliest btw (she was cute but a bit short), but not the hottest either (sorry but I saw awesome beauties there).

I contacted a lot of girls after the party. Many have not answered. She, she asked me “how did you find me on FB
– Hot!
– No, but how did you get my name
“I typed her name and did scroll through the list, hoping we have friends in common… but I would never tell her that. Jokes aside, she was already feverish but had a boyfriend. Therefore I invited her over two days later, one afternoon, under false pretense like would have done an AFC who assumes nothing (to speak of “anxiety attacks” because she makes some too) and after that we finally fucked once. I guess she already knew what awaited her by coming, otherwise she would not have come, she just needed an excuse to cheat on her dude. There was not much resistance during my physical escalation. She was tense but passive.

Like what, I managed to turn those fucking anxiety attacks to my advantage! Finally! Encore une victoire de Canard! I hope she does not feel too guilty because it would spoil the orgasm that my naughty tongue gave her (the relaxation has been difficult so it took a while).

One last revelation before leaving you:
– Titi, why do you or Jojo never like my articles on FB?
– Simple
Because we don’t assume being players in public
– Nevertheless it is a subject that interests people and the girls like that we try to improve
– Yeah it is a reflection we can to have
if you upload a new version of the diary of Cajun, I will like it
– Yeah but 99 % of the guys think like you, it is annoying because it doesn’t allow me to develop on the social networks
– We are still too far in the game to be able to assume
in any case, me

May the God of the Game help you to relax and live a peaceful life while banging beautiful babes!

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