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Well, we should fuck together to celebrate!

September 24th 2015,

In order to have a facebook account a little more credible in Lyon, I decided to add few people each day, meticulously chosen randomly. Yesterday I attacked an event for an Erasmus party.

As an answer, instead of the usual « do we know each other? » or « who r u? » (for which I have prepared a ready-made answer) I have, for once, received the following message from a polite and cute Polish: “Hi, how are you? :)” With the smileys and everything. Seriously. Fuck, I have a theory on smileys: when a conversation begins like this, it’s that the girl is adorable, open-minded and wants to blow my dick!

I answered that I was fine. It was a lie… because I am suffering a kind of fucking bronchitis for a few days: it burns me in the chest and I spit mucus out. But hey, it’s a hard sell, so I’d rather say I’m OK.

Meanwhile she liked all my photos like a little crazy little girl under ecstacy. I asked her what she had done today (she went to her psycho class and worked online in the evening to earn money in Poland) and she asked me the same question: “I went to work too, then acupuncture and there I’m just back home… and I’m picking you up!
– you are crazy in positive way 🙂
– luckily I speak English to understand you. I have holes in my arms to testify to my acupuncture session… I’ll show you, one of these days
– OK it may be interesting
– Where do you live in Lyon?”

Turning point : she replied that she lives at one metro stop from me. She told me she thought she would need five to eight minutes to come to my place. I dared to say (a little bit by consciousness but I wished a little she did not come because I was tired) “great, since I’m going to take a shower and you’re next to me, why you would not come and take it with me?
– Today ??!
– I do not know, why not ?! It is spontaneous.
– Not today I have to work »

I negotiated that she could come and go back to work after but she did not want to. What a serious girl ! She made promises for Saturday night instead (which only bind those who listen to them like those of my boss): “Forgive me but when we meet on Saturday we do a lot of spontaneous things I promise
– I did not understand, are you coming tonight? Do I wait for you to shower?
– No I stay at my apartment
– come on stay one hour here, it would be soooo cool, so spontaneous, you can work then… I have to wake up early tomorrow too
– Ok I will for 30 minutes on you. What is your address? Or phone number?”

It seemed a bit too easy even though she still asked me to pick her up at the exit of the metro station (because she has only arrived in France for 5 days and does not know the city). I went there, leaving my wallet at home, we never know. A lot of things were turning in my head. I wondered for example if it would not be a trap and if 4 Slovaks were not going to fall on me ??! Then I said to myself she maybe feared the same. And that there were perhaps objectively more risks for her than for me… so I hailed her spirit of adventure and I assumed totally.

Finally showed her teeth, a nana really not bad, hot, tall: one head taller than me, at least! Fine and muscular. As I often say, nerves pays off! Even more embarrassed than me, she laughed all the time. She spoke an approximate English and a little bit of French, so we managed to communicate lightly and amusingly but it was difficult: I no longer counted the times when she answered my questions in a bad way. I did not really say much, so I made her talk, but she told me at one point “your English is very good”… it made me laugh. That is the power of active listening !!!

I then took her home as agreed but she asked me in the elevator what we were going to do. I took a surprised face and replied like if it was obvious “well, we’re going to take a shower, right?
– ahhhh I thought it was a joke. I cannot I have my periods. Can we sit down and discuss, maybe?
– OK, do you want a glass of water?
– Yes. »
I took her hand to guide her to the sofa. She tighten my hand, good point.

I learned during this constructive conversation that she is 21 years old and is a yoga teacher in Poland… so she taught me the sun salution. Then she looked a little at my books and especially liked those related to meditation, Buddhism, etc. She also liked my books on psychology: she told me she is a great manipulator, the demon personified… I replied that I am just a nice communicant. I thus stopped this unhealthy thing she tried to start. Funny thing, we have the same astrological sign: she was born on February 16th and me on the 17th! “Well, we should fuck together to celebrate!”

Throughout the interaction, I did not lose my objective of sight, I did not let it go, I told her that I was a French… so she should not be angry with me for being very sexual. She replied that she never did anything with her period. I insisted, she said “you’re a real man” with stars full her eyes. There, I knew it was won: she resisted but she liked it. Chicks often do that !!! So I read the language of their bodies which communicates better their desires than their words. And then: I put the pressure! We kissed just after that. With the tongue. She also took my fingers to put them in her mouth and mimed a fucking hot blowjob. She was unleashed. So I logically fiddled and licked her breasts… in the beginning she pushed my hand away and then began to moan saying that it is the part of her body she prefers. Must say that they are pretty big and firm and that her pink nipples are pretty. Then, when she was a little more excited, the master stroke: I took out my cock and she gave me a handjob. I passed my hand at the same time on her panties and made inappropriate comments like “you’re all wet
– I’m wondering why
– not my fault anyway, you probably imagine things…
– yes that’s it”
(approximative dialogue : my memory was cut when I ejaculated.)

What worked well is to alternate the hot and the cold: I acted like a fucking sex predator but I calmed her down by my words : I told her we were just friends, that I did not see what she was talking about when she said she thought I was taking too much initiatives. The emotions being contagious: if it seemed normal to me to do so, I hoped that it would positively influence her. That was the plan! As explained in The (inconvenient) truth about gender relations. And it worked, holly shit!

Then I told her I could make her come without penetrating her, only with my tongue. It was a bit like a challenge. She did not let me try because it disgusted her to do that with her river flowing red, but by persistence, I could play with her clit with my fingertip. She Frenchkissed me during this time and finally begged me to finger her. Well, she really had her period seen in what condition my fingers came out from there. She’s not a liar, it’s a good thing!

After we talked a little. She wants us to meet up again to totally have sex. I don’t know. I walked her to the metro as she kindly asked me. This is the proof that I am a gentleman and not an asshole.

Finally quiet, around 1am, I watched the replay of Castle drinking a honey/lemon tea and I fell asleep like an international fucker.

This afternoon, I skyped with my parents: I learned that my brother, this dirty sucker, has given news to my parents. His wife, this obese formless slutty, did not go back to work after her maternity leave (we suspected that she would do that) so they have no money anymore… then they talk to my parents whom they have send to Hell like shits one year ago saying that the old ones do not serve any more (after having all the same even cheerfully asked them €8000)… normal! Then, now, they want to sell this fucking house, the one they were told not to buy, for which I spent several days last winter retaping it with my father: it remains a ruin that collapses… and there are plenty of vices hidden everywhere. Anyway, we were right on most things and this consanguine eyes closer who is my half-brother is just realizing it. But with me, he was such an asshole that if he wants me to forgive him, he’ll have to make some big effort. My father will eat with him tomorrow but I don’t buy his shit, me… I want to be a Buddhist, but there are limits! I’m keeping a close watch.

But I have a lot of other worries like my dilemma between sending my boss to Hell and finding another job because he is a big liar, a bastard, a slave-driver or playing the good little soldier and just saying “yes” while doing what I want. In any case, all my nice colleagues are pissed off and  want to leave, it’s a total shit here. I’m not sure it’s livable in the long run…

May the God of the Game help us !

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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