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Indicators that show a girl is interested

Indicators that show a girl is interested

Indicators that show a girl is interestedIn the community of seduction, a sign of interest is called IOI (indicator of interest).

A woman (just like a man) can send you a sign of interest voluntarily to encourage you to pick her up and show you that she wants you… but one does not always control his body nor his emotions, so she can also send IOI unintentionally (usually it’s involuntary when they are signs of nervousness and excitement) and thus reveal her emotional state.

In addition, an IOI can be verbal or non-verbal… In other words, a sign of interest can be a gesture or a word.


There are an endless list of signs of interest that can be interpreted differently depending on the context. That’s why, Mystery (a famous PUA) advises waiting until you have detected three signs of interest before trying a kissclose.

But be careful, waiting for signs of interest before you take initiatives can make you lose girls, especially if you are a beginner who does not really trust his judgment (a girl usually gets bored sending IOI after a while if the guy does not act and loses her attraction for him).

Moreover, some girls do not even know how to make a signal and/or are conditioned to wait for the man to do all the work. With this kind of girl, you will never have any sign of interest: the signs of interest are therefore a security that one can not always afford. So, know that basically, a sign of interest can simply be the absence of disinterest: if the girl does not grasp any excuse to leave (eg “joining her friends”), it is already very well !

You can nevertheless have fun provoking signs of interest (or disinterest) thanks to the compliance test (see my video on the subject). However, basically, the only sign of interest you really need is that she stays with you when you take initiatives. If she was not yet convinced by your strengths, being straightforward can raise the temperature up a notch and create the rest of the attraction. Otherwise, chances are it would not work anyway.


The main verbal signs of interest:

*She compliments you a little on everything and anything

*She’s involved in conversation, enthusiastic

*She laughs at your jokes/comments, even when it’s bad

*She seems to force herself to say that she appreciates the same things you do

*She lists what you could do together in the future, she tests your availability. Technique: you can also test and casually evoke another date to see her reaction and if she likes the idea

*She asks you personal questions

*She feeds the conversation. Technique: after a while, you can let the conversation die to see if it will try to fill the void

*She talks about your potential girlfriend (in order to know if you actually have one) and/or shows her affectivo-sexual availability

*She asks you for your Facebook, your phone number or proposes to see her again (this is a big IOI)

*She tries to impress you in a domain where she feels that you understand her, she seeks your validation in general

*She teases you (see if there are other IOI to confirm)

*She acts like a child (sulk, laughs at everything and nothing)

*If you are in a group, her attention is focused on you

* She whispers with her friends by looking at you (in association with other IOI)


The main non-verbal signs of interest:

*She touches you when she speaks. And sometimes, when she touches you, she lets her hand on you a little more than necessary. You can touch her and she is not afraid of the proximity

*She caresses your hand or answers by doing the same thing when you caress her

*She clears her face by passing her hand through her hair or she plays with/eats her hair (see if there are other IOI to confirm)

*Her body is oriented towards you

*She looks you in the eyes (and maintains the eye contact)

*She touches her face or neck in a somewhat sensual way by looking at you

*She synchronizes with you. She copies you in terms of: posture, volume and flow of speech, breathing, laughing…

*She plays with a phallic object between her fingers

*She smiles at you, a real smile

*Her pupils widen when she looks at you in the eyes

*She shows her wrist(s), caressing one or her bracelet

*She moistens her lips, shows her tongue or passes it on her lips or her teeth

*She prepares and dresses well to show herself at her best when she comes to see you


Some indicators of disinterest:

*She does not feed the conversation (closed answers, very short, in a single word)

*Her arms are crossed in front of her chest, her legs are crossed on the ankles (the opening of her body is, on the contrary, generally a sign of interest)

*When you turn to her, she leans back (moves away from you)

*She does not put her assets in value (especially her chest)

*She never glances at you

*She looks at the time and pretext that she should not leave too late (but this may be true so always check if there are others IOI or not)



Learn the different signs of interest and then forget about them. You do not have to spend your life counting IOI, especially as it is not an exact science but rather an indicator (so it’s more comfort than a trigger in my opinion). Anyway, a bit of behavioralism can not hurt a player. You must ultimately learn to feel instinctively when a girl is interested (your brain will have assimilated the IOI and will process this data automatically).

When in doubt, always prefer to try your luck rather than listening to your inner voice that would tell you to stay in your comfort zone. Because even a failure makes us grow.

Come on, give the girls a little fun, sell them some dream if you have received a lot of IOI. If you are flooded with IOI, lay them against a wall to kiss them wildly! 😉

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