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How and why do women interpret body language ?

Why women are naturally better than men at reading body language

Babies don’t have words to communicate. So, women have to understand through the tone of  baby cries (if they want to eat, to be consoled or a spanking). Of this skill depends the survival of the humanity. This is one of the main reasons why women are better than men at reading body language.

The world is different for women

A lot of guys will never understand how do the world is for women. But it is important to see through their eyes if you want to really understand them and be able to effectively communicate with women…

For example, we are physically bigger than them. Did you ever realize how this is intimidating ? How about if you don’t understand your touch ? I know a guy who broke the pelvis of a girl by fucking her too hard. This is a reason why they want a man in control. Furthermore, an increase of pregnancy for women exists (condoms are not infallible). This is why, concerning lovers, they have to be very selective. Fortunately for most of us, it is based on alpha characteristics and not really on our physical appearance (you do not need to be as hot as Ian Somerhalder to reproduce).

If you now know that you can lie about your confidence and most of those “attractive characteristics” : women know it too ! It is therefore essential for a women to read what is really going on in your mind. This is the reason why you can get rejected before you open your mouth. This is also the reason why shit tests exist.

Shit tests

A shit test is what a girl throws your way to see how you handle it. Fail and you’re no longer a sexual option, pass and it improves your high status. In other words, you go in with outer game, they throw it in your face to see if your inner game handle it when caught off (that is to say, if your behaviour is consistent with what you think). We will develop this topic later.

The first impression is almost decisive in dating

Women scan people in the room and the first impression is almost decisive.  All this rapid cognition thing is working against you… or in your favour if you have a good body language. Very quickly, women say if they have good or bad emotions to you (and you do more or less consciously the same thing). When it comes to attractiveness : nice guys, needy guys, boring guys, awkward guys and low status guys are gonna be rejected mercilessly by hot and smart women.  Indeed, if they feel uncomfortable in your presence, or if you bore them, or if they are ashamed to be seen with you, they will push you away ! And it is true even if you are cuter than her, because that’s not the issue. Moreover, why would you approach a girl with lower value than you if you were a strong and confident man? It is a vicious circle : a work on yourself upstream must be done to improve your dating life on the length-term.

Body language can do, at least, half work for you

With women, a good body language can, at least, do half work for you. That makes a huge difference. Working on your body language is, therefore, the best way to start with the average. And the first thing to do is to avoid common signals of fear, neediness, boredom and awkwardness (like the speed of movements)…  It kills most of woman’s attraction for you ! 

How and why do women interpret body language ?

Basic rule : before learning how to create sexual tension, you have to learn how to do not break this tension between you and a woman (sometimes, women are  naturally attracted… even before you try to pick them up.)
The main ways to eradicate any attraction is to feel (or to show that you feel) :
– needy ;
– insecure about yourself ;
– weak ;
– desperate ;
– clingy ;
– like a man who always seeks approval ;
– like a man who begs her sexual favours.

A good idea to improve your dating life is working on projecting sexuality without saying anything at all about it. Using your body language, not your mouth, you can turn her on… without making her feel that she needs to show you how strong her bitchshield is.

We will talk about all this in details latter ! And a lot of other stuff… the best is coming !

Extract from : How to sublimate your body language

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