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Phone game

The bridge between virtual and reality

In most of relationship books, you’ll read all sorts of ridiculous rules like “don’t call for three days” or “don’t send text messages”, etc. As an alpha male, you move through life doing whatever you want and not playing stupid games. So, call or text when you want to.

Call sooner rather than later

In practise, it’s often better to call SOONER rather than LATER. Call her that same night or the next day if you want to. That way, you and your conversation with her are still fresh in her mind. If you wait a long time, she will forget you. That’s the only risk.

There are some basics rules

When you call, you need to sound confident and comfortable with who you are. Remember, you are not imposing on her but instead giving her the honour and privilege of talking with you. Every person is different, there are thus no other numerous rules applicable to everybody.

One method to relax and not thinking too much about the stake in the conversation is to do some other activities while you’re on the phone. Maybe eat something. Or call her while you’re walking your dog. If you’re sitting by yourself in your house doing nothing, you will too much go into self-analyzing.

No message

Not leaving a message will add to your air of mystery. Most dating advice books tell you to hurry get off the phone. In my opinion, they are wrong. Unless you genuinely are in a hurry, don’t feel like you have to follow such rules. You’ve became an alpha, remember ? You’re done following the rules. Continue your relaxed frame as an alpha male and try to turn her on. You’re calling because you want to chat, not because you’re desperate to go on a date and think you have to pretend that you’re busy to get laid. Pff.

Be genuine

When you call a girl, forget your routines and stories. It would not sound natural. But you can talk about her life… and about your life (NOT IN BORING WAY). If she has to go, do not insist… you are not needy. Resume the conversation in the most natural way from the point at which you stopped the last time. Put her back in this good state of mind. Make her live emotions. (Re)build a rapport ! In brief, everything we have developed in the chapter about your voice (do not be monotonous, etc.)

Do not talk about what you talk when you are nervous. Do not ask her what she was doing before you called, nor how was her day at work, do not remind her where she met you (this is so beta and boring). Do not at all cost try to build rapport. Do like if rapport already existed. Relax and have a  good interaction. If she is AGAIN interested in you at the phone, bravo, having a date will be very easy for you. She will maybe propose herself.

Suggest a date which allows her to drop her defences about having sex on that first date

If you think she will flake you or if she gives you a string of negative answers, don’t worry about it. Just take a few minutes to try to change her mind. You have nothing to lose, but stay alpha. To finish, if you make love to a women on the phone, you are very likely to make her love when you will meet her. Keep it in mind !

Extract from : How to sublimate your body language

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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