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Subconscious women attraction signals

Indicators of interest

When you will have a practice, you will instinctively know how to feel when a girl is interested. You know, the “feeling” is nothing else than the fact that our unconscious deciphers the physical language of the person in front of us.

I quickly warn you because this story of signs of interest is a little bit double-edged. Waiting for signs of interest before approaching or kissing can make you lose some girls, especially if you are a beginner who does not enough trust his judgment. Mystery advises to wait to have detected three signs of interest before trying to pick up a girl. In my opinion, the only sign of interest you really need, it is that she stays when you take initiatives. Being sexually aggressive will make her feel excited and create the rest of the attraction. Furthermore, with certain girls who do not even know how to emit a signal or who are conditioned to wait that the man makes all the work, you will have no sign of interest : signs of interest are only a luxury (or rather a safety).

– She compliments you on everything and anything (say “thank you”) ;
– She looks nervous (shivers) ;
– She teases you (she is a player) ;
– It looks like she forces to say that she appreciates the same things than you do (approval) ;
– She enumerates what you could make together in the future (remain a player) ;
– Crossed legs, if the foot which is in the air is pointed towards you, you have her attention ;
– She feeds the conversation when it gets out of breath (or when you stop it voluntarily, haha) ;
– She touches her face (she thinks of something) and looks at you (she thinks of you) ;
– She looks at you in eyes (and supports your look) ;
– She is mirroring you (follows the alpha male): posture, volume and flow of words, breath, laughter… ;
– She fiddles with a phallic object between her fingers (naughty girl) ;
– She moves her head (observe her hair) ;
– She removes her shoes (does she want to get totally naked?);
– She touches her shoulder and her neck in a sensual way ;
– She plays with her hair (or eat it) ;
– A real smile, a regular increase of eyebrows, hard nipples ;
– Face relaxed in your presence (but the nervousness can be a good thing too) ;
– Her pupils get bigger when she looks at you in the eyes ;
– Even if there are other people all around, her attention is focused on you;
– She touches you when she speaks (arm, foot) ;
– She laughs at your jokes / comments ;
– She takes out her tongue and show it by touching her teeth or by licking her lips;
– Her body is in your direction, she straighten up, arm in extension and breasts forward;
– The palms of her hands are turned to you (she feels at ease) ;
– She rubs her wrist (valid if she has a bracelet) ;
– She blushes (sexual excitement?) ;
– She touches the lobe of her ear (valid if she wears earrings) ;
– She asks deep personal questions (not “where do you come from ?” but rather “what are your passions?”) ;
– She speaks enthusiastically;
– Her voice falls of one or two tones;
– She puts back well in place her top (in her bottom) ;
– She tries to impress you in a domain where she feels that you understand her ;
– She is not afraid by the proximity (hand);
– She shows her armpits (she is fine with you) ;
– She acts like a kid (sulk, laughs at everything and nothing) ;
– She makes the false shy person (looks at you then below and away) ;
– She whispers with her friends by looking at you, etc.

Idea : when you approach two girls, put one hand on the shoulder of each girl, and pay attention to their micromovements. You will see which one is the most receptive to your charm, which one wants to leave, etc.

Indicators of disinterest :

– Soft handshake ;
– Avoid your eye contact, especially when you speak (looks far away) ;
– Do not feed the conversation (closed, very short answers, in a single word) ;
– Her arms are crossed in front of her breast / Her legs are crossed on ankles;
– Scratch her nose often (not comfortable, blood influx) ;
– When you turn to her, she bends behind (goes away from you) ;
– She is not enthusiastic (her tone is neutral) / Her face is neutral when you speak;
– She does not emphasize her assets (in particular her boobs) ;
– Do not change position ;
– Never glances at you, etc.

Extract from : How to sublimate your body language

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