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Use affirmations to become more confident

I’ve written this list of affirmations so that you become soaked with confidence. Not only read it… but feel it every day until you notice a change in your behaviours.

What not to do :

□ I do not have to try to seek the approval nor the validation of others
□ I do not have to compare myself with other men
□ I do not have to complain
□ I do not have to lose my cool
□ I do not have to show any jealousy nor to be possessive
□ I do not have to show of personal insecurity nor to show any lack of confidence
□ I do not have to express my sexual desire too seriously
□ I do not have to give a woman exactly what she wants
□ I do not have to brag, to put myself down, nor to put the others down
□ I do not have to may, I remain cool and do not take offence for nothing
□ I do not constantly have to self-control (do not become passive-aggressive)
□ I do not too much have to worry about the thoughts, about the feelings or about the statements of a woman
□ I do not have to behave as somebody soft or weak
□ I do not have to seek approval nor act like if I was in lack of affection
□ I do not have to check out every attractive girls
□ I do not have to hide when I’m bored
□ I do not have to be a fighter
□ I do not have to hesitate
□ I do not have to look anxious nor to look worried
□ I don’t have to smile excessively
□ I do not have to become limp, I keep head up
□ I do not have to feel the need to expose my intelligence
□ I do not have to play the games of women
□ I do not have to be available for a woman if I have already planned something else or better
□ I do not too much have to be in a hurry to answer my phone as well as my e-mails
□ I do not have to be vulgar nor to be disgusting
□ I do not have to quarrel nor to offend a woman
□ I do not have to give some explanation nor to justify myself
□ I do not have to return the conversation to me ceaselessly
□ I have to wait for no more than 20 minutes, nor to accept more than 2 flakes
□ I do not have to fully dedicate myself to a woman, I always step back
□ I do not have to tolerate the dishonesty, the immaturity nor the obesity
□ I do not have to apologize when there is no reason
□ I do not have to do things the hard way when there is an easy way, I assume
□ I don’t have to wear dirty clothes
□ I do not have to be dirty, on the contrary, I am clean
□ I do not have to be at the disposal of people immediately

What to do :

□ I always look confident, my happiness comes only from myself
□ I am discreet on my relations and on my sexual life
□ I go towards the others, I am sociable
□ I give my approval without expecting from it in return
□ I reward good behaviors and do not encourage bad behaviours
□ I know what I want and I am active and dynamic in the search of what I want
□ I am a player, I joke and tease by taking a malignant air
□ I am precise and concise
□ I am optimistic and look on the bright side, I adopt the positive thought
□ I am sincere with myself
□ I am polite, I do not order with an authoritarian look on my face
□ I look casual because I am at ease with myself and in a good mood
□ I watch my body language : I occupy the space, I am opened and vulnerable
□ I dare to interrupt
□ I say “thank you” to answer a compliment
□ I remain unavailable if the obtained profit is lower than what it would be necessary to me to support
□ I am ambitious, in particular in the financial domain
□ I look for the total satisfaction of my partner
□ I am talkative in a group
□ I am funny and spiritual but not clown nor an entertainment
□ I always start with the principle that I’m appreciated
□ I feel free to touch other people
□ With me, nothing is beforehand won (I am challenge)
□ It is me who decide of my life, I do that I want
□ Nothing affects my reality
□ The sex is not really important, it is part of my lifestyle
□ I enough speak loudly, I am not monotonous
□ I control the progress of the exchange
□ I respect myself and I am selective
□ I am remarkable: unique and personal style, I dare suits and look for accessories
□ I can leave at any time, I am independent
□ I know what I can tolerate, I clarify the limits
□ I am relaxed, cool, and it is true in any circumstances
□ My responsibility is the sex, not the daily relation
□ I take initiatives and persist
□ I manage the fear of the rejection, I have nothing to prove to the others
□ I get dressed as if I had just made love to a woman, except for suits
□ I am a leader, it is me who take the control
□ I laugh at what the others think of me and what women say (tests)
□ I forget the errors after having learned the lessons
□ My locus interns > locus extern, the outer elements have no taking on me
□ I am the prize, I have a high respect of me and I believe in my own success
□ I am confident because ” I am like that “, I live in my own reality
□ I want a woman who loves me, who loves life and who takes care of her (and of me)
□ I write without spelling mistake
□ I am not easily influenced : I think by myself and I have my own convictions

The affirmations :

□ I feel at ease
□ I feel confident
□ I am a dominant
□ I like talking with girls
□ I am an ideal lover for the women
□ I am optimistic
□ I have an aura of confidence
□ I am elegant
□ I am stylish
□ I am very proud
□ I am satisfied with me
□ I like myself
□ I am quiet (relaxed, in control)
□ I move my body slowly (head and hands because I am a dominant)
□ I am relaxed and opened
□ I am someone very sexual and women notice it
□ I am a sex god
□ I am brilliant, awesome
□ I am very very confident
□ I have a great fulfilling life
□ I feel at ease to talk to people
□ I occupy the space because I am really confident
□ I am quiet when I enter the intimate space of someone
□ I touch people when I talk to them
□ I am naturally a leader
□ My face is relaxed in any circumstances
□ I am a challenge because I expect a lot from girls
□ I am really interesting
□ I am unpredictable
□ I am like a Greek god : very beautiful and very virile
□ When I talk to people, I gain their trust
□ I am strong and powerful like a champion
□ I am attractive and a sex god in the bed thus women are excited by my natural presence
□ I persist until her bed or until being clearly rejected
□ I like rejections because they translate the fact that I tried
□ I love adventure
□ I do not need the approval of others
□ I improve myself every day
□ I am in a very good mood
□ I don’t care about what people think
□ I am a winner
□ I have a lot of assurance
□ I am very naughty
□ I am an opportunity for women
□ I am a dream lover
□ I am focused on positive feelings
□ I am very funny and very interesting
□ I am a very sexual person
□ I am satisfied and relaxed
□ Women want me but that’s now really important, after all
□ I have A LOT of women in my life
□ I am extrovert
□ Everything goes well
□ I have great hair
□ I open attractive girls everywhere
□ I am happy
□ I have an easy life, I am cool, yeahhhh !!!
□ I am relaxed in society
□ I do not have to feel threatened by other men
□ I am not jealous because I am confident
□ I am satisfied with me
□ I am optimistic thus I can do what I want in my life and make it a success
□ I improve myself again and again
□ I have no limit, I will be even more successful than in my craziest dreams
□ I am sure that it will work
□ I am sexy
□ I want to make love to beautiful women
□ I approach girls
□ I control my life
□ I laugh at what people think about me
□ I walk like a model
□ I am incredibly satisfied with me
□ I actively try to make love
□ I look for the total satisfaction of my partner(s)
□ I am not a premature ejaculator
□ I like giving
□ I only remember positive things
□ I make assured and powerful movements
□ I am active
□ I am one of the potential best lover in the planet and I know it
□ I don’t give a shit and I dare to approach women

To be continued…

Extract from : How to sublimate your body language

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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