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Body language is the most important concept in dating science

How seduction, communication and body language are related

First of all, I remind you that seducing is the action of communicating some excitement, some desire or some attraction to a target… Now, James Borg states that human communication consists of 93% body language, while only 7% of communication consists of words themselves. This is why body language is the most important concept in dating science. QED !

Your body in seduction is like a rocker’s guitar in a concert

Your body is like the guitar of a rock star : when you try to communicate with somebody, it’s like if you were playing a song… You make people feel emotions. Of course, if your song is successful, a lot of people (including women and gay men) will be interested in it…

Now, what makes a hit song ?
– The quality of your instrument ? That is to say “your look” (awesome metaphor) ?

Honestly, it can be a factor. If Katy Perry was not so hot, I would probably not be interested either in her music or in her clips!
– The lyrics (the words in your mouth) ? This also have correlation but… you know, a lot of successful songs have horrible lyrics. Seriously, did you ever listen Blurred Lines ?

So, what is the most determining factor ? Quite simply… the music. Body language is your music. Learn how to make a great melody and you will become impossible to resist. This is why, in seduction, body language is the key. Thanks to it, me who is rather small, seduced tall girls (until 6ft1) and very beautiful (even a candidate for Miss France pageant.) This is why I’m sitting down here writing this ebook about the science of movement (I think it’s my duty to share my research and experience).

What you will find in this ebook

In the next pages, I’m going to show you, explain and demonstrate “the how and the why” it works in all the domains of life (and particularly in seduction, of course). You will find everything you ever needed to improve quickly and efficiently your body language and become as attractive as actors and rock stars. We will work with photos, videos and movies.

So, do you want to learn how to convey sexual energy ?

To begin studying intelligently body language and seduction, we first have to identify exactly what we are talking about…

Extract from : How to sublimate your body language


How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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