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On average, people who have a confident, relaxed and sexual body language are more popular and more successful

You will find in this ebook everything you need to sublimate your body language. You will also learn how to become more attractive, more confident, more relax (Zen) and more sexual (you will act like an alpha IE thanks to your attitude women will start seeing you as a gorgeous man even if you are not that gorgeous).

As a consequence, you will naturally become more interesting… at all levels : with women of course, but you will also appear more competent and essential at your workplace as well as in other numerous fields of daily life… So, all other equivalent criteria besides, by adopting the body language described in this book, you will become much more successful. Indeed, on average, people who have a confident, relaxed and sexual body language are more popular and more successful.

I tested and approved each information which appears in this ebook. And, moreover, my work is based on serious scientific researches. Nevertheless, you have to know that, when we speak about human and interpersonal communication, nothing is universal. Indeed, everyone has different expectations which vary according to experience of life, education, etc. The game (the science of seduction) is logically based on statistics : it is impossible to be sure to get a precise girl. But, just like it is possible to increase your chances to attract by adopting the behaviours which seduce most girls, it is possible to be sure to seduce a woman in a sample. So, if tomorrow I want to make love to a lovely blonde of 110lbs for 5ft7, I just have to increase my capital seduction (for example, by sublimating your body language – I will teach you how to do so in this book) and to approach enough blondes to be sure to seduce one.

Let us be realistic, statistically, some rakes are inevitable (even if current gurus try to persuade you otherwise by only sharing their successes) : we only can increase the number of girls approached and the probability to seduce. We can even say that it is the interest of the Game because it makes the science of seduction addicting, fascinating and full of surprises. Of course, we will talk about all this throughout the book.

Extract from : How to sublimate your body language

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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