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Online dating

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Awesome girls can be met online

Some girls on the Internet have a lot of issues but awesome girls can be met through online dating.

You do not take online dating seriously

The first mistake you have to avoid is the reason why you are doing online dating… You are not taking it seriously. You do not need online dating. It is a kind of joke.


Pictures are really important. Your appearance and who you are (lifestyle). The first picture is the most important. “hmm this guy looks interesting I’m gonna click on him”.


“Who is this character ? I will click on him.” It’s the packaging of your product. Then, she comes into your world.

He is good wih women

She will discover a little bit of your personal, of your lifestyle. You have to show that you are not one of this losers who have invaded online dating. “He is not a nerd, he is good with women.” You don’t want any picture in which you are on a girl… but pictures where girls are hitting on you. By the way, don’t kiss any girl on your pictures. Jealousy is a good thing only if it is imagined.

Some women will be interested enough to message you

The best is when you do not have to do anything. Women who are interested enough can message you (YES IN ONLINE DATING WOMEN CAN TAKE THE FIRST STEP). Here, your work is not to be set apart from the others, just to do not make her lose her interest in you.

Write a complete sales letter for yourself, using as much text as you can get away with (without spelling mistakes). Remember, women will read your profile because you already have their attention, so they will eagerly read it to the end. Your nickname must be catchy and you text must contain punchlines (you can draw from successful adverts).

Do not answer all the questions in your description. It must be easy for them to ask you something. In others words, give them the opportunity to message you on something.

Seeking for what ? Friends, of course. But, nobody is fooled here.

Like in a interview for a job, make qualities seem like lower values. For example, make the fact that you date models like a lower value by specifying that being cute is not the only thing she has to do to interest you. Very powerful. Remember : they look secretly for the same qualities than their brothers have.

Put your own personality (alpha version) into your description, because if you meet her once, you do not want to have to play a game.

Awkward moments

One of the things women fear the most is awkward moments. You have to communicate that you are comfortable making the first move. Communicate a certain level of confidence, of experience. If she hangs out with you it is gonna be fun, a good moment. No stress.

Low risk and prizing sentences

“I’ll maybe have fun with you, be it will depends on your answer.” With this kind of sentences, you do not take any risk. You stay the price even when you message her.

You will probably have to message the hottest girls

But, I have to tell you, you will probably be messaged by girls but you will have to message most of the girls (they are overwhelmed).

Contact women who visited your profile

Look and contact at the cute women who looked your profile. Usually, they are a little bit attracted. They don’t really feel they needed to contact you but are often OK to talk to you. It’s a kind of “please message me” signal.

First messages

“Hey this WE I want to rob a bank and go to a sunny island, are you in ?”(first message) : role play going on.

“You’re pretty cool, you seem interesting and fun. Give me your Facebook or Skype.” Go to a new media. You want her to realize that you are a real person, not just another guy from online dating.

Try to be funny or witty with most of your answers. Only be serious with a few. Don’t be negative or down on yourself at all. Remember, you’re an advertiser selling a product which is you. It’s a kind of marketing. Seduction is a kind of marketing.

Dating profiles are not the actual representation of what they look like. In any case, ask her Facebook or more recent pictures. It’s not rude !

Your profile

Also, your Facebook profile must be based to make you look awesome. Where is a good source for a lot of the things you can put in there? From the women’s profiles (these experts in seduction) ! Look for some punchlines, and then copy them into your own profile. Sneaky, but effective (we do not have to always reinvent the wheel). How can you know that you have a good profile ? When they send you their phone numbers instead of telling you that they already are in a relationship or that they are lesbians.

An easy way to skip directly to the date

With women you chat with online, try to set up a meeting as quickly as possible. Don’t waste a lot of time with stupid women who don’t want sex. It’s HER loss (you’re a sex god). Keep any phone calls as brief as you’d like, since you don’t get laid on the phone (or, at least, talk about sex in a good way with emotions and turn her on).

You can assume the woman is attracted to you if she agrees to meet with you, because you’ve already been pre-screened by her for appearance and personality (you’ve to look like the man in your pictures). Then, the date is a simple process to get laid, since you’ll be alone with her.

Online dating can be a real opportunity for you, because a lot of guys scorn Internet dating. The good thing is that they won’t compete with you. So, Internet dating is an easy way to meet women and skip directly to the one-on-one date that leads to the lay (choose a good place).

A numbers game

Your online dating experience will be a numbers game. Remember, The Game is something statistical. But, online dating is more industrial than other types of game. Even a man cute like Ian Somerhalder would not meet more than 5% of women online. Test, test, and do more testing! Find what works for you !

To conclude, you have to know that girls on the internet are not reliable (they are not all really here to meet men) : flakes, women only here to be reassured on their power of attraction (or to play the princess) and fake profiles made by men are a common occurrence. Don’t be stupid ! Don’t be blind ! Think by yourself !

Extract from : How to sublimate your body language

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