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It is both a mental and a physical process

Seduction is not logical at all

Before we developed language, we were able to pick up signals from other people through the way they used body language. Today, body language is still the primal way of communicating. It is very instinctive. It is the easiest way to speak without interference to the primal instinctive mind of women. Therefore, it’s not logical at all.

Seduction is communication, communication is body language…

Body language is anything communicating about you… outside of your words (thus your non-verbal communication). It includes posture, presence, expression, voice tone, touching and signals, gesture, movement, your smells… even your fashion and your accessories.

Attraction is not a choice

Did you ever heard this famous sentence : “attraction isn’t a choice” (David De Angelo) ? What does it mean ? It means that attraction is not a logical process. At least, not logical in the sense most of the guys think it should be. I would even say, the truth is that logical things kill emotions (and emotions are priceless in seduction because they are the basis of attraction…)

Yet, emotions are essential for a woman to be sexually receptive to you. If you try to logically talk to women and forget thinking to your body language, you are missing an amazing opportunity to communicate your values, your charm and to deeply connect with her. The morality : do not miss any opportunity to build attraction (and especially not your body language…)

Body language is both a mental and a physical process…

If you are timid or shy, your body will naturally communicate those values which are not really attractive and YOU will become less attractive. The attractive values that you want to communicate (because you want to communicate to women that you are an alpha who has wonderful genes) are rather things like a high status, cockiness, a big cock and even a little bit of arrogance…

Survive and do it doggy style

In the street at night, what happen to your senses ? Your senses are mobilized for recognizing a potential danger and being able to react… Because you’re afraid, you have an awareness of what people are doing around you. For example, if somebody do not reveals his arms when is coming to you, will you trust him ? Or will you prepare a potential defence ? Because we are on earth to survive and reproduce, body language is also a wonderful survival tool… which can make a huge difference in your life (or death).

Another example : if you are talking to someone who is avoiding eye contact with you, what could you legally think ? That this person is not honest, that this girl is uncomfortable with you… By the way, this is obviously not something you want to communicate to a hot and smart girl…

Body language reflects what is going on inside but you can learn control

When you see a beautiful woman, you can become nervous inside, and it is reflected outside. But, if you learn to control yourself and adopt a natural posture even when your heart is beating beating BEATING more and more, you will become way more attractive (and effective with women). Remember : women at ease with themselves look for strong and imperturbable men (girls with problems look for men with problems).

I know, it is very difficult to detach an internal experience from an external experience… but let’s try. Sit comfortably in your chair. Let your arms down… how do you feel in the inside ? Weak ? Crap ? Small ? Adopt now the natural posture (like James Bond). How that makes you feel ? I guess bigger or more powerful…

You know… at least 75% of being successful is believing you can be successful ! Then, think accordingly.

Here is another key : now that you are aware of the importance of body language, you can easily notice what your body is doing and change that… this simple thing can really change your mood !!! Yet, what you convey depends on your state of mind.

It is both a mental and a physical process

If one day, you feel bad or something : you can change your focus. Instead of focusing inside, take points of focus outside around you (remember the three dimensions : forward and back, left and right, top and bottom).

And never forget, if your words are saying one thing and your body something else… the truth is always communicated through the body.

Extract from : How to sublimate your body language

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