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The sexual energy

The sexual aura exists

I do not think that we are just a body. I mean, there is a mental, a physical appearance but I believe that there is at least a third dimension: the energy. And this possible sexual aura increases the attraction of a girl compared with a simple cute physical appearance.

First example, Chuck Bass is the most famous character in the successful TV show Gossip Girl. Nevertheless, he is in competition with two hot guys : Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford) and Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley). However, the actor Ed Westwick has more fans on Facebook than his counterparts who have a more advantageous physical appearance. I quote : “We cannot say that the physical appearance of Ed Westwick is very advantageous but it is his Chuck Bass’ role in Gossip Girl which makes him be considered as a sex symbol.” What turns the girls on with Chuck, except for the fact that he is stinking rich, it is that he has a total sexual freedom. He is very sexual. He is unpredictable and very “hot”: he would be the last one to judge a girl. By his side, in their imagination, they would be free to have fun with impunity and would enjoy life by realizing their fantasies.

Second example, Ian Somerhalder had important roles… but it is by embodying the dark Damon Salvatore in the TV show The Vampire Diaries that he became really famous. We were able to see him in the season 1 of the famous show Lost, but few people noticed him at that time. Furthermore, he supplants his sexy counterparts (they are all handsome in the show) thanks to the attitude of his character. For example, Paul Wesley who embodies Stefan Salvatore has the leading part but is nevertheless less popular. Why ? Damon is much funnier, more exciting, a little bit the same style than Chuck… he has something very sexual too.

Third example: Robert Pattison.

Public : Do you pay attention to your look?

Robert Pattinson : It’s funny. Before Twilight, I never thought about it, then people started judging me and then, that really made me think. And the strangest, it is that before Twilight, I was never casted for the roles of handsome guys ! Nobody found me beautiful and now it is the opposite !

The actor Robert Pattinson, sexy as hell according to Ladies, has not too many illusions on love which carry him his fans. He declares that his fans are not in love with him but with the character of Edward Cullen whom he embodies in the movie Twilight. But he admits that sometimes he would like to think the opposite because he was when he was young not very appreciated by the girls. Source :

In this case too, it is thus the sexual energy, the aura of the character (strong and wild vampire) that makes the girls wet. Then, they are rationalizing by saying “he is so hot”. Got it ?

Then what ?

The girls are not concerned by techniques: they look for a character who pleases them, they don’t care why. They look for the result. So, no matter what you say if it corresponds to an exciting character. It is thus necessary to build up an attractive character. The idea is that at the beginning, you will remodel your current mindset to change it by the one of a pure winner. And then, little by little, your “character” and “real yourself” are going to overlap to give birth to a “better you”. Then, success calling success, it is about a vicious circle.

How to create a sexual aura

* Stay a gentlemen.
*Say “no” : “Can we sit down here ?
– No, let’s sit down rather here”.
* Tease her : “I hate when you say that!
– And well, you would better leave me because I often say it.”
* Control, do not obey without thinking.
* Discuss with a girl about kisses and embraces (in detail). Read sentimental novels and take note of descriptions. Even if it seems stupid to you, the girls adore, thus use it! By discussing with a girl, if you speak about kisses or touches and if you develop details (“I would like to touch your shoulders with the fingertips and to go along your neck”), she is going to start imagining the scene. And because the unconscious has difficulties to make the difference between the imagination and the reality, that should create some desires in her.
* Be “cool” : A cool guy is not overexcited, a cool guy is not affected, a cool guy is not reactive emotionally, a cool guy keeps control of himself…

You act as if you had:
– The (mysterious) confidence
– The (daring) humor
– The spirit (player)
– The charm (heat)
– The control (sophisticated)
– The leadership (volunteer)
– The class (say things in the eyes but with gallantry)
– The style
– The grace
– The comfort
– The composure
– A ceaseless sense of humor
– An insensitivity in the opinions of others

A real man :
– Knows that a girl who has an experience with him will never forget it
– Accepts things without judgment, then try to change them if really it is needed
– Agrees to show his “weapon” without using it
– Doesn’t need to threaten
– Is a pillar of strength, security, protection… in all situations
– Authorizes, encourages and has fun when the others win or shine
– Needs nothing else to be happy
– Gets dressed “cool”
– Is not obsessed by the grammar, likes the modern words, the tendencies
– Has the confidence, the peace, the composure
– Can laugh at himself
– Does not act according to the others
– Is independent and encourages the independence of others
– Says « hey »
– Clarifies the limits as soon as possible!
– Establishes a leadership and especially values of virility!
– Puts borders in a funny way, even when it is really serious!
– Says when he wants or likes something!
– Pushes her away from time to time when she kisses him then kisses her back with more passion!


The best would be that she says to herself “he is not kind in appearance but when we dig a little we discover his lovely personality!” And then she will feel the excitement of the “bad boy” + the stability of the “nice boy”… Good…

According to a study of Whitchurch, Wilson and Gilbert (2011), a woman is more attracted by a man when she is not sure to what extent he likes her. Often A likes B as much as A thinks that B likes her. The women who think that such man like them a lot are more attracted by him than the women thinking that he likes them just averagely. It confirms the principle of reciprocity (you like me, then I like you in return). But the women who do not know to what extent a man likes them (averagely or a lot) are the ones who are the most attracted… it confirms the principle of the pleasure of the uncertainty. You should thus act “hard to get” but she must know that she can have you.


Below, some sources of inspiration to boost your sexual energy:

The bad boy (represent the danger): It is a dangerous person with whom you live sensations. The bad boys are the gangster, the motorcyclist, the rocker… They behave with hardness and are dressed, generally, dirty. They drink, smoke, are tattooed, and show that they are not submitted to the society. Dad would hang himself if she came back home with one! Why the women like them? The danger! It is an emotional race to be next to a guy who would do anything. Often, these guys beat their girlfriend and spend their time in jail. Then, the girl will say that he made a mistake, but that she loves him. Do not fall in the extreme. Wear a tattoo, buy a motorcycle and behave occasionally as a bad boy if you want but do not become a criminal. They flirt with the prohibition and it is what is exciting …


The adventurer (represent the amusement): It is a nice person with whom you live in the excitement. The adventurers look ceaselessly for the next funny experience. They love surfing, the ski, the race or the parachute jumping. Have a look to Indiana Jones and James Bond… They are not afraid, they do crazy things to find some hot pepper and adrenalin. The aroused attraction is similar to the one of the bad boys, but they don’t have for nasty habit to beat their girlfriends. The girls love them because they drive fast, because they go to interesting places and because they have a common sense of the adventure in all what they do. They always wonder which adventure waits for them even when they just go out for shopping. They have a nice way of exaggerating every story by underlining the adventurous parts. The adventurers are like the bad boys because they like cars and women… especially when it is fast. The girls are attracted because with them, it is the adventure and because they have more than one woman at the same time. They accept such a behavior because they are very funny and because that frees them from the social pressure. They have fun easily and are always happy of what happens to them. They are very optimistic, the girls love it. To conclude, the adventurers are generally the master of their relationships and cannot be tamed.


The seducer (represents the sex) : It is a sensual person who makes the girl feel sexy. The seducers do everything for the women: they can understand them. Sometimes, the seducer seems to have a feminine nature. For the most part of the other guys, the seducers seem strange even homosexuals. Watch the movie Don Juan de Marco with Johnny Depp because it is about a seducer. Don Juan sees the world only under the romantic angles, it is very attractive for a girl. The seducers are often submitted (they constantly satisfy the women by paying attention on their needs). The bad side of a seducer, it is that as soon as he has a sexual relation with a girl: he leaves her. Of course, they can come back for occasional nights, but they are not really interested in long-term relationships.

The artist (represents the emotion): it is the person who moves his feelings and stay enigmatic and complex (musician, poet). Why the girls love tortured and introvert people? The girls like the challenges and helping people. The personality of the artist is complex but he needs help and understanding. Most of the artists see the world very differently from the other guys. They admire a tree and its leaves, they see a color and can feel it. Some people have their perceptions and their senses combined in an unusual way. The girls, thanks to the dominating activity of their right emotional brain, can often understand the expressions of the artists better than the guys. It is the reason why they are very attracted by them. On his side, the artist needs an open person capable of understanding him.


The artists control nothing, because they do not absolutely control themselves. They are, most of the time, shambolic, unconscious of time, etc. If you want to develop this personality, work on the other parts of your life to remain somebody balanced.

Don’t forget that your character must have weaknesses because perfection is a defect.


The conclusion : you maybe need a starting point to become more sexual. Then, you will convey it naturally.

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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