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Give and take

Give and takeLife will often give you only what you will ask. Il you ask €69, it is what you will probably get. If you want to live in the enjoyment and the success, it is what has most chances to happen to you (by giving you the means). But then, what does it really mean, those “means” ? It’s between “trusting”, “not accepting the opposite” and “doing everything to succeed”.

Is there a word more painful than “no” ? With women for example, to multiply your turnover of women, it is necessary to know how to react in front of the word “no”, to do not let the fear of the failure prevent you from acting anymore. The best PUA are those who heard the most the word “no”. Those who know how to deal with “no” and use it as of a springboard to go up to the next “yes”. It is the same thing than the door-to-door selling: We approach women until we find one who we really like, and who likes us in return.

What would you do if you were sure not to fail? Would it change your behavior? Think about it and try to act like that.

To succeed, you have to learn to deal with the failure, to overcome its power on you. Do not give up, hear “no” twenty times in the party and screw the twenty-first hottie you approach.

How much “no” you can handle? How many times did you want to speak to somebody who inspired you… and you did not do it because of your fear of hearing the word “no”? Think about the limits which you build up yourselves simply because you are afraid of a word or rather of a negative energy. Its power comes from what you allow it to represent for you. What produce limited thoughts? Logically, limited lives.

There is no real success without hearing “no” (or failure), except if you are more than fucking lucky… More you hear “no”, more you learn and more you approach of what you really want to get. Next time somebody will refuse something to you, tap on his shoulder. It will change his physiology. Transform “no” into embraces. When you will know how to face the refusals, you will have learnt how to get everything you want, in a way. I am conscious that what I tell you is related to philosophy and not to seduction but it is important to understand it.

Once we obtained what we want, the sensation of well-being may be one of the worst things. What happens when we feel too good? We stop developing, working, etc.. “Never forget that a green fruit is maturing, a ripe fruit is rotting.” Ray Kroc

Also learn to judge yourselves according to your objectives and not according to what those seem people do around you. You succeed more than your friends ? It maybe simply means that your friends do not succeed very well. Know that you will always find in the others something to justify your acts, whatever they are… Thus, find a way with compared with yourself, to what you really want to do or to be.

You should not take care of what Pierre, Paul or Jacques do. Take care of what you are able to do. Take care of what you create and of what you want to realize. You will always find people who have more that you and others who have less. It doesn’t matter. You have to judge yourself according to your objectives and only according to them.

Another way to avoid complacency : keep out of negative things or critical gossips around the coffee machine. These discussions where is exposed as in a fair the life of the others (problems in the work, of sexuality, financial problems). These discussions would poison your brain for nothing by making you fix your attention on what the others do and on their private life rather than on what you can do to improve the value of your own life. Those who chat like that simply try to get out of the boredom caused by their incapacity to produce in their life the results they wish. What we propose to the world comes back to us as a boomerang, thus get away from the pitiful side of the life (or envious person if the others succeed better than you). Rather try to find one way or another to help the others.

If you want to be accommodating and mediocre: spend your time exchanging passively gossip, speaking about who sleeps with who. If you want to make the difference, accept challenges, test yourself, make your life become something special.

Last point, maybe the most important: always give more than what you want to receive. Start by giving and continue to give, here is the secret of any relation. Do not stop giving to wait to receive. When we start counting points, it is that the game is over. As soon as you say to yourself “I gave, now I wait that the other one gives to me”, the game is over, the other one has already left… And what if we give but that the other one never gives or gives less ? It is necessary to see if it is a negative person, if this person is ready to make efforts for you or if he (or she) is going to simply soak up shamelessly your energy. In this case, it will be necessary to armor and to dedicate your time and energy to those who are ready to take it, and to give you something in return… Not to those who are going to waste it (or spoil it).

No, I did not become stupid. It is just obvious that being someone positive is better that being a negative person. On the condition of not being exploited by the others.

Let’s meditate on it.

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