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Relativity of the male beauty

I would like to show you a small survey which I conducted : I asked 10 girls to rate actors on a scale of 1 to 10 (/10). Here are the results!

Relativity of the male beauty

But, do not focus on the too highly rated : between the fact that their photos are photoshoped, that they are emphasized in movies, by their make-up, their personal coaches, and the fact that they are stars, etc.. It would be necessary to see them in the awakening or on the crappers to be objective. Or better, it would be necessary to find their double but who would not be famous and to watch how he manages his life. Even if, of course, the celebrity of a double reflect on those who look like them “waaah I succeeded ! I slept with the guy who looks like Johnny Depp” ! Corollary: if you have a resemblance with a sex symbol, it would maybe not be stupid to stress it.

Note nevertheless that even the international sex symbols like Brad Pitt are not approved unanimously. The thing is that, the girls grew up watching handsome boys through movies/series/novels, so they become far too demanding (for the greater part)… well, if they are too stupid to open eyes, it is not our problem … And also, it is necessary to know who they fuck in the real life, I mean, a girl can claim she has very high criteria to look difficult and then going out with a average guy.

You should not try to be approved unanimously because nobody is perfect. Even if Ian Somerhalder is only highly rated, I know (at least) one girl who finds him ugly because of sticking-out ears (because yes he had his ears tucked back meanwhile). The conclusion, it is that being hot, it is just “to please” (between 6 and 10/10) a certain category of girls.

On the other hand, it is useless to compare with the other guys because it demonstrates insecurity and a lack of confidence. It is necessary to do your best on the other hand to become a better yourself. It is healthier.

Important : this study does not take into account the fact that these people are famous, because they all are, so they are in theory on an equal footing. But in spite of the “bad grade” which are attributed to him, I know more than one girl who would feel wet if she saw Romain Duris in a bar. What I mean, it is that they are “stars” with a strong “feminine preselection” and a lot of “money” thus, just for that, they already awaken the feminine interest (even if they were less good-looking). But we don’t care, it is another world, or rather a world of illusions and fantasies.

I noticed during another experience that the grades attributed to the actresses are much more homogeneous. The men are thus more attracted by the physical appearance or at least more capable of judging their level of attraction according to a body, and the women are more attracted by the “charisma” (can include the lifestyle). Well, we already knew that !

It is not because the importance of the physical appearance is in theory relative that you should not try to optimize it. Because I see more and more girls who try to act like men and thus want “to bang” us, etc.. (and it is obviously not a bad thing, I guess).

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