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Being beautiful, to what does it serve?

Image : Banshee

We’ll just philosophize today! I was wondering the other day: “being beautiful, to what does it serve?”

Beauty perceived or capital beauty?

In my view, we must first separate the innate beauty and beauty that one develops. Indeed, some guys would be fine if they were well arranged. Others do not need to do anything special to be beautiful. Finally, some are beautiful but are working hard to be hot.

What I mean is that we must differentiate between “capital beauty” (which is inherited) and perceived beauty. I will not piss you off here I won’t talk about inner beauty (for that you must go in the girl).

Why wanting to be beautiful?

The main advantage of being beautiful is especially to have sex easier, right? Of course, it’s not just the sexual aspect when it comes to beauty. We may also want to be beautiful just for showing off. Or simply so that others are jealous. But it is mainly a matter of ego, because what we can do with beauty, you can almost always do with his personality. It’s harder but it’s stronger !

In his book about beauty, Kant explains that this finality refers to no actual purpose nor objective (beauty is not perfection) nor subjective (beauty is separate from the appeal).

To point to be beautiful, I understand is to attract women like flies with vinegar. But what if I reminded you that some nice guys do not attract women (they are bland)? What is important is not the beauty but the attraction that is aroused. I too long was disheartened of not being handsome enough while since I am interested in seduction I fuck more than if I had been very handsome and was not interested in seduction.

Finally, in the same book, Kant says that we find in ourselves nothing personal that is the cause of this satisfaction, which is free, and therefore we assume that the subject, who feeds us and which yet has no reason to please us especially, contains a principle of satisfaction for everybody. So we will assign to others the satisfaction we experience, although it is supported by no concept.

It is virtually impossible to be liked by every women, even if by abuse of language, they sometimes say that this or that guy is “soooooo handsome”. In fact, the guy in question could very well leave other girls unmoved. Chicks also need to understand that their tastes are not universal references (it’s just a matter of reality). One should never tell a person “you’re ugly” : too hard words. The correct statement would be : this physics does not specifically have an impact on me. But it may work on others.

So, if the game allows us to fuck hotties without being beautiful, what’s the point of wanting to be handsome? Please, no cosmetic surgery unless your image is what makes you earn your life. And yet, sometimes, I find that one can easily lose charm by wanting to be too “perfect.” No, I think the clothes brands are already earning enough gold coins like this on the backs of people who want to be beautiful at any cost. While, by the way: often, a simple garment will fit you as good or better than a super expensive brand stuff. Sport and relooking are in general enough.

“Beauty is only a promise of happiness.” Stendhal

This is the same reasoning with being tall rather than small. If I can fuck tall girls by being small, why regretting to do not be tall? Tall men dominate more and more naturally intimidate. Yes, it’s true. But if you can communicate the same things differently, why being pissed off?

Let’s fight instead! Let’s not lament! Let our weaknesses be our forces. We’re not HB10/10 but we have a fucking personality that will allow us to compensate and be better than them. A beautiful asshole bet everything on his physical appearance while a less handsome guy will do better ! It’s a bit the story of the hare and the tortoise. Let’s find in our complex the motivation to succeed anyway… and better than those who were more blessed than us at birth but who have no character!

Advantages, Disadvantages:

The diktat of beauty in our society seems to be a concept that comes to an end. I think of all these initiatives to show “normal” women in magazines and in advertisements. I’d say that’s a good thing when I see the number of girls who went anorexic to be like their idols (eg Kate Moss), but it should not affect men now. In fact, there is always a downside: the beautiful people are more likely to be envied, and that jealous people put a spoke in their wheels. Beautiful girls have more “chances” of being sexually assaulted, etc.

Finally we can wonder if, one in the other, beauty really brings something? Being plastically beautiful, it is not as important for a man than for a woman (for women it is 80% of the attraction capital and for us only 20%)… but it still makes life easier. For example, people will more easily trust you if you are beautiful than if you look like a troll (scientifically proven effect of the halo of beauty). It is easier to find work, etc. Yet, it mostly depends on how you present.

It’s always a little easier with the girls when one is beautiful when one’s ugly. But: first there is nothing we can do about that and two I do not think the bottom line is there. You meet every day in the streets some beautiful women who have slept with uglier guys than you. In fact it is always better to be beautiful than ugly like it is always better to be rich and healthy than poor and sick. But if we are not, will we lament our whole life or will we get by otherwise? It’s just about philosophy there.

The first step is self-acceptance. Then we can start working on it. Because it is difficult to become even more beautiful once you have lost weight, you are a little muscular and dressed better, but it is still possible to get more charm. Yes, the charm, it’s something you can work on (there is an innate part and an acquired part).

That said, when I see what is like David X, a famous PUA (the author of Relentless), I say that being beautiful it is even useful even if we can fuck without. Because there is not only sex in life. There is also a question of self-esteem. For the part that depends on you, as in his case, overweight, you should make efforts anyway. I think you should never give up and always wanting to look better.

Normally a PUA opens during his apprenticeship of personal development, his mind to a lot of seduction indirectly related domains… like food. Physical improvement thus flow naturally from the process.

Beauty is certainly superficial in the sense that we can do without. It is not universal either. But this is not a reason to do not meet the criteria that are common sense. One could almost say that beauty does not exist since it is the shadow of health, fertility, strength, etc. (See evolutionary psychology). But in fact, the beauty is, it’s just less determining than your attractiveness on the transmission of your genes.

Concretely, how to accept and assume yourself?

To comfort you, do you believe that people who are only beautiful and admired for this are truly happy? Namely with age, we lose beauty… unlike charm. And it’s really simplistic to just be loved for his body. Not being able to sometimes gain weight in winter… it must be super stressful to stake everything on an image.

We can easily the impression that everything works fine for handsome boys. That their sex life has no problem. But I know a lot who do not do anything with this. Or who have such an AFC character that we could almost forget they have a sexy body. How many times have I picked up chicks in clubs just in front of Brad Pitt lookalikes ?! Women with a little common sense (not superficial bitches who love Secret Story) often favor other qualities.

So, yeah, they can tell when we pickup their target “but he’s ugly!” But we don’t care and so we show them that we are better than that! If beauty is useful only for vanity, it is not essential and is sometimes counterproductive. The most important is to move your ass. Chicks do not like wimps who expect that life hands them everything on a golden platter.

Beauty is not enough… but it is important because we will still leave it as an inheritance. In fact, I noticed that, often, very beautiful women attach less importance to the beauty of men than less beautiful because they know they will transmit this quality and therefore look less this quality than others in their partners. The beautiful women are therefore ideal targets for PUAs. And being validated by some HB9, it really helps to assume yourself, believe me !!!

A friend of mine (who will maybe recognize herself) isn’t beautiful, a little fat (sorry) but always picks up hot boys in clubs. Because she knows how to warm them and there is a lot of handsome guys who are sex-starved (not good seducers). However, this is almost the only criteria that interest her, the beauty of guy, actually. It is therefore an issue of complex and lack of confidence too, sometimes, to grant great so much importance to a physical appearance. Isn’t it a little sad bit sad in the end?

It’s the same thing with size. If me, despite my medium size, fucked several times chicks who were more than 1m80, it is some do not care about size and are watching something else. That said, there are some who are very afraid of what other could say “woah I do not want a guy smaller than me” and prefer a less beautiful to a more beautiful but smaller guy. It is their choice but I find it stupid to let social pressure decide of our lives.

Nature wants to kill single ugly in relatively poor health or unbalanced genes. Physical beauty is useful to the human species as a natural selection criterion. Will you accept this passively? We have not the choice but we can use our intelligence to couple with beautiful women so that our children do not suffer from the same problems than us…

Finally, note that beauty is subjective and that the criteria depend on the country. Go to Russia or Japan and you will see that you will probably be considered more beautiful than in France (unless you look like a Russian or Japanese). Go to a country where your beauty is exotic and you will have more success (except in cases of racism). But go there just to take confidence (which you will use in France): you will not move and leave your loved ones just to fuck some women… that would be sad too.

Show people that you can (and you will) succeed despite your small size, the fact that you are black, that you have a big nose or what do I know.

About what you can change, if you respect yourself, lose weight, make muscle a little, cut your hair, shave a bit, etc. Finally, it is your confidence that will make the real difference. If you are bad about yourself, prove to yourself you can do it, too! You have to open your field of possibilities !!! Thus, you will feel better, life will seem more beautiful and you will seem more attractive because you’ll exude positive vibes and have good energy.

Even the beautiful babes who take care of themselves with excess, they lack of confidence in fact. Otherwise they not stress about it. So your strength is their weakness, and you can charm them like that! Okay ? Go to work now !!! People who assume themselves are way sexier.


My conclusion and my philosophy it is that is it better to be beautiful than sexy. And that is doable by the attitude. For example, the main actor in Banshee : his character is sexy but the actor is not awesome plastically speaking (like Chuck Bass in fact)! He screws nevertheless all the hotties in the show anyway. Work on your body language, your beliefs, your small talk, your clothes, etc.

This is not universally accepted either that such an attitude is attractive, but everyone can do it. And that’s more universally recognized for men than only the physical appearance. So long as you are not ugly, if you add a sexy attitude, you can pick up a lot !!! And if you’re ugly, you can still have some results (we are not all equal at birth but you have to play your cards the best way you can).

I had seen the exhibition of an artist who had made statues of beautiful women … but they had legs and duck feet. Yes, yes ! Still, I wondered if I would fuck these beautiful human-canes. And you ? So why could not you have sex finally? You are normal then go and eat your piece of cake !!!

Beauty < charm

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