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Male complexes and feminine preferences

Male complexes and feminine preferencesPrinciples: Do not take to heart comments on your complexes, do on the contrary like if they did not exist: do not take comments too seriously by avoiding commenting in return. Simply, do nothing. It is necessary to understand that what a girl can dislike can be perceived as a trump card by another girl. When you approach the subject before her, say the first one “eh well ! You are taller than me… so what ?” It implies two interesting things: you are confident and you assume by not being afraid of the subject (you would probably give her better orgasms than a stupid tall dude). You can go farther by saying “woaw ! You are a kind of monster. I think that 2 % of the girls are tall as you are. Isn’t it too hard to find handsome guys ? Most of the guys are intimidated by tall girls”.

The attraction is a combination of strong feelings which form a super-special new emotion. It is a natural process which stipulates that a man and a woman want to make love together. If you doubt, think about your thousand ancestors and become aware that no one died virgin. What I mean, it is that if a girl is attracted by a man, then nothing else matters… not the clothes, nor the age, neither the nationality, nor the size, nor the religion, nor the wealth, nor the pressure of the family! The only important question in seduction is thus “are we both attracted?”

The purpose is to emphasize your qualities by compensating for your “defects”. You should not say to yourself “I won’t seduce her because I have big ears”. But rather “I will succeed in spite of my big ears”. It is more a pure mindset of winner. Assume !

Examples :

“I lose my hair”
Do not flatten big locks to fill holes like some people do. Shave yourself if you really have few locks that looks like an octopus.

“I have a big nose”
It is very virile a nose. It gives charm to the face. Look at Tom Cruise : the sex-symbol with the big nose who banged Penelope Cruz and Nicole Kidman. And I know a lot of other examples!

“My beard is incomplete”
Same principle than for hair: shave it and in addition it will make it come faster.

“I have a bad skin”
It is a problem which can be often adjusted by a better food. Otherwise, seek a treatment.

“I have dark eyes”
Is it a joke ?! Beautiful eyes = squinty eyes… It is not the color which makes their beauty. Look at our feminine equivalents Penelope Cruz or Julia Roberts which have brown eyes : their glances are nevertheless awesome. The beauty of the look also comes from lashes, eyebrows… Look at people in the eyes !

“I am too short”
The average French is 5’9. There is not tall sex-symbols like Al Pacino or Gaël Garcia Bernal (5’6). However you can always opt for compensated shoes (invisible internal heel). If I talk to you about that, it is because it was established that in communication, tall people are perceived as more dominant thus persuasive. But eventually, that risks to make you doubt about the fact that you can seduce without heelpieces. Is it really important to be taller…? Only superficial idiots can reject you for that. You could also adopt a hairstyle which makes you look taller! Be creative!

“I am too tall”
Is it a joke ?! There are many tall sex-symbols like Josh Hartnett or Ashton Kutcher (6’3).

“I am fat”
Go in for sport and eat better.

“I don’t feel good, I am depressed, etc.”
Go in for sport and eat better or pursue a therapy, you should not stay like that until it finishes alone (because it maybe won’t).

“I have a bad voice”
Fortunately, the voice and the way of speaking can be improved by work (working on it).

“I think I am not beautiful ”
Often, one does not realize his potential. Ask people on hotornot : you upload your photo and the girls give you a rank from 1 to 10, you could be surprised in a good way.

“I think I am not an interesting person”
If it is not innate, you can learn it.

“I have a small penis”
You just need 1.57 inches to make a girl come. Otherwise, there are the other techniques to give her orgasms.

” I have white hair ”
It is no big deal you can if you really want cut them or dye them. Look at Georges Clooney who became sexier by aging. In fact, it is a sign of maturity, it can stress your charm, some men are improving with the age just like the wine! Btw, more we grow old and less there is competition (fat, married men, etc.) It is necessary to hold on the length-term!

“I am shy”
You should work on it.

“Women don’t like me”
Me neither. All the girls don’t like me. It is necessary to distrust absolute, you certainly not seduced no girl and you will never seduce all the women. However, if the girls you like never like you, then there yes, it is time to change something.

“I’m precocious”
You have to work on it.

“I never kissed a girl”
You are here to learn how to seduce, it is a logical request. Do not forget that the girls are human beings just like you but with two X chromosomes : don’t put them on a pedestal for that. It is thus not because a girl in a bad mood told you that you were ugly or whatever that it is the truth… she is maybe just a frustrated idiot!

“I am still virgin”
Being successful and fucking girls is the logical outcome of your personal fulfillment. Persevere!

To try to reassure you:

The beard:
– 52% of women prefer the men totally shaved
– Three-day beard for 44%
– 59% women of less than 25 years like a short beard

Hairs on the body:
– 44% women prefer the man without hairs or almost
– 63% of women under 25 prefer the man without hairs at all
– 49% of women opt for a pilosity on certain parts of the body (trunk)
– On the back : to be banned (5% only followers for the grizzly bear)

The hair :
– The women prefer the short hair (81%) and without gel (78%)
– The 25/34 years old women are more tolerant with the gel (38%) and the shaven head (20% but 11% only women in any categories)
– 8% only of long hair addicts
– No coloring, 99% prefer the natural hair and authorize the white hair
– 11% of followers for the baldness

The ideal size of a man is :
* – 5’7 (3%)
* 5’7 (16%)
* 5’9 (29%)
* 5’11 (32%)
* 6’1 (14%)
* 6’3 (5%)
* + 6’3 (1%)

Muscle structure :
– 83% prefer a natural and not intrusive muscle structure (rather developed)
– 3% only like very huge muscles (very developed)
– No muscle at all 3%
– Rather not developed 10%
– 51% want you to watch your waistline but 48% accept that their man get fat.
– Love handles are acceptable for 33%

The skin :
– 63% do not forgive the self-tanner
– 89% are sensitive to the sweetness of the skin
– 93% the smell (fragrance)
– Wrinkles are acceptable for 36%
– 25% of followers for scars

The parts of the body they prefer:
– 53% the face
– 36% the trunk
– 20% the hands
– 11% the abs
– 13% the eyes
– 11% the shoulders
– 6% the back
– 4% the legs
– 3% the mouth, the smile
– 3% willy

He uses feminine cosmetics :
– 6% like
– 39% pissed off
– 55% don’t care

He uses a ultraviolet light or self-tanner :
– 3% like
– 63% pissed off
– 34% don’t care

Sources : GQ and TNS Soffres institut


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