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What is a HB10 ?


According to Mystery, a girl :
– 6/10 = fuckable ;
– 7/10 = cute ;
– 8/10 = beautiful ;
– 9/10 = handsome ;
– 10/10 = perfect.

I don’t really like this rating system because it is more a statistical exercise than the expression of a personal taste. Seduction being a subjective science, it’s a problem. I develop.

From a purely “artistic” point of view, there should be 1 girl on 200 who deserves her mention 10/10 (skin, eyes, lips, eyebrows, beautiful face, tall, thin, with proportioned forms). Most of the time, they are moreover very young. Why is it a problem in the daily life ?

When I go out, just like every realistic human being I suppose, I am interested in the kind of girl that excites ME… or at least who charms me. Sarah Jessica Parker for example, has a big nose, but I don’t really know why: I find it cute on her. I find her sexy while others would certainly next her without noticing her or even would find her downright ugly. The personal history enormously comes into play in the sexual tastes (just like in the gustative tastes).

What is necessary to understand, it is that the girls in the magazines (that our society set up us as models) corresponds to an average of the individual preferences. The famous statistics. A kind of compromise with the personal stories of everybody. Roughly, if more people find Bar Refaeli more beautiful than my neighbor of landing (who is beautiful too): it doesn’t mean that she is intrinsically more attractive than her. Especially that these images that society set up to us in model are photoshoped : the models in magazines themselves do not look like their own image. Then YES, I love girls with a perfect body&face. But it’s not a end in itself, and I shall not be less demanding with a 10 than with a 7.

« The bottle does not matter as much as the drunkenness » some would say… I don’t really agree, and I hate the girls who behave like if men owed them everything because they have a vagina and a little bit of charm. Especially that most should learn modesty… because being a mindless idiot spoils everything.

Conclusion : beauty does not place above the rest of Humanity – hotties do number two like us. Furthermore, a model but who is a girl with problems should scare you off. That is not worth complicating things. On the other hand, it is sure that a girl at ease with herself, magnificent, intelligent, etc. it’s always better 😉

Well. On the other hand, a girl you find top : it does not mean that she is inaccessible. She can even find some you charm if you remind her her grandfather she loves so much for example. Lesson of life: always try your luck. No regrets. Furthermore, we are attracted by what looks like us, thus chances are she is attracted by you too. And finally, more she is desired, more guys don’t dare to try their luck, thus more you will stand out when doing it (and will score points).

The number after HB should thus serve to quantify the desire we feel for the target in term of physical appearance… and not being significant of the “imagined” difficulty of the Game. Every girl is different and an ugly one is not necessarily easier to pick up than a cute one. Even rarely. Roughly, I remember some girls I banged at the beginning of my career who were 8 to me and now I would give them no more than a 6 with hindsight. Nevertheless, when I picked them up, they excited me like a 8, it was thus a game for HB8… for a guy full of illusions but it is necessary to start somewhere then I do not want to kill your joy. She is a HB8 if she attracts me like a 8/10 not if I think that she would attract all other guys. Let’s try to pick up the girls we like, not those we are supposed to like because of the social pressure (or because of the fact that they were preset by other guys). We would be happier even if she does not seduce a lot of people. It is a world map that can make you happier (attention I am not advising you to fuck a ugly girl and to convince yourself that she is beautiful but to be happy with a cute girl even if she is not “perfect”). Period.

Last thing, seduction is a joke. You can be rejected by a 4 and go back home with a 8 just after. « Taste and colours are not always the same… » I talk a lot about this dark side of seduction in The (inconvenient) truth about gender relations. Ah yes, and do not listen to the guys who are going to give a bad note to your conquest because she did not choose them. Nor to the guys who give an extravagantly good note just because the girl chose them. These two attitudes are commonplace. Listen to yourself…

HB = hot babe

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2 thoughts on “What is a HB10 ?

  1. Actually I am not ok with the following:
    ‘ Last thing, seduction is a joke. You can be rejected by a 4 and go back home with a 8 just after. ‘
    When you approach more and more girls and have more and more experience, you will see that it is always the most beautiful girls are more open than ‘4’s. There is multiple reasons behind this, maybe life always give thm the best, maybe they are approached by less guys etc… Bt eventually seduction is seduction and in seduction area, it is more common to be rejected by a 4 but getting the 8. Probably becuse 4 knows that she is 4 and she does not believe anything that you say if you are not really sincere or she does not believe that she deserves a guy like that. Anyway, so long discussion topic.

  2. My opinion of the scale:
    – 5/10 = fuckable ;
    – 6/10 = not bad ;
    – 7/10 = cute ;
    – 8/10 = hot ;
    – 9/10 = beautiful ;
    – 10/10 = perfect.

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