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The more beautiful she is, the more it will be difficult to put her in my bed ?

The more beautiful she is, the more it will be difficult to put her in my bed Is a 9 / 10 more difficult to seduce than a 7 ? That would make sense : like in a video game, the difficulty increases with the level. It is absolutely not applicable in seduction. Video games are not real life, real life in which psychology plays a role.7 and 8 are approached often, and often by big suckers, by the way. It is then necessary to fight against the competition and try to stand out at all costs.

7 and 8 get big-headed, exactly because they feel more powerful than the 10. Indeed, because they less intimidate guys, they can fuck quality guys more easily. But, they realize at the bottom of themselves that they are not THAT HOT (I’m mean when I write such a thing) then they do not really respect those guys. A little bit like if they had the impression that they came towards them by ease.

When the girl embodies what turn us on in the magazines, it is easy to imagine a wild competition with all other men of the city. Complexes and limiting faiths will appear and you will be tempted to auto-refrain yourself from success. Weirdoes, perverts, shy persons… she meets a lot of them. Including guys who are perfectly normal the rest of the time, but who become a little stupid in front of her.

The average guy does not dare to approach a 9 or a 10… even less maintaining her eye contact. Furthermore, the techniques of the Game are made to be applied to this kind of girls. Beautiful women are thus more pleasant to try to pick up, but also easier to bang and in case of failure it is less humiliating. Unfortunately, they are rare.

An important thing here : be convinced that, you too, you deserve to touch girls like that in your life. It will help…

To conclude, seduction is not a competition nor a war against the other sex (it is not the reason why Sun Tzu is quoted on the forums or in The Game). Considering women as enemies is a mistake : it’s not surprising in such a case that guys develop some approach anxiety (who would go gladly in the front line during a war?). Moreover, when soldiers were sent to fight, they were supposed to drink some alcohol before, and when I see guys getting drunk before finding the courage to try to pick up a girl, it reminds me this fact. Such a state of mind would damage your capacity of empathy, your nonverbal communication and your sensibility concerning the real needs of your darling. It is so much easier to converse with someone when we adopt a cooperative mode… Last advice, if you succeed in making out with the HB10 (I wish you to succeed) avoid falling into the trap of jealousy. You would lose her…

In brief, I’m not saying that this reasoning is universally true. But it deserves that we think about it during a few minutes. What do you think ?

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2 thoughts on “The more beautiful she is, the more it will be difficult to put her in my bed ?

  1. I think that someone has took in to account my last comment on the previous aricle before writing this one 😉

  2. Of course babe , I’m not a DICK (not only)

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