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How to improve your physical appearance

How to improve your physical appearanceHow to work on your body to be more attractive ?

Nails : Pay attention to have them always short and clean.

Hands : Pay attention to have them clean.

Hairs in the back : Few women appreciate them. Get rid of it. The nape of the neck, idem.

Hairs on the trunk: Do not shave your trunk, you can however crop it (hair clipper) slightly, particularly the long hairs around your nipples. Under arms and the “chemin des dames (way of the ladies)”: that doesn’t bother, it is sexy.

The pubic hairs : Intend to shave your testicles and pubic hairs which grow around your penis. If you do it, your penis will seem more clean, tastier and bigger. They will suck you more often.

Hairs on legs : We are lucky, for a man, it does not bother.

Do not stink : Wash yourselves. Use parfume.

Watch your weight : Furthermore, being thin improves the silhouette and the face.

Work your muscle structure : Thin and developed muscles (abs, trunk, arms, legs, buttocks). The striking veins are sign that you have developed your muscle and that you have few fat. It’s a good thing!

If you have physical defects (differentiate : non-qualities), it is possible to lead to forget them by working your clothing style and your personality.

A new haircut : Go through magazines for men and find a photo of a haircut which pleases you. Inquire with your hairdresser for the maintenance.

If you want to be sexy, it is recommended to go rather to a homosexual hairdresser. Indeed, they have the sixth sense of what will please the women. Look at the haircuts of the movie stars and the rock stars and find one which pleases you. If you observe the attractive girls, you will notice that their boyfriends in general have great haircuts. Find the fashionable haircut which suits you. Hair must be clean: avoid the gel which gives a too fat and not rather soft aspect, prefer the wax, the lacquer or the clay.

The purpose is to create a balance between the angles of the face and those of the hairstyle and to balance the face (height, width). We can realize the same thing with the beard. Faces in length will create volume on the sides and faces in width will create the volume on the top. So, we always try to slim down the face. The girls with their long hair have an advantage at this level there but we have the beard. For angles: if we have a round face, we shall create some square and if we are too much squared we shall round off angles. Here is grosso-modo for the theory!

The beard : Beards and mustaches can help to hide defects. A billy goat, for example, can work to lead to forget a receding chin. If you have scars due to the teenage acne on your cheeks, a beard can be the solution. However, the shaving is a rite as well as a necessity, it is useful for the elimination of cells died on the surface of the skin.

Sideburns : Bounded well and of the same height. Not too much supplied.

Eyebrows : Avoid the mono eyebrow but keep male eyebrows.

Other hairs : Remove the hairs which go out of the nose and the ears and on the top of cheeks (possibility of discoloring the latter with some hydrogen peroxide.)

Teeth : Before putting some toothpaste on your toothbrush, brush your teeth with the dry brush. This helps to remove more plaque than with the wet brush. Brush your tongue (to eliminate the bad breath). Use some dental floss to eliminate bacteria between teeth and after use a mouthwash with an antibacterial solution. Make them whiter by brushing them with some bicarbonate of soda or some white clay. It will contribute to your beautiful smile. Even better with dimples?

The skin : Tan, and the women will find you sexy because a too pale skin gives the impression that you are not healthy. If problems of acne, use some make-up (foundation cream).

Ears : Clean your ears with a cotton bud…

Shoes : The women really pay attention to the shoes. Thus wear beautiful and elegant polished shoes, even a little more clairvoyants than the classic shoes which an average guy would wear. The women like the polished shoes. We say that when somebody cool compliments you, it is the sign which betrays that you reached the status of “cool” in your turn. At least, it would be necessary to have 4 shoes : brown and black relaxed shoes and brown and black elegant shoes. However, you can wear even red or green or white shoes… The thing is that they get married well to your style: classy or relaxed. Harmony is like everything, experience teaches you: it is necessary to do it by eyesight.

Clothes : Even if you get dressed in a relaxed way, choose clothes in your size, not too big. Your clothes have to move closer as much as possible your silhouette to the one of the perfect man… That is to say tall, with wide shoulders, a trunk V and a narrow waist. That’s what the women like. For that purpose, the short guys should avoid the horizontal stripes, which would make them look too wide. On the contrary, they have to choose waisted shirts and pants. Everything is question of proportions. Furthermore, go away from what is too commonplace, as the fine stripes or the university shirts. The girls prefer the men who distance themselves from the mass of those who concern advertising hoardings their T-shirt.

When you get dressed in a relaxed way, you try to give the impression that you got dressed after having made love to a woman. For that purpose, do not bring in your shirt, and leave the last two buttons open. You can intend to wear a suit and a tie from time to time, especially if you are in an environment where the men all get dressed simply. It is clothes of leader that thus convey a status and ambition. There is no disadvantage of wearing it. Another rule is that your clothes must be clean. The women are very sensitive to dirty clothes.

Attention on the choice of the colors which emphasize certain complexions and which choice has to depend also of your the color of your hair and the color of your eyes. No more than three colors because you don’t want to look like a Christmas tree. Personally, I look for actors, singers, etc. In brief, public personalities who look like me (style which suits me, age bracket…) and when they dress in a way which pleases me and that I could easily imitate, I adapt it : choice of the materials, the colors… Web sites about the celebrities abound in these photos especially in the sections “photoshots” and “candids”. Thanks to brands as Jules or H&M the fashion is adapted and proposed in affordable prices (or stores of destocking). Everything depends on your age bracket. It is a question of inspiration. It is useful also to see how it looks objectively onto the others. Roughly, we take advantage indirectly but free of charge of advice of their stylists.

To don’t make mistakes, stay simple, classy and classic. Don’t do « too much ». To please the largest number, stay simple. I disadvise to marginalize on the style because that would mean marginalizing on the girls.

Accessories : The colors of your accessories (belt, watch, etc.) have to be accompanied with your shoes. Your pants do not too much have to contrast with your shoes, but it is possible for the shirt. It is what will make the harmony of your style. Most of the men do not accessorize well, it is then easy for you to distance yourselves on this point. The general idea is that your accessories are at the same time discreet and intriguing (you don’t try to do too much). Look for cool accessories and which suit well with your personality. Like Julien Doré’s pin which made his success at the Nouvelle Star. A 30€ watch with a beautiful leather bracelet is more original and thus will attract more compliments than a 1000€ silver watch. And an old 15€ silver ring with a beautiful design will catch 100 times more the eyes than a 500€ signet ring. There is vast possibilities regarding accessories, as necklaces, the important is that they take you apart from the other men. Avoid the things which tons of the other guys have, as a tattoo boat on the forearm, or surfer’s pearls necklace. Be unique. The “peacocking” (Mystery) is reserved for those who already have a big confidence because it is necessary to be able to assume the other people’s opinion on your “difference”.

Underwear : The women appreciate the fanciful underwear: they often wear very colored things. Then, buy something with a text or a photo. In the doubt, the boxers of dark color are always an excellent choice. Wear socks matched with shoes. For swimsuits follow the fashion. And do not show your sweaters : “grandpa”.

Fragrance : The women have generally a better sense of smell than the men. It is thus necessary to smell good. And to do not smell bad: deodorant. An error can be to use too much perfume (1 or 2 pschit it is good). The women prefer the subtle smells. The purpose of a perfume is to give a pleasant surprise to the woman when she approaches you: stomach, neck, wrists… If you need inspiration here are my perfumes : « Light Blue » and « One Million », I noticed that they are generally successful!

The harmony of the style : To get laid, you have to find at first to which category of people you belong, then to observe how the “males alpha” of your category get dressed, and to copy them or be quite inspired by it at least. It is thus necessary to be inspired by what works.

On the other hand, do not be really cooler than all the others or you will seem weird, strange… or gay. Be just slightly better dressed than the other best dressed guy. Pay attention not to become too stylish and metrosexual because most of the girls do not want a guy who would have more style than them.

Pay attention on advertisements intended for 18-35 years old : those of the airline companies or for mobile phones. The models of those ads are generally dressed in a way which pleases the largest number. Otherwise get inspired by actors and fashionable models. So they coach and stylists work indirectly but free of charge for you again… Nice!

When you go shopping for clothes or fragrance, do not hesitate to ask for a feminine opinion. Or use it as an idea of original hangout with a date.

Try to avoid the too common and commonplace things. Choose things which will be at the same time unique and fashionable and which will suit well with your personality, without giving you a headache about your look. Because a good look will help you to get laid but it is your behavior and your mindset that will change everything. The women are not that interested in the beauty of a man, they also love the men with high statuses who will give them passion, pleasure and romanticism. They look for a man who will make them have a good time and feel good. Even with an elaborate look, it does not have to be obvious, it has to look natural for you to be well-dressed!

NB : « Fashion goes out of fashion, the style never ».

All the advice don’t suit to everybody. The changes which “disrupt” you the most will probably be the most profitable.

Glasses : Use contact lenses. If glasses are a part of your style, opt for creator’s model and assume it.

Manicurist and pedicurist : You will be thought of as a well-kept man, and understand that if a woman notices these small details with you, it is because she is very attentive to it with her.

Problems of skin : Buy the adequate products or see a dermatologist.

Teeth : Clear them or in any case eliminate marks! Book an appointment at the dentist’s if you didn’t for a long time!

Breath : Dental floss, scratch tongue, chewing gum or mint.

Lift weights : Reduce fats and create muscles.

Eat better : Watch your calorie intakes and eat fruits and fresh vegetables as well as thin proteins. In the worst case, see a nutritionist.

Sort out : Among your clothes, throw away what is too wide, too much tired and all which does not suit you. Give to charity for example.

Condoms : Buy some, feeling ready helps tremendously.

If after all that, you still have a problem: Ungraceful mark, first name of an ex tattooed on the body, etc. It’s time to work on it ! Look for a solution on the net or consult a specialist.

NB : Don’t forget that we are not women : being sexy won’t make us fuck a lot! The attitude is more important (attitude 80%, physical appearance 20%)!

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