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A better understanding of the phenomenon

An universal language

The physical communication between people (and between people and animals) is an universal language. This is the reason why everybody is naturally capable of deciphering it. Unlike TV, no need for a decoder, just a book like this one, to put words on what you unconsciously know. This natural skill will help you a lot in seduction!

But, most of the guys have absolutely no idea what is going on in their body. They don’t even know that the way they’re moving or the way they’re touching people reveals a lot on them. It is the heart of their dating problem. Their failures have nothing to do with the fact that they are small either fat or that they have a big nose (by the way, a good body language can lead to forget all your small defects) : we all have a different body and different issues but what really matters what is what we do with our body.

An alpha male’s body is under his conscious control

You have to understand that if you don’t have an awareness of your body, that if your body is not awake and on your conscious control, it will be very difficult for you to success in any domain (thereby, in seduction). Feel reassured, I will soon teach you how to get under your own total control !

Your sensual acuity (degree of sensitivity)

Sensual acuity is the ability to understand what is going on in others people body and into yours. What follows in this chapter will help you to develop your sensual acuity because you have to learn how to communicate better all your qualities… that is to say to become better at interpersonal communicating.

Remember : you have to control your state.
Basic rule : an alpha male has the control of himself.

Concretely, how can you take the control of your body ?

First of all, sit comfortably in your chair. Then, close your eyes and focus on your breath. Start taking deep breath… again and again. Your breath is going down in your feet. Say “peek-a-boo” to all your body. Relax.

Connect to your ass, to your lower back, to your stomach, to your chest, your shoulders, your neck, your face. In other words, say “hey there” to all the parts of your body. You can mass all these zones if that helps you to feel more alive and awake.

To finish, open your eyes and look around. Do the same thing every time before you go to a club or on the field meeting people and interacting… I’m not kidding, you have to be and to stay in touch with your body all day (and all night) long.

Spatial awareness

You also need to acquire a spatial awareness. That is to say, you have to know your personal space and to learn how to expend it. Most people’s personal space is small… and it’s a bad thing because it is psychologically very difficult to shake hands or to interact with someone when your personal space is tiny  !

Personal space is like a bubble of social standing around you. A bubble in three dimensions : left and right, forward and back, top and bottom.

The next step is to learn how to feel the size of this bubble and make it grow with alpha postures…

Alpha VS beta postures

Imagine that your head is connected to a string. Your arms are comfortably on your side. Your focus is on the horizon. This is a natural posture. This is THE natural posture of an alpha male. When you see someone in this position : you think he is comfortable, relax and so on… This is a very very good posture that communicates positives things about you (like James Bond in this picture).

The first exercise I want you to do is training yourself to adopt this natural alpha posture in front of a mirror (or to record the scene and watch yourself) as soon as possible ! Avoid training without watching how you actually look : you risk to do not perfectly adopt the posture and to be ridiculous. Begin as soon as possible and repeat the operation until it becomes your natural posture!

Avoid arched shoulders : looking down like this soccer player is not sexy.

Beta posture.

Avoid directing hands inward : this model looks a little bit afraid.

It looks like he wants to hide. Obviously, this is not an alpha posture.

Straight back, head up : strong like Superman…

But this is too much to be realistic !

Like President Obama, “crossed arms” can make you appear insecure.

Which is not really alpha.

By contrast, “crossed arms” can make you appear more dominant and in control.

But, a basic rule is to stay arms and legs open when you want to seduce.
I will teach you why later.

“Hands on the hips” : Again, one posture is positive (in your opinion, which one ?) other is negative. But just like President Obama, Lionel Messi on the right and on the left is THE EXACT SAME PERSON. Only his posture changes but the feelings he conveys are totally opposite.

Through this book, you will learn how to increase your presence, and your relation to the space. In fact, you will get a very different feedback from women. The most positive feedback you’ve ever had !

Extract from : How to sublimate your body language

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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