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Can we make a girl come the first time we fuck her?

Can we make a girl come the first time we fuck herI’m sharing with you today what a friend told me on Facebook… because it’s REALLY edifying:

“I was discussing the other day with 3 girls about the first sexual intercourse between a man and a woman.

They told me that it is impossible to make any girl orgasm the first time we have sex with because they are all different (unlike the men for whom a handjob is enough).

They told me that it took time and that it was necessary to know the girl to give her an orgasm.

Still, I always managed to make a chick come without problem (I think they are more or less all the same too).

But they did not believe me and asked me if I was really sure that the babes in question did not simulate.”

Then, my friend asked me the following question: “So, is the problem that the other guys are bad in bed ? I often hear this speech ie it is not possible to make all the girls come the first time we sleep with them because they are different.”

I regularly hear the same thing in the mouths of the chicks (when there is not my dick inside): so it is a very common speech that needs to be analyzed.

In short, it means two things. First of all, that these chicks (like most people) have a crappy sexual life and they think it’s inevitable (or they do not even realize it, I do not know what is the worst). Then, that indeed, the great majority of the dudes are bad in bed. I will now answer with more detail the issues raised by this exchange with my buddy.


1/ Can we make a girl come the first time we fuck her?

It is possible to make almost any girl with whom you sleep orgasm, even the first time, if she is in a right mindset. Part of the job is to put them at ease.

The babes who say they need love or to have feelings to enjoy, are either:
– girls who have a blockage in their mind (guilt with regard to free sex, too much stress or fear);
– girls who have never been properly fucked (nor properly made comfortable before bed);
– girls who have never tried to get out of their preconceived sexual schema and talk about what they do not know or say that shit to reassure themselves.

The worst are those who judge the sexual freedom of other women, of those that have fin “she has fun and experiments with strangers so she is a whore”. With such a state of mind, it is obvious that they can not have fun themselves.

I am making come about 9/10 girl with whom I sleep… and YES, I am sure because I can recognize the signs of orgasm. For example, when I lick a girl, I have a hand on her belly that makes me feel her spasms. Then, in general, I have two fingers in her vagina that tighten around to compress them when she is coming. Finally, I listen to her breathing and what she tells me… it is for example classic that girls tighten their legs when the orgasm approaches, especially if the loss of control scares them.

This is not about being modest or not (I’m tired of justifying myself)… I only notice that 90% of girls enjoy with good preliminaries (fingers + tongue). And that when it is not enough, a good endurance on a good rhythm in a doggy style or a friction of clitoris in amazon are generally enough.


2/ Are the girls all different in bed?

Yes, just like are all men. However, they are not totally different either: an adaptation of the techniques I have just mentioned is enought in most cases. I know people like feeling unique and different so I’m sorry to have broken one more taboo but someone has to kick the anthill.


3/ Do feelings make sex better?

Love can make sex better, it’s a fact. However, there is no need for love for sex to be good. And sometimes the excitement of having sex with an unknown or realizing a fantasy can make sex even better than anything you can imagine. So, do not tell me that sex without love has no interest…

It depends mainly on the sexual connection between people. However, sometimes, even if people are in love, it is not at the rendezvous (but it can be there with a total unknown).


4/ Is a handjob enough to please a guy?

I find it a little presumptuous and condescending to say that any girl can make any man enjoy without any effort. Yet it is a recurring belief amongst women.

Nevertheless with me, if the handjob is well made and I’m excited, why not. But here again, nothing is universal.

The handjob on a guy would be the equivalent of a fingering on the G-spot + a clit-caressing on a girl… except that it is way less technical to masturbate a man than to masturbate a woman.


5/ Is the problem that the other guys are bad legs?

If one says to a girl that one is a good lover, she generally won’t believe him (at least in France). And that says a lot about their shitty sex life.

They will say bullshit like “It is those who speak the most who practice the least”. Or they’ll say, “You’re a braggart, if you feel the need to say that it’s you’re surely compensating for something”.

Such a state of mind (even if it is a shit-test) reveals that they basically think that one guy is a loser in bed… until proven otherwise. There is no presumption of innocence.

It would be nice if the chicks stop looking at us all a sex-starved dogs. If there were fewer bad sex-starved bad legs (who don’t care or who think they are good), it would not happen like that. But it became the norm (by the force of the number) and the good legs undergo the general incredulity as described by my buddy.

As a result, I think most dude are actually bad and/or selfish in bed and that is the part of the problem on which we SHOULD act. Because if the women were more or less sure to orgasm like crazy without being judged, they would be less fierce and less reluctant to sleep on the first night. At the moment, even most of those who pretend to be good are not, if they do not fall into real good lovers, their limiting beliefs are reinforced until frustration.

I speak knowingly because I was one of those guys bad in bed. Except that I did not really notice it. It is by reading and thanks to the experience that I gained thanks to the Game that I realized it.

However, since most people are not able to follow a personal development process (it takes effort, questioning and open-mindedness), I think they are not good… not more than I was when I started the Game.


If I summarize: when one says that one sleeps with a lot of girls and makes the chicks come, one is necessarily a braggart, a liar. Or, a sucker with who chicks simulate to finish faster. But if you do not say anything, you’re considered just like the other guys (which is not better).

We should be able to communicate subtly that we are a good leg, except that the chicks rarely leave us time and are all far from being subtle enough to understand this kind of message.

The only solution is to rehabilitate the population, the part that does not have the relationship they would like with sex. Here are my latest tips:
– Guys must read books like The awesome lover’s manual.
– Women (and guys who start thinking like them) should open their minds and experience to realize how good sex can be. It is a thesis that I support in The (inconvenient) truth about gender relations : go take a look at the free extract!

I hope that this text, if it did not make you want to change your vision of things, will have at least made you think.

See you soon !

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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