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How to turn a woman on : everything you need to know!

How to turn a woman onIn this article, I will reveal all you need to know to understand how to turn a woman on.

To sleep with a woman, especially if she does not like you more than that, she must be excited. But how to turn a woman on ?

This can be done through your physique, your attitude, your reputation, the context, the atmosphere, etc.

For example, in this field report, I managed to sleep with a girl without she likes me more than that, just thanks to the atmosphere of the party…

Yes, sometimes, it’s enough to be at the right time, in the right place, with a girl who wants to fuck!

Personally, I have already been “used” by girls who perfectly knew their body and I have loved it.

It is certainly not very romantic to say that for some “a cock is a cock” but it is always a pleasure to give orgasms.


How to turn a woman on : let’s play with sexual tension

It is necessary to emphasize the sexual tension between the woman and you

How to turn a woman on is a kind of badly asked question because, without doing anything special, there is a tension between a woman and you. It’s natural and automatic.

That means :
– that there is no need to do or say anything special;
– that most women are naturally attracted to you.

If you notice, just after you have asked a woman something, she will pause and look at you. She will want to know if you are sincere or if you are going to pretend that you are laughing while sketching an embarrassed smile.

She will also try to see how you handle the sexual tension during these few seconds. She wants to know if you are missing. If you are weak. Yes, your reaction will largely determine her answer.

In order to intensify the sexual tension, I recommend you learn to use the weapons that are your your look and your ability to touch. That’s how to turn a woman on!

If you are not familiar with the concept of sexual tension, I invite you to read this article that I dedicated to this concept.

How to turn a woman on


How not to kill the sexual tension between a woman and you

I think it’s more important to know what not to do to dispel tension than to understand how to create it.

What kills the tension is:
– talking too much;
– laughing out loud ;
– reacting excessively;
– fidgeting;
– betraying embarrassment with facial expressions, etc.

I consider those things to be sexual tension killers because most seduction strategies usually focus on what you need to say or do. But there is nothing special to say or do.

However, all your life, you have done things to reduce this tension. You have tried to make the people around you feel comfortable.

You do it with your friends, your colleagues and the women you like: when things become intense or ambiguous, you play the clown that makes everyone laugh.

Even when girls reject you, you are more concerned about their comfort than yours. You do not want to bother them. Ah, what a nice boy! This is bad because these actions are perceived as a sign of weakness, of supplication.

A woman will never be attracted to a guy who cannot endure MORE sexual tension than she does. That’s what you need to know to understand to turn a woman on!

Finally, it’s a little battle : who endure the most sexual tension:
– eye contact: who will look elsewhere first;
– presentations: who will withdraw his or her hand first;
– silence: who will speak first;
– resistance: who will try to dissipate the tension first…

Who will break everything and feel the need to talk about “what is happening” ?!

For a full and detailed lesson on sexual tension, read The (Inconvenient) Truth about Gender Relations.


To turn a woman on, you must forget the illusion of feminine purity

Women love cock

You must stop believing that women do not like sex.

They are not small, fragile things either.

Men like to keep this illusion of purity of female sexuality because they think that it will prevent them from being cuckolds.

Indeed, if the girls are not nasty, then they have no reason to cheat on them.

Serious mistake! Not “fucking” a woman savagely like a little bitch is actually one of the best ways to get her seeking her sexual satisfaction elsewhere…

Forget also the idea that a woman needs to be in love to have pleasure, it is also a legend perpetuated by badly fucked women and bad legs !

In short, the message that you must remember here is “women love sex but can not shout it on all roofs because of social pressure.” Knowing how to fuck well, and even better, how to have a reputation as a good fucker: that’s how to turn a woman on !


Women also have sexual fantasies

Now that you know that saying that women fuck to please us is highly hypocritical, you can hear that women have a rich sex life.

And that can be good for you! Allowing a woman to realize one of her fantasies is, for example, a way to turn her on to the highest degree.

Here are the top female fantasies:
– Making love in nature;
– With a stranger;
– Making love in a public place;
– With a celebrity;
– Making an orgy;
– With a woman ;
– Making a threesome with two men;
– A threesome with two women and a man;
– The fantasy of the uniform;
– Being the favorite of a harem;
– Making love in the workplace
– Being compelled by force (with her consent anyway);
– A quick shot without preliminary;
– In the elevator ;
– Being watched while while making love;
– In a car ;
– Swinging;
– Making love with someone you do not have to, or maybe in a place you should not (forbidden).

How to turn a woman on


How to excite a woman in bed?

How to excite a woman: the good attitude

Without seeming needy, show her that you desire her. This is about assuming your sexual desire. That’s how to turn a girl on in bed!

Do not forget to communicate that you are comfortable with your sexuality, sexualize, laugh and make her laugh, be teasing and especially avoid bragging.

Less is more: doing too much could well turn against you by dissipating a lot of sexual tension…


The right state of mind to turn a woman on

We all know that knowledge is power. When you do not know what makes women crazy, you do not have the sexual power needed to be the best lover you can be in absolute terms.

Women know that they are guided by their emotions, so they try to control them at best. But they do not want to control themselves all the time. They want you to dominate, tease and stimulate them mentally and physically. But they want to choose who will make them crazy.

You must learn the techniques and see what works best with your partner and in the right context.

So really, nothing is wrong in your body. What’s wrong with you is how you use your body because of a bad state of mind and false beliefs about your sexuality. My belief is “I can give orgasms to women whenever I want. ” And yours ?


The first sexual characteristic that excites women is AUTHORITY or DOMINANCE.

Women do not want another woman. If they were, they would be lesbians.

They want a man. You must be dominant in bed. You must show that you are taking things in hand. That does not mean you have to hit her like a sick person, or be physically aggressive with her. It is not the goal. You always want to treat women with respect, but in a dominant way. They want a man. You must be manly. You must be a sexually alpha male.

Show her that you are taking charge by leading the dance. “I’m going to do what I love and you’ll love it.” That’s how to turn a woman on!

It’s even more attractive for women, whether during sex or during a date, to be guided by the man.

That’s how things have worked since the time of the caves. Evolution has shown that men must be the strongest, the most dominant, and that women must follow the leadership of men. Being dominant is a state of mind and a way of behaving. So, without being misogynist, you have to show that you know how to take things in hand.

When you are in a state of authority, what will logically come to you is the dirty talk. Try saying things like, “baby, I love to fuck you,” or “I love fucking you like that. You’re mine. Do you like that? I’ll make you come until your cardio can not keep up.” And to just say piggy things, like “You like it when I fuck you, naughty girl.” A lot of stuff like that.


Start slowly with the dirty talk because when you have never done it before and you start, it can be a lot for her.

When I started out and did not know how to excite a woman yet, I thought I looked weird and just pervert by doing that… but in fact you can afford a lot of things in action. You would not call her “my little slut” in front of your children or when other people could hear you. So it’s a timing story, to be IN THE MOMENT.

The third part of authority is physical pain. I do not speak here of “pain” as some sado-masos do by whipping or pouring hot wax on it, but by “pain” I speak of some small stimulating spankings. For example, when you take her doggy style, give her a pat and see what it gives. You can grab her hands too, for example as a missionary, and hold tightly behind her head. But do not hurt her or insult her badly ever (the only ones who like that have problems, I think)!

Authority can also consist of: fucking stronger. Move faster, more powerfully and go deeper. A good way to show authority is by popping her clothes to show her how passionate you are (do not tear anything, eh).

It’s very dominant all that. Like pushing her slightly so that she falls on the bed. Then to climb on her…

Because, whether she knows it or not, she will be less attracted to you if she is always the one who decides everything, even if she thinks that you are just trying to be nice and romantic by leaving her the choice. I hope I answer your question better : how to turn a woman on ?


“Tell me you want my cock deep inside you!” This is called POSSESSION!

Possession can also be dangerous, so make sure that she does not turn out to be crazy outside the bedroom (for example if she asks you all the time you were with whom, in which case you will need to reframe her). But when you fuck her so much that she feels like your cock is part of her body and her pussy is yours, things become a TERRITORY story. It’s pretty good news but make sure you crop it if it becomes unhealthy for her. Same for you!

How to excite a woman in bed? You must learn to separate experience and real life.

Also, you must be able to – with dominance – start to caress her, and put her in a mood to fuck even when she had not planned to sleep with you. You must be able to get her excited enough to make it happen.

Doggy style is the best way to show that you are the boss of the interaction. Do not ask her if you can take her doggy style. Just guide her in position with your hands and go for it! Or tell her “turn around”!


The PRESENCE is to live the moment and not worrying about anything other than what is happening here and now.

It’s not just you who have to be totally present but she too. Because you do not want her to think about anything, but rather she feels. Women are creatures of emotions.

One of the signs that you are both in the moment is that there is no stress. Your muscles are not too tight, you do not think of things like, “Did I finish this file at the office? Or even “does she like that?” That’s one of the worst things, “does she like that?” If you ask yourself this kind of question during the act, then you are not in the present moment and in addition you are seeking for approval.

At first, it’s normal, you’re really going to ask yourself “does she like that?” But then, it’ll become obvious to you that she likes it, and you will not care if she likes it or not. It will be natural. You’ll know she loves to fuck with you.

And remember: the best way to not be too tense in life is to play on your breath. With this wonderful tool you will be able to last as much as you want in bed as well as staying hard.


Do not think too much about your cock or your performance. Nothing like, “Is my cock big enough? Am I hard enough? Did I last enough? Am I good in bed? “

As soon as you ask yourself these questions, “Am I hard enough? What happens often?” You soften. “Have I lasted enough? ” What is happening? You ejaculate or soften. “Am I good enough?” You put yourself in the validation position… what stresses you!

Sometimes she wants to feel wanted in a very loving way. Other times, she just wants to be a piece of meat. Women want to feel different emotions through sex.

Emotions also explain a lot of problems that guys face in bed. They will get married or take a new girlfriend, and in the beginning sex will be very good. And then it’s going to tire them. This is because, at the beginning, there is a lot of emotions between the man and the woman. They are madly in love or attracted. The bodies are new. Many things upset them at first. And then these emotions diminish with time and habit.

Did you know that teasing creates anticipation. Anticipation that in turn creates excitement… So, teasing = anticipation = excitement. Also use this tool. And the way to do it well to excite her is: kiss her passionately, blow in ears, until suddenly she clings to you, and then push her back. Play the “hard to get/push and pull”. Do what a woman does when you try to have her. Continue with the preliminaries, and then push her gently and provocatively… until she finally cannot handle more, and begs you to come inside her.

When you tell her things, be sure you really think them. Most guys have a hard time lying about their emotions. So, if you’re not with a girl you like, whether it’s sexually or otherwise, she’ll probably feel it and be mad at you.


Emotional variety is what really matters.

It consists in embodying different types of lovers so that things are constantly renewed and exciting. That’s how to turn a woman on !

Sometimes you will be the bad boy who fucks her like a bitch, and you really fuck her hard. In particular doggystyle. With a big spanking. You’re going to let you go completely, OK? Or you’re going to fuck her in a place and at a time when you do not have to, like at her parents or in a public place. It will cause new emotions in her.

Or you could tell her a story, a fantasy. Something worthy of a novel.

Other times, you can tell her how much you love her and how much you want to be with her. This type of very soft sex could allow you to be even more connected to each other… The trick to draw with these two examples is that the emotional variety engendered by the fact of being different types of lovers is very important.

Make different positions: it also helps because different positions generate different sensations. If you do different positions, telling her different things, you can have different interactions completely, and it will change the type of sex, because it will add emotional and physical variety.

But positions alone are not so different from each other. You only need to master 4 or 5 basic positions. You should be able to give them different emotions and have a variety of sexual experiences from these key positions. Which ones? It depends on your mood and your desires of the moment.

In missionary, you can make love to her. You can also fuck her. You can talk to her tenderly. Or use the dirty talk. There are so many different things you can do from the missionary: it can really change her feelings and the kind of orgasm she has.


Finally, another thing to add to the variety is the SPONTANEITY.

If you still fuck on Sunday night at 10pm, it’s not very spontaneous. You must fuck at different times. Sometimes in the middle of the day, if you can. Try to meet up somewhere in the middle of the day to fuck. Try different times to make love. Be spontaneous! You should never expect sex. If planned, there will not be enough emotional stimulation. Variety or surprise would be lacking. And in the long run it might seem to her monotonous, the sex with you.

So make sure the sex is as spontaneous, daring and surprising as possible. Yeah, you will often fuck in the evening before going to bed, and in the morning when you wake up, but try as much as you can not planning everything. Do it in the shower, or go for a little road trip and both fuck all along in all the motorway service areas.

You want sex with you to stay as spontaneous and exciting as possible (if you care about the girl of course). That’s how to turn a woman on !

The fantasies, as we have seen, are a great tool to add variety too, because it allows you to feel a lot of emotions, and it allows you to have fun at the same time, which is really good. It’s a good combination of emotions.

Once again, when you make her feel a lot of emotions, you give her a lot of orgasms. And she will tend to fall madly in love with you. And fantasies are a great way to give her lots of orgasms.

The main way to add variety is to change emotions. Change her feelings. It must stay fresh all this but be a different type of lover, be spontaneous and use the fantasies as a tool to spice up your sex life to never get bored (avoid the fucking routine).

Wow, I really developed how to excite a woman there !!!

How to turn a woman on


How to turn a woman on with messages or SMS?

Writing has always had an erotic dimension. Just see the number of women who love erotic texts.

I have personally made more than one hundred women want to come to my house to make love just because with my erotic texts on Adopteunmec.

I had made an article some time ago to explain how to write a good erotic text.

And my erotic texts are available in Secrets for seducing on the Internet !

I also did a full course to learn how to flirt by texts.


How to make the desire of a woman come up once at home?

You can watch an erotic movie (or even a porn) together.

Otherwise, why not proposing to give her a massage in underwear?

How to excite a woman? There is also the solution to make a game whose pledge is to remove a garment.

There are plenty of ways to bring sex into the equation! And sometimes there’s no need to do anything special.


Sexual techniques to turn a woman on in bed

It’s good to promise a woman some wonders sexually speaking… but the best is still to ensure for real at the time of the act, otherwise you may be a little ridiculous!

For more on developing sexual techniques, I invite you to read The awesome lover’s manual !

There is also the page “how to make a girl enjoy” that can help you!

You will learn all there is to know about fingering, cunnilingus, effective sexual positions to lead a woman to orgasm, etc.

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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