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How to flirt via text messages?

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The web is full of shit about text pick up. Full of idiots who say in a peremptory tone “you must send a text 48 hours after taking a number”, “you must call the girl on the phone,” “do not ask questions in your texts” . Like if, when done otherwise it would not work.

I’ll tell you now what is my field experience for texts. And these tips are helpful because when you take a number, you have to make it grow by texts. The various fields of pickup meet at the moment of the numclose! The only way to avoid this step would be to fuck the girl directly on the spot but this is often not possible because of schedules and fears of everyone.


1/ The first thing is that advice like “you have to wait 48 hours and be careful to don’t write on a Saturday night”: this is crap. A real man, he writes when he wants, whenever it suits him! And it is not because we have a social life that we have no time to send an SMS, seriously, writing takes 10 seconds!

2/ The second thing is that it is not an obligation to sign your first text “hi it’s jeremy”. It is better to use a private joke (reference to the initial interaction) or to describe yourelf in a humorous tone rather than to write down your name. Moreover, you should remember you are an alpha male now. Do not doubt it! In the worst case, you will still be able to refresh her memory. But do not play the insecure guy from the start…

“Hi, so you’re not drowned in the pool after I left?”

Otherwise, you can continue by text the conversation like if nothing happened when you left IRL: “So study in St Etienne and come back for the weekends in Lyon if I followed? I’m in my office now… I hope you enjoyed last night with your friends”.


3/ The third thing is that texts would be just an excuse for losers who do not dare to call and speak aloud. I do not agree. In seduction, we must certainly assume. But a text is altogether more convenient and less invasive than calls. So assume with the content of your messages but do not feel obliged to call! I do call only very rarely chicks I numclosed and that does not prevent me from making them directly to my place for sex.

4/ It is true however that we should not send too many messages. If she does not respond, wait for the next day before you panic. Send your text message and… relax! Harassing a girl makes you lose points. Set a rule : never send more than 3 unanswered messages. You can try using the challenge or provocation (taunt her) to make her answer if the easy way is not working. But in any cases, an interested girl will answer at least once a day… so if you need to always feed the conversation and everything… be ready to next her! Do not beg the girls “See you on Thursday? No, Friday then? Go for Saturday?” If they give you shitty excuses without making a counterproposal, you can next!

5/ Concerning the content of messages, you should not ask too many questions. Especially since most of the time, you don’t give a shit about the answers “hello how r u what r u doing what did you eat for lunch?” In case, use diverted affirmations “I wonder how you ended yesterday night”, “I wonder if it was the alcohol or if you’re always that cool.”

6/ Your messages should not be too long. Anyway, not much longer than hers. Extending messages communicate that you are a desperate guy who never takes a number that then feels compelled to do too much. We must adapt in each case to make the girl invest (it is not a good idea to excessively force an unilateral interaction – in this case it would be better to focus on other more receptive girls): smileys (especially hearts and kisses), long messages, etc. On average, three or four sentences, it will be fine! But certainly not too long shitty romantic tirades (do not over-invest when you do not even know if the girl is a good move). It is better to try to make her talk about herself and what she likes. Then when you feel it takes, feel the ground slightly by talking about sex to create attraction and test the waters (you have to see if she accepts the frame that you’ll fuck her like a god). Finally, propose a date (do not wait too long – a period of one week for a date after taking her number it’s good) “when are you available?”


7/ I advise you, and that’s what I do, to write your messages casualy. Above all, do not look for the perfect message for hours. If it was that hard to fuck a girl the human race would have died out long ago. Write some funny messages (tease her), light and in a little detached way. I mean that you should not write too meticulous messages (that’s gay: I have nothing against gays but they do not fuck with chicks). When she is too much a pain in the ass, feel free to reframe her!

8/ About the legendary power of the “…” to create ambiguity, the choice between 🙂 and;) : this is intellectual masturbation. Do not spend hours choosing emoticons… Mime smileys and punctuation she chooses if it reassures you (in fact it can be a very good idea to create a subconscious link like that). But do not overdo it!

9/ One very important thing to screw smart chicks is to don’t write like Karim Benzema (making spelling or tenses mistakes). Avoid texting language, of course. And generally anything that can make you look like a weirdo, a weird guy…

10/ Of course your texting communication should reflect what you have learned through the game. General rules: do not appear too needy, in demand. Do not show too much you want to be reassured about the fact that she likes you. Do not spend hours interpreting her answers rather get into the job. And above all, learn how to recognize when a girl is kicking the ball into touch or pretends to do not understand so you won’t lose your dignity begging her while she is not sincere. When she uses excuses to do not see you three times, next! When an improbable thing happens to her precisely the day when you had to meet up, do not be naive! When she never feed the conversation, if she does not ask you any questions, next too! When you see any irony in her messages, do not take anything she says at face value. Besides, if it sounds too easy with a girl, beware anyway. Show a little empathy and be somewhat flexible about the time and place of the dates but do not become a pigeon because chicks would eat you alive.

Realize that if the girl had a date with Ian Somerhalder, she would find a moment even if she had her exams in 2 weeks! In life, when we want, there is a solution!


Bonus/ I finish with a parenthesis. After a first date, do not write to the girl “so I hope you had a good time with me, me yes, I cannot wait to see you again.” Rather wait she sends a message first (at least 24 hours – then if you think that was fine though you can write). It would be a very good indicator of interest!


So, with that you will be able to close more easily! Feel free to read the article again because you will probably notice new things.

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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