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Where to seduce women?

Where to seduce womenToday we will see where we can approach women to seduce them… basically we will analyze what is or not a good field to pick up).

Please note, we will discuss in a future video how we can approach women without they feel attacked or objectified. Here, we will just talk about the places to go to maximize your chances of meeting girls!


Part 1: The pickup in an open environment (when the girl disappears from your life if they reject you)

*The street, public transport, etc. : This is called street pickup! Unlimited resource of women (in big cities)… but unfortunately not sorted (they can have a boyfriend and be faithful, lesbians, etc.)! There’s the adrenaline of the approach in real life, it’s free and the street belongs to everyone (or to no one).

*Bars/clubs : Places deemed conducive to seduction even if there are more obstacles than in SPU (cockblocks, AMOGs … people are more sorted than on the street (in the collective unconscious it’s authorized to pick up in clubs) but not too much. Some girls will say (and this is not always a lie) “I have a boyfriend” or “I’m here to dance/for music.” However, alcohol, ambience and disinhibition that this generates will play to our advantage. Which shows that the chicks, basically, want to fuck! Moreover, some parties (such as “medicine” nights) are known for the openness of the participants.

*Internet and virtual environments (online dating): Women are there to socialize even if there’s still some idiots who say (“I’m just here to make new friends”). The women are alone in front of their computer so there’s less social pressure. Virtual helps more to fulfill their desires and it helps us, too, to don’t overeat rakes (we digest it better). It protects from anxiety approach. We stay at home, which is convenient and comfortable, especially during winter! Be careful to scams and fake profiles: If a girl starts asking you to buy her things, that’s probably actually a guy who tries to take your money (or worse, a really venal nana). And be careful to the automatic messages that tell you to click on a suspicious link counting on the fact that you really are very sex-starved ( “I’m sexy I just arrived in the city I want to meet up with you so click on this link”).

– Facebook is a little bit like the street: it is not sorted (at the cost of some research efforts, we can select our targets), it is free and we can approach randomly in our city. When we select our targets, we can rely on some common knowledge : in college of psychology or letters, the girls are more open than elsewhere. Like in the street, one can find better spots than others. But there’s more and more limits, which makes it important to select the profiles that you contact.

– The apps: Tinder is the best in my opinion because there is a lot of choice, and on the number, we always find happiness for everything and nothing. Lovoo looks to be the same but I never understood how it works and the audience is very young! Happn I saw in Capital on M6 that there’s 75% of guys so it’s not awesome (bad ratio) and the principle does not encourage you to use your balls in real life (the app allows to find people we crossed in the street but we have not noticed nor dared to approach). Once : there’s a gender ratio 50M-50W but that’s because they promise some “serious” and then if it’s not what we want, we have to lie and it’s not very ethical (one profile is chosen for you by day… unless you pay, the romance has its limits). In fact, the differences in gender ratio between different apps according to their principles are explained by the Evopsy (see my ebook on this).

– Traditional dating sites: Adopteunmec is a safe bet, especially if you’ve read my ebook Secrets for seducing the Internet that will allow you to find love or to have women delivered directly to your house. Meetic and sites like that, it is usually populated by people looking for a soul mate (that’s why there are sites increasingly specialized for those who have a very clear idea of their soulmate but do not yet know their soulmate) and it’s a bit has been.

– Libertines sites : If you are a couple and want to swing, it works. There’s a lot of people over 40 years so it restricts a little bit the research. If you’re just looking for a single girl it’s not great because there are not much and it is often fake profiles. The real and single hot girls there are even less and they are over-solicited. On the other hand, there’s a lot of single men, cock in the air on their profile picture, so women looking for sex dates without headaches can easily find their happiness if they overcame their a priori.

– Swingers clubs, it’s a bit like the libertines dating sites. The atmosphere is conducive to freedom, which can be quite fun and exciting. But if you do not want to exchange nor that your girl is fucked by another dude, there’s little chance to find your happiness that is to say a girl for a threesome (unless you enjoy exhibitionist/voyeurism, gang bangs or other practices like that). The girls, from their side, can have as many inconsequential relationships and achieve as fantasies they want (triades MMW). Contrary to popular belief, there’s not a lot disgusting pervert and there’s even sexy babes… sometimes!

My advice, if you live in a (tiny) village rather prefer Internet or more “conservative” pick up in a closed environment.


Pick up in a closed environment (at work, at school, in college, different clubs, etc. – when you are forced to see the girls again after a rejection)

Having a social circle helps finding girls with whom there is “social homogamy”. The fact of picking up girls with the same social environment optimizes results: they say that opposites attract, but in fact we all love what seems similar to us!

Attention we cannot jump on anything that moves without restraint: we must pay attention to reputation risks. Especially ours but also the reputation of babes who will relax less easily. The direct game and the fast seduction are to be used with caution in this type of environment (more suited to open environments). We must take tweezers and test the waters before trying. On the other hand, if you want THIS daughter rather ONE girl, this type of pickup can suit you more: bet everything on personal development and on the development of your social circle. However, experience shows that it is better to stake everything on statistics and attach AFTER to girls that are interested (it avoids a lot of romantic woes).

Private parties are great because we are pre-selected by the hosts and because it is much freer than in a more controlled environment such as clubs (you can fuck in the bathroom). But again, one can quickly be labeled “flirty” and not being invited again and losing his chances with all the other girls who have seen him trying with 50 others girls.


Now you know on which field(s) to focus depending on your personal goals. But beware, they are complementary (they can also mix eg on the street by night… it’s SPU or NPU?) There’s chicks you meet in your sports club, but never in the bars. Other in the clubs but not on Tinder. On the other side, almost everyone goes into the street and is registered on FB knowing that on these fields, an approach has less chance of success. See for yourself, then!

I suggest you to read my article: Are all the pickup fields the same thing?


See you soon !

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