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Social issues

Social issuesPermanent sexual arousal

Before, we lived surrounded by 20 to 50 people genetically close. Now, in the cities, there are easily 10,000 people. It is impossible to walk a few hours in a city without meeting a large number of desirable people of the other sex (and sometimes, we are close to them).

Physical desires are always excited (even if it is often unconscious) but will only rarely be satisfied. We live in a very frustrating environment.

Clothing helps avoiding it a little bit but obviously not enough: it hides some visible skin therefore mitigates some excitement but it allows on the other hand to bluff and hide flaws, which can have the opposite effect. It is double-edged. Clothes also have the power to make a girl look sexier than she is… (but do not worry that once naked and the male aroused, he will fuck her all the same!)

It also forces to confront your own misery with the success of some others (especially if you are alone and sees in the street ugly guys with beautiful girls). This can lead to tantrums and outbursts.


Differences of interpretation

The fact that men interpret a smile as an advance when it is nothing, consider the girls dressed sexy as sluts, or that rapes are widespread (increase in the number of rape on a sample of individuals) is a legacy of our evolutionary psychology.

This is not a reason to tolerate all that shit (especially not rape). But society is such that people tend to go crazy. So, it’s up to us to control ourselves and to give a good education to our children.

I sincerely believe that the game can help men to be less “hungry for sex” and so more attractive (which will seduce women): they will fuck more it will be beneficial to the whole society.

We should not forget that sex is, in our society, a taboo subject that fascinates and attracts us all… but secretly (just see the number of songs and films that talk about it)! Fucking for fun and not to perpetuate the species (through contraceptives) could change that. But in fact, women are still fine little plaster saints and men are still sex-starved. And women in particular, have so much their ass between two chairs that they often react aggressively to men’s approaches. This is not a behavior of healthy people, you will agree. We live in a stressful society and this anxiety causes people to be always more careful and not to live their lives… but to suffer their lives.

It is true that it is really better to become alcoholic that being a woman who loves sex, right? Well, in today’s society is better seen by many people. But where are we going?

It would be good that our brains evolve rapidly to take contraceptives into account so that fewer people are frustrated (thus potentially dangerous). This mixture of bad faith and biological dissatisfaction seems to be a dead end road leading right to the overuse of drugs and alcohol (everyone needs an outlet). Video games are also a distraction to me: after a certain age, we should prefer “hunting” (I allow myself this term because we all have an instinct of hunter-gatherers) girls than Pokémon!



One can read in an article in The Futurist called The Misandry Bubble « The Western World has quietly become a civilization that undervalues men and overvalues women, where the state forcibly transfers resources from men to women creating various perverse incentives for otherwise good women to conduct great evil against men and children, and where male nature is vilified but female nature is celebrated. This is unfair to both genders, and is a recipe for a rapid civilizational decline and displacement, the costs of which will ultimately be borne by a subsequent generation of innocent women, rather than men, as soon as 2020.»

Feminism is in fact not just a weapon of intra-sexual competition but also a filter that allowed women to select men who are dominant enough to do not submit to it. Now all the propaganda induced effects, including this one : it prevents the development of these men they are looking for.

Currently, the repressed desire of men is used to sell (entrances in clubs, more and more expensive, for example).


The Islamic veil

This phenomenon is explained by sexual competition. It’s simple: it distinguishes between “Madonnas” and “Sluts.” The veil is even forbidden to prostitutes and slaves.

Women do not want to look like whores, men are not marrying whores, men do not bring all their resources to whores.

The most beautiful women can say they do not care about looking like sluts, they do not need to run after men, it is men who desire them, and men love sluts. But that does not matter: there are far more average women than hot women, so the first ones have quickly reined in the seconds. This is the law of numbers: democracy.

In addition, the veil prevents men from being too excited at the sight of women… and some wagging tongues say that it allows ugly women to find a husband since men do not see them. It makes sense but, in practice, that would surprise me a bit.

In any case, what is certain is that if we do not see the women of our neighbors: no jealousy!



It is a model that was based more on the desires and needs of women than men.

Today we also live in a repeating pattern of monogamy (changing partners but often only one at a time). The consequence ? Significant tensions between different social groups.

However, Wikipedia is more optimistic than me (this is appreciable but it seems that there is a part of propaganda because monogamy can lead to frustration which always has negative consequences)

Monogamy is a legal regime allowing a man to marry only one woman, and a woman only one man. The other way is called polygamy.

According to research, it would appear that the human has a lot of receptors on two substances released during sex. This phenomenon would make him an inherently monogamous animal.

Approximately 85% of past human societies for which there are historical data seem to have allowed men to have more than one wife in a polygamous marriage. One might empirically think that the increased wealth of the elites should encourage more polygamous marriages. But the trend is opposite: monogamous marriage has spread across Europe and more recently in the world, even among the elite, even if wealth gaps have grown. An academic study published in 2012 used the criminological data available to compare polygamous and monogamous societies. According to the authors, they suggest that monogamous cultures have less rape, kidnapping, murder and child abuse, and other crimes than polygamous societies.

The institutionalization of monogamy seems to bring more net benefits for society in particular because without it many men are forced to celibacy with less hope to live with a woman. They would then be more likely to abuse and antisocial behavior; The study raised the hypothesis that institutionalized monogamy is associated with a cultural model best suited to the modern world, reducing intrasexual competition among young people, and reducing therefore the crime rate (in terms of rape, murder, assault, theft fraud) while reducing the age difference between spouses, fertility and gender inequality and moving the efforts of men looking for a wife to more paternal investment, and improved economic productivity. Peter Richerson believes that by increasing the degree of relationship within the household, the normative monogamy effectively reduces intra-household conflict, leading to fewer child neglect, less abuse, accidental death and homicide.


Is everyone entitled to health care and love ?

The popular belief is that everyone has a soul mate. But evolutionary psychology tells us that bad genes should be excluded from genetic heritage.

It’s contradictory !

Some people should not breed, according to natural selection. Besides, a long time ago, many children did not survive.

Today, medical advances are such that genes that would once have been evacuated are still there and reproduce. On the other hand, this same progress is the source of many disease because of stress and junk food, for example. So it’s the least society can do, taking care of us!

I am neither for nor against the fact that we treat ill people, I was happy when I felt not good in my life. But what I mean is that nature does not want it and suffers. Indeed, there are disastrous consequences: a dumbing down of the population and an overcrowding which hurt the planet.

Let’s think about it…

Extract from : Evopsy and Seduction

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