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We are preprogrammed

Image : Un moment d’égarement

The first idea that hurts the buttocks but must integrate is that we are not free behind our genetic inheritance. No need to use complicated concepts like the image of the father nor neuroses coming from childhood to understand and predict the behavior of a fertile woman without children (who would want some but have not yet because she has dedicated her life to her career) approaching menopause. No more than the behavior of a 50 years old rich man who cannot resist cheating on his 45 years old wife with a pretty young woman of 20 who could be his daughter but that makes him fit-in.

Note that I do not justify pedophilia but… how many of you would have resisted in the shoes of Vincent Cassel (in Un moment d’égarement version 2015)?

It is our genes that make us belong to the human species, it is also our genes that decide to which sex we belong, shape our bodies, our way of thinking, etc.

When we have children, we transmit them our genes. On the scale of human history, we can say that these are the genes that constantly manipulate us, to be transmitted to survive and exist in future generations. We die, but our genes survive if they manage to reproduce. We’re kind of survival machines for genes. Richard Dawkins rightly defines a gene as “a portion of chromosomal material that potentially lasts for enough generations to serve as natural selection unit.”

Genes control the living beings in the manner of a programmer who would have taught chess to a computer and can no longer intervene once the game started. The chess programs do not envisage every possibility to choose the best shot to play: they contain strategies associated with some weighting that the computer can eventually change, based on games already played. Similarly, genes, build carriers with various coping skills to survive and reproduce.

Our genes influence our behavior in the direction of reproduction. But rather than giving us the order to procreate, genes manage to we make us want to fuck. While they actually just want to be transmitted. And then, to survive, they give us the order to take care of our children.

What we do as parents is just trying to give the best opportunities to our children in the sexual competition that awaits them, which is also what our genes want us to do. Our ancestors were able to do all this, and they have given us these behaviors.

Genes however do not decide everything. The wider environment has an influence too : food availability, climate, other living beings around, the type of relationship with other people, culture, society, etc. Chance also plays a role because you could have the best genetic code of the world, if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time but take a brick on the head… it’s game over!

The genetic program however cannot be too free because if at the end of his life, the man who conveys the gene had no viable children, the program disappears would disappear with him.

Over millions of generations before us, the too free programs were eliminated, and those that remain today do not leave us really free, they seek to manipulate us from inside. They try to give us a body and such a behavior that they find themselves in subsequent generations. I’m simplifying, of course, I am not trying to denounce a weird genetic conspiracy, I’m just talking about the fact that our instinct influences us.

On average (there are exceptions to everything), natural selection favors genes that program their survival machines so that they fit best to their environment, living conditions and relations with animals of the same species and of different species.

It’s always about reproduction : these rules are immutable and always underlying, even when one is young. Otherwise why would 25 years old footballers already have several kids while with their finances, they could easily use condoms and flirt with a lot of supermodels? Knowing that the average age of a first child in France is 28 years.

Some beings transmit their characteristics more than others and thus have a great influence on the future of the species.

Anyway, if you are depressed one day, tell yourself that you carry the legacy of your ancestors : sexual winners who managed to reproduce. So, you have the opportunity to be a winner too! You have got it in your blood…

Extract from : Evopsy and Seduction

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