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Bugs in the programming

Bugs in the programmingSexual selection started a long time ago and happened on the very long term: our brain has been optimized for a world that no longer exists. And had not enough time to adapt.

We must assimilate this notion that we have already mentioned, the “Mismatch” : our brains date of the Stone Age, so it was not selected to live in today’s environment: overcrowding, sharing labor, etc.

We are currently facing an unprecedented sexual context, far from what our ancestors have known: reliable contraceptives, infertility treatments, artificial insemination, dating sites, sperm banks, AIDS … The prehistoric brains of men and women did not know condoms, for example! And yet, it changes everything, sexually speaking!

We face these new conditions armed of old strategies that have worked at different times and in environments disappeared forever. The modern human has been shaped by a world that had nothing to do with the modern world and the change of the environment was not slow enough to allow a deep adaptation.

Fortunately, this book will focus on what it is good to keep in this programming but also and especially what it is counter-productive to keep. Basically, I invite you here to think for yourself about certain things you do or refrain. Why ? How? Is it really in your best interest to do that?

Extract from : Evopsy and Seduction

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