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The girl who has got crazy eyes (and not only)

June 8th 2014,

Well, I QUICKLY update my diary because I lose on my blog a considerable amount of time I could instead use to write columns in intellectual newspapers, mischievous letters torn by the woman of my dreams (who will stay in my dreams) or to revise my exams like a shit. Well, for a change, I am not going to speak to you about seduction today… I am rather going to speak to you about the love I feel for myself. No, I’m kidding.

During the night of Thursday to Friday, I saw again Carla (or Clara IDK). It is the girl who had shaken me in my car on Monday night. 6 months since last time she had sex, poor girl, this is why she was so furious. In brief, her tiny ass doggy-style, it was something!!! And moreover, she smelt good this time, it was probably her pullover that stank like a fag recently… “Carla or Clara”, it is moreover with this name that I saved her number in my phone. Just to be sure don’t make mistake.

During the night of Friday to Saturday, with Virginie, we ate a cake she had cooked. With apple in addition. Then, in the bed, I took her Pulp Fiction virginity and we beat our record of orgasms. 9 between the evening and the morning. Bim ! Otherwise, she is not happy because she had only a 15.9/20 average in psychology, do you realize this drama? In brief, I love the perfectionists like that.

During the night of Saturday to Sunday, I planned to go out. I mean, I really sincerely planned to go out. But at the last moment, a girl with whom I speak from time to time on Adopt wrote me. I hadn’t not messaged her for a few weeks in fact, because that she had not liked when I had told her that I would never visit her in Marseille and that as a consequence if she wanted my cock, she should move until my humble house in Aix.

Roughly, she wrote me yesterday evening to tell me that she went out of a chicken Adopt date. And I answered her that it was well done for her because she would have better made to come having sex with me (just as a provocation). She immediately suggested coming to make up for it and I said OK. I am so easy… If you too you want to learn how to make unknowns who look hot come to your place, I recommend you to read Secrets for seducing on the Internet !

A not ugly but not hot either woman arrived at my home. Not fat but not thin either. She was less hot than on her photos, to tell you everything. And with madwoman’s eyes especially, yes yes, like those Barney describes in How I Met. This legendary crazy look that puts you ill-at-ease in the blink of an eye. The first thing she told me, just to make me comfortable it is “ah, I would have preferred that you put a shirt“. I had an oversized jeans (for 92-year-old people) and a black T-shirt I bought 4 years ago. “By the way, what do you do alone at your home a Saturday evening ?” I almost told her to go to Hell with her shitty questions but well, I am too kind, one more time. She continued “I like to be welcomed in a suit and tie“. Well, I did not raise this. She continued her bullshit ” I had a car accident at the speed of 140 on the highway on Wednesday, I have pain in ribs, I was not looked by a doctor.” She had a small crust on her nose, I pushed above as to punish her “ouch attention it hurts“. Hihihi!

I went on the balcony, she joined me. I began to fiddle with her, she was passive 2 minutes then went back to sit down alone on the sofa. “Can I smoke ?” There, she began to annoy me seriously. Then, “I would like to drink something.
– sorry I have nothing but water.
” Totally crazy this chick. I went to see in the refrigerator if accidentally there would not be something for her. There was an organic beer there, which dated of IDK when. I served her a drink. She said “that has a strange taste, taste it“. Actually, it tasted like some water, but some strange water. She continued to speak to me and to say bullshits like “I have a kid you know, with my husband we are in an open relationship“. Roughly, she cheats on him and he does(n’t) know it, but well I don’t buy it, it’s been ages that I listen with only half an ear what they tell. She said that she banged her neighbor, bridegroom, by leaving a note on his car “call me 06XXXXXXXX”. She told me that she fucks regularly a guy about whom she knows that he lies on his age and his job, just to try to unmask it. Between two shitty stories that did not interest me, she caught my head and kissed me while caressing with her hands my virtuoso of the words’ trunk. Completely inconsistent the girl. I resisted a little. Then, I began again to fiddle with her, I passed everywhere on her body, she was passive. By way of underwear: a wet one-piece swimsuit. Surprising. She asked me “Well, what do you tell me about you? I like to discuss and that we learn to know each other before“. I didn’t want to tell her anything, I found her weird and even not hot, and in addition she started to piss off me. I remember another thing that she said and that shocked me “do you know what piss me off ?
– no.
– condoms
“. No but like if I was going to take the risk of having a kid with a girl like her or to get a STD for her while it’s a pain in the ass to get rid of a papilloma virus, no but she is crazy!!! At a given moment, after a silence, she bawled “it is not you who decide, it is me“. IDK what she was talking about, certainly sex. She told me that she had done only one single date-direct-fuck like that, but that the guy was hot. I do not know how I should take it. Then, she felt my arm muscles as to estimate the goods. So, let’s say she is a demanding superficial girl : “I don’t like blue eyes nor short guys“.

She continued to assault me “you, you fuck any girl who comes to your place, right ?
– hell no, only if I like her all the same.
– and how do you know you’ll like her ?
– I select well.
” In any case, with her I did not select, I agreed without thinking to see her and I paid it cash. After a while, I ran out of air. My heart started beating very fast. As experienced paranoiac hypochondriac, I believed that there was some drug (or another shit) in the out-of-date beer I had drunk a mouthful of. I went out on the balcony, everything turned, difficulties to breath. It had probably put her under stress because she told me that she also felt sick. She wanted to go downstairs to get a breath of fresh air. I noticed that she took her stuff. That was a good idea!

Once downstairs, I felt better. We kissed again, this time more intensely, more wildly and she said to me “I don’t know if I want to do it“. We continued “No, finally, I don’t want tonight.
– Ah OK.
– Are you mad at me ?
– Not at all.
” It was true btw, I absolutely didn’t give a shit about her, that almost relieved me. I had the impression that I would more have screwed her by automatism than by desire. “Well it’s OK then, I won’t make you pay the highway. Well, I gotta go, I have another plan in Aix I want to visit“. Incomprehensible this girl, fuck. Why did she kiss me if she doesn’t like me? And if she likes me, why she did she say to me that she was going to fuck another one? She is very capable of calling me back one day or another to say that she wants finally but she will take it in the ass very deep (not by me) ! I don’t anymore wanna try to understand crazy people like that. Seriously, I don’t even know her name. I’m not kidding ! Do I shock you ? Needs that I stop my bullshit… this kind of girl doesn’t deserve me.

On second thought, I guess that my heart began beating so hardly under the influence of the malaise and some nervousness. And because the malaise is communicative, she also felt it. From there, she wanted to leave. Or then, she was a pure lier, and she was about to frighten out at the idea of enjoying too hardly and got cold feet… she would not be the first one. In brief, we will never know more about it anyway but that made me think. What’s the point of wasting my time with these poor idiots while I am used to girls like Virginie who are way better than her and with whom there is a real connection ? Certainly, I had nothing to lose if I screwed her, but what had I to win in fact? Absolutely nothing, I guess. I felt her unhealthy, this girl. I am very happy that we finally didn’t do it. It is the first time that I feel it, maybe that I move forward in my Game or then maybe that she was really knackered. In any case, the logic of the number is a little bit chicken. I agree that it is instructive to screw a lot of girls but it is better to avoid some specimens (guys too I think). In brief, 5 years since I had not made any anxiety attack, I thought I was done with it, and now it happens again to me during a date. I am disgusted! I hope that it will just be a temporary accident…

In any case, if I was her I would think : ONE chicken date it can be an accident, but TWO during the same night, it is probably that she conveys bad things.

May the God of the Game spares us all those crazy bitches in the future.

NB : To leave her first date, she pretended she has a headache (it’s important for a girl like her to don’t be frank). And, something like 1h later, the guy sent her a text “do you feel better?” What a naivety. Especially that she began to speak badly about him in front of me “hahaha, he writes me just one hour later, he is probably a poor guy he has probably no other plans in his life, I did well to next him“. Conclusions: do not believe every word they say AND sending a nice message like that even if it is very kind means humbling yourself. How sad it is !

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