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Do Not Read Me : The dictionary VS the riffraff and the kikoolol

Unfortunately, I cannot translate this ebook because it is full of French play on the words.
But you can read it in french if you want.

Let’s talkseriously (for once) : I really think that there is a big problem in the world. More and more people are in total break with the society… picking up socially disadvantaged persons is so easy that it becomes terrible. All the same, these people have the right to vote for example, and that gives me envy to vomit because they have no commonsense. Really disconcerting: if with for only weapon my black humor I can make a kid undress on the webcam, to receive by mail some threats of death because some people believe hard as cliff that I am a “eater of babies”… what is the influence of the politics who masters in the perfection the art of the manipulation? There are a lot amateur Goebbels outside,  smart and ambitious people, sophist enough to get then apply a book of manipulation of the crowds. They can easily become the king of idiots.

THE CONVERSATIONS ARE AUTHENTIC (sociologists are going to enjoy)

People are more and more stupid, let’s add to this fact that the society becomes a dictatorship of mass, there are chances there that we migrate to a system of “idiocracy”. Thus yeah, the lack of education and the bullshit it is funny on the short-term, but on the middle/long term, that scares me. I don’t remember which politician had predicted the dictatorship of the mass popular as a logical result of the democracy. I am a little bit high thus I don’t remember his name. I think that we arrive at present at the crossing between two roads, two possible and opposite systems. Which one is worst ? The idiocracy ? The Geniocracy ? Come what may.

Discover in this ebook a lot of socially disadvantaged persons, laugh, but do not forget to think and to understand that it is finally about real people, who you can cross at any time in the street. This ebook is intended to laugh at the idiocracy.

You can read the ebook for free here (in French).


Fabrice Julien

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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