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A future shrink expresses her opinion on the Game and PUA

A future shrink expresses her opinion on the Game and PUAThis article was written by Virginie.

Hello, or good evening, you choose,

Just to change a little, today it is a girl who will speak to you about the Game and the PUA. I allow myself to do it because it has been now more than year and nine months since I know this “world” and I sometimes have the impression that I know more about it than certain fake-players… All right, I do not think I can give you routines or diverse techniques to approach. Except that this is not my purpose. Mine, it is to deliver you my point of view and to talk about certain preconceived ideas. I hope that this testimony will incite you to persevere – or to introduce yourself – in the GameI suspect that “politically correct people” will not necessarily appreciate what follows but, as says Erica Jong (American writer), “if you don’t risk anything you risk even more!” thus I am going to open my mouth. Then, to tell the truth, I am indifferent that people approve or not what I am going to write. Because I am a little bit kind all the same, I am going to try to be brief (but do not believe in it too much).

Let’s begin with the beginning (and it is already a good start): until last year I did not feel good when I was in couple. What, needs to admit it, is frankly bundle. OK, I didn’t have 36 000 relations before, nevertheless every time I put an end to it because I felt locked – and nevertheless they were far from being jealous nor sticky.

Then, the summer 2013, I discovered the world of the PUA thanks to the blog of your very dear Cyprineman. And, contrary to what can say some girls or some boys, I did not absolutely feel raped by their inhumanity nor soiled nor anything else. On the contrary, I find it good that guys decide to take in hand their life to improve and take advantage completely of the short passage that we make on Earth. Because it is exactly about it that we talk when it comes to the PUA. Then, yes, they approach more girls than most of the average guys (without being weird nor impolite) and thus fuck more. But everything is a question of statistics. In what is it bad? I want to say, they don’t force the girl. They are neither narcissistic perverts (moreover I advise you to look for what is really a narcissistic pervert because this has nothing to do with what I have read on diverse forums, and it is a future shrink who speaks to you, thus I know a minimum this subject), nor psychopaths (no but how can some people make such a mixture?!). Then if some people are crazy, it is not a consequence of the “status” of PUA. I could explain you perversion as one of the three forms of structure of the psyche with the psychosis and the neurosis and what are the ins and outs or the particular stuff that characterizes the psychopaths, but I said that I would try to be brief thus I leave you the care of making yourself these researches – if however you agree to question. In brief. What I wanted to say it is that narcissistic perverts : it existed before the PUA and they will always exist, that’s the way it is. The same goes for the psychopaths.

To return to the fact there that they fuck more, I just want to say: as long as they protect themselves, everything goes well. It is maybe stupid what I am going to say but love is something that requires two people. Thus yes, his purpose is to enjoy a maximum (and blaming somebody for that is just, in my opinion, a mixture of jealousy and frustration), but don’t pretend to me that the girl just undergoes. Poor victim, it is frankly not nice to give her orgasms, you should be ashamed! Pff, bullshit… Then there you will tell me that the PUA manipulate, uses various verbal and non-verbal techniques of communication to get his own way and so we can consider the girl as a victim. To what I would answer that, on one hand, we are all manipulated in the everyday life (read “The sneaky influences” by Beauvois so you come back on Earth a little). And that we also manipulate the others. Sometimes we do not necessarily realize it. Let’s take a quite stupid example: a parent says to his child “I would like you to tidy up your bedroom. You are not obliged, it’s up to you, but it would all the same be a good thing…”. Well, there, there is manipulation inside. Thus the one who has never used this kind of formulation can casts the first stone on me. Then, in what is it bad to use techniques of communications? Thanks to them, the discussions are more fluid and more pleasant. Then, all right, they allow to establish more or less artificially a comfortable climate with the girl. But since when is it a problem to want that the person whom we address does not see us as a threat? Then there is a brilliant guy that I respect enormously who had made of these manipulations his job: Erickson (all those who want to continue in the Game should read about it, at least the main lines). To summarize, it is a psychologist who developed his own technique of hypnosis – or rather, of auto-hypnosis – based on processes allowing to directly reach the unconscious. His patients went out from it more alive than ever. Then so that’s it for you to be a swindler, I say fuck off.

I am willing to admit it, all the PUA do not necessarily make a great use of their “learning”, but it’s just like everywhere. To make generalizations like crazy, it is dangerous and totally stupid. The human being is too complex to be generalized. It is also for that reason that it is necessary to be wary of people who promise you, thanks to an internship of 2-3 days, to seduce any girl, including the HB10 (who are in fact easier to seduce than the others, but you already know it and why). Do you know a miracle diet that allows to lose weight quickly, without getting fat again and which requires only few efforts? Not me, in any case. Moreover, in what is it useful to seduce “any girl”? Isn’t it better to manage to end up with a person who corresponds to us a minimum? In any case, it is from this perspective that acts the PUA – the real one. Besides, the internships are made by so-called coaches in seduction (no need to make a lot of researches on the Internet to see that there is no corresponding diploma), not by PUA. Let’s not mix everything, please ! Then, I am far from being an expert in seduction, but there is no need to have gone out of Saint-Cyr(French military academy) to realize that the coaches publish only videos of the moments when they succeeded – whether it is to get a number, to kiss a girl, etc. Have you already seen an ad for a diet in which they showed us people on whom it had not worked? No, nevertheless it happens often. Thus it is the same thing for these coaches. They just show their success. Logic, they live on that. I do not say that I am a fan of it, but I just find that understandable. And, once again, you should not make generalizations: idiots and “kind persons” exist in every domains. As for myself, I saw a video of Snipe – the one of his passage on France3 – and I find him realistic. Because he was on TV, he maybe a little forced the line, to be sure “to buzz ” – and apparently it worked, no? Then, I know nothing about it, I am not in his head neither.

Another point mattering which I would like to develop it is the taking of step back towards the methods very divided in X stages. I am not specially against the idea if you want to have a “weft” to don’t feel lost during the interaction, but it is necessary to avoid falling in the rigidity. As well you as the girl, you would feel ill at ease. As a result, you would not seduce, what would frustrate you and you would not anymore be in good conditions to succeed. Each of us is unique thus a method which works for one dude will not work necessarily for another one. You have to take enough step back to differentiate the good things and the shit and to choose what corresponds to you.

I am anxious to make an analogy: becoming a PUA it is a little like becoming a dancer. When we begin the dance we are incapable to make a jump, or a wide gap, or some other figure. But due to repeating again and again, falling and getting up every time, gestures eventually become more fluid, more precise, more harmonious. But it takes time. I practiced dance during 10 years and I am far from being an exceptional dancer. Becoming a PUA, it is the same thing, it takes time and involves necessarily ups and downs (not tights, eh, it would be ridiculous). Well, here we are, I made my analogy, I am happy.

To finish, I know that the point of view I defend is rather surprising, especially for a girl. But I am not one of those who dream about the prince charming on his beautiful white horse, about the passionate relation in Roméo and Juliette and about romanticism with no end. And, I am going to tell you a secret, it is more or less similar for ALL the girls. But schuuut, huh, don’t spread this around ! I am even going to entrust you a second secret : I am in a relationship with a PUA. Yes, yes, a couple – even me I have difficulty in believing in it. We had started by having an open-relationship before wanting something more serious. I conceive that this kind of relation is often badly seen – ah fucking social pressure – but, as for myself, I think that it is the best way to avoid disappointments. I am anxious to specify that I am not an ugly girl nor a nymphomaniac (moreover, to be nympho it is not just sleeping with a max of people, it is a real psychological trouble that makes the person suffer a lot, there is a real ill-being) neither a whore nor I don’t know what else. I make a success of my studies, I have a social life and I am almost never sick (and this has nothing to do with the rest) ! I just take advantage of the short time that represents life by disregarding what will be said. What’s the problem ?! Moreover, I have to admit you that I had never feel as good in couple as since I am with this PUA (and it is not just because sexually it is awesome, even if that contributes to it). The things is that he understands me better than most of the guys and that I can be really myself and express what I want or do not want without fear of being judged. Thanks to his capacity to listen to me and to hear what women say, we never quarrelled (even if I am far from being the ideal girlfriend!). It is my first real long-term relationship and, if it works, it is I think because he made an huge work upstream to become a PUA.

Well, I do not know if I really answered the original aim but I hope that this article will have reassured you : being a PUA and finding a nice girl (even brilliant, like me (yes, modesty is one of my main qualities)) it is totally compatible. I would even add : being a PUA is an advantage to find a good girl (even brilliant, like me (long live the running gags)). So let’s go to work !

P.S. : I guess I have failed to write a short text but, at the same time, I had said that I would try, not that I would succeed.

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1 thought on “A future shrink expresses her opinion on the Game and PUA

  1. ”I am anxious to make an analogy: becoming a PUA it is a little like becoming a dancer. When we begin the dance we are incapable to make a jump, or a wide gap, or some other figure. But due to repeating again and again, falling and getting up every time, gestures eventually become more fluid, more precise, more harmonious. ”

    That is definetely true and many guys give up at repetition stage. PUA requires discipline, hope and patience. Eventually, you are learning many things including yourself and not to follow the non sense world rules.

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