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Traumas at the official reception of the Arts et Métiers

May 27th 2014,

Hello ! Here the writer of Sunday (what leaves me all week to pick up on Tinder). Needs that I tell you the news a little! Warning : as a good dictator, I oblige you to read to me, otherwise I condemn you to make you cut the cock with a nail scissors or fill the pussy with some cement.

Two weeks ago, I received a message from a girl I fucked last December: she wanted to present me one of her friends who had not fucked for a long time. I went to see the profile in question: a pure bimbo of Marseille, hot but biatch. Well, let’s see farther than appearances, I said to myself in my big generosity, and I added her on FB. “yo what r u looking 4 ?” huuuuu what a bad start… We a little talked and she was OK so that I fuck her next Friday. She knew only one single guy in her whole life and wanted to learn how to run wild with a professional. Her friend had advised her my cock and my magic tongue. The day before the date “where do u invite me 2morrow ?
– At my place.
– sry I have a boyfriend now”
. AS IF BY CHANCE! FAKE. LIE. Roughly, she freaked out at the last moment like a lot of girls who are afraid of going out of their comfort zone. Needs not to make me waste my time presenting me not reliable girls, you will know it. Already that she applied, needed that I pay in addition a restaurant or other thing?! Needs not to mess around, girls…

Last week, I went to get tested. The face of the doctor when I said that I had more than 30 partners since my last test (in August 2013) was legendary. She asked me if I prostituted myself… true story. She also asked me if I had somebody in my life, then I spoke to her about my open relationship. She was close to the syncope. I believe that the common run of people is not ready for that. By going out, I have seen Hafid who came getting test like every week by whistling.

On Saturday evening, official reception of Arts et Métiers (a very famous party in Aix) with Padawan, Le Gothique and his friends. I said to Virginie (my little “open relationship” darling who reads my blog and whom I like very much to death) “I go out tonight
– ah, you will do some NPU ?”
she killed me there. Otherwise good plan: we had places for €10 instead of the normal price of €30 (a girl who could not come resold it in front of the school) and I found money on the ground by going there. What a karma!

There was a girl there who threw herself on me into the entrance “it’s him !!! (aggressive)
– him who ?
– the fake-fucker of Internet! You think you are too beautiful because you fucked more than 150 girls? I don’t believe you, you are short and ugly eh then stop writing bullshits on the Internet.”
I did not even got excited. She continued her frenzy “I know a guy, he is better than you eh he fucks 40 in 1 month and everything, hahaha you really are a shit.
– OK, but
your story there I heard it 1000 times but never met such a guy yet (in addition I understand what I’m doing, I do original things, etc. it is not sex for sex and to boast and say I’m the best, pff, I experience then I’m fed up to justify myself that’s it)
2) even if it is true I don’t care it is not my purpose to fuck the maximum, I am an artist, I try to come true.”
Then, she continued to assault me. yes , it’s true, in addition he is too hot not like you, and I tested him!!!
– well then if he is hot then he has no merit!
– Why ? He does on the contrary! Ah why is it always the ugliest guys who have the biggest ego?!”
Seriously, one more who understood nothing. Where have I written that I fuck because I am too handsome? Full of prejudices, it is sad. In brief, we left Le Gothique with his uninteresting friends and we went to pick up with Padawan.

A guy came to shake hands with me “hello, do you recognize me ?
– heuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
– I work at [club in Aix], I invit you on events on fb, me I read your stories
– ah heuuuuuuuuuu yeah hello”
. The guy maybe fucks girls by telling that he works at this club and by inviting people on FB. Good for him but me I don’t care. Besides, what pissed me off it’s that he didn’t assume that he likes reading me he said that he was obliged because supposedly I spam FB. Hmmmmmm. That made me the same effect than finding myself encircled by a bustle of Brazilian travestites rutting. He would have showed me his cock that that I would have remained unmoved. After all, the superheroes like Batman are often hated because not understood by the population. I am the super-hero of sex who crosses the world with the a hard cock to save all the hotties who are really horny in buildings in flames. In brief, even if people do not dare to be seen any more with me I don’t care: I shall go sunbathing in Ibiza with some models whom I would have saved from sexual boredom, France do not deserve me.

I made a failed approach. In fact, I began my movement to approach a girl and I stopped right in the middle. I was not ready. Basically, that was that: “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
– ???
– aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
– ???” then she cleared off. Padawan did not stop pursuing me afterward by singing “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaïe will always love you”.

Well, I had to wash this insult. Where was the PUA, seriously? I wasn’t going to let myself be destabilize by a silly bitch all the same.Second approach: a girl passed, I returned on her and she maintained my eye contact “ouuuh not baaad”. She smiled. I approached and continued “didn’t we kiss last week ?
– no.
– and are you interested ?
– why not.”
Thus then we eat each other’s mouths. The sexual connection when we approach random ly is sometimes surprising! Then I asked her if she wanted to kiss Padawan. And finally, if she wanted to make a 3some. She told us that she had already almost made one but that the guys had got cold feet and that she is really interested. We made an appointment at 3 am to go at my place to make an orgy. I took her num then I rang her on the spot, I know that that is not correct but I don’t give a shit. In fact, I do what I want. I have the impression that when we become “good”, well, we can do shitty things. I mean, in the mouth of an AFC the “ouuuh not baaad” it would have very badly passed. The check that it was a real number too. But me I believed in it when I said that she was attractive then when I said it, it was spontaneous and natural. The talent, isn’t it finally to simplify everything and to manage to be yourself and to express it (the real you not that conditioned/frustrated) ?

In brief, we knew that it was not a very solid plan. But we didn’t want to waste it either. Thus we a little calmed down. We talked rubbish and spent a good night up to the arranged hour. I called her twice, I sent a text. No answer. My telephone vibrated “Misty (a bro in Paris) = I just kissed a hottie
– bitch, I thought it was the text of a girl I wanted to fuck
– me too I love you.”
The plan was thus dead but not buried, as a result, we went back to hunt. We met quite a lot of people we knew. In particular a girl I had kissed at the music festival last year. I don’t know how I recognized her, I had a flashback. That was funny.

There was also a German girl I had picked up last September. An attractive blonde with blue eyes. She liked very much me to death but wanted absolutely “something serious” (even to kiss on the mouth) then I had sent her to hell. She was there, this scamp, and she had the nerve e to call me. With a friend even more hot than her in addition. Then, I proposed them a 3some : normal. They did not want, they claimed to be dykes and kissed each other twice in front of us : normal. I caught her hot head, took her hand, approached ready-close to her and said ” will you have the nerve to say that you don’t like me”. Fuck, her friend started strangle me with my tie. Bitches. We didn’t believe in their pseudo-lesbians’ things and we were right because we saw them later with fat and dirty guys… they looked down. Seriously, why lying like that? In brief, I will poke all her friends’ list as a way of punishment. As for myself what irritates me most it is the ones who look down and pretend they don’t recognize me and/or the kind hypocrites in front of you and nasty from behind (I’m not talking about doggy style) !

Then, we saw the ex of Padawan. The one with whom we had to make an orgy in November. The one who was OK, who wanted to go to at my place. Then who chicken out at the last moment, justified the whole thing by a “Fabrice I don’t feel him” and we found to drink a tea till 5 am like hard idiots. The one who pissed us off because she wanted to suck only with condoms and in the black. Well, so we approached her friends. They told us that she had forbidden them to touch us. It is ridiculous. As a result, he sent her a text to tell her that he would never fuck her again and we let them throw up their whiskeys (they stank out up to Marseille).

We approached a lot of girls in uniform. Because, there, the girls who do the Arts et Métiers wear a uniform and I find it extremely sexy. The first one approached was kind and everything, but tight-ass and in couple. She even treated us aggressive perverts just because we dared to speak about something else than the following flat and uninteresting subjects “how old are you ? what do you do for a living?”

A second bitch came to see us. We proposed her the 3some and everything and she said I’m interested but I finish at 5 am, now I am in the stand, I sell some tapenade, dried tomatoes and I don’t remember what else, come “. We told her that she would not have us like that. She eventually admitted us to have a boyfriend and not to be interested at the idea of cheating on him but wanted all the same to sell us her stuff thus she pretended a fake. Very kind the girl but, seriously, using her charm and lying to try to sell her goods on slightly too naive guys: I find it shameful.

I stopped a group of 2, a cute half-blood and a fat blonde. Of course, the cute hang back and it is the ugly who spoke to me “do you want to make a 4some ?
(Classic: we waited for this one, we still had not had the aggressive and nasty answer)
– Ah well, you imagine you are so better than us LOL ?
– No it is not that but I have a bac+5 then don’t come BORING ME by talk to me about sex
– Why do you send back your frustration on me?
– It is not because I don’t want to fuck with you that I am frustrated ASSHOLE!!! I AM NOT INTEREST IN THIS BULLSHIT
– ah, but yes, you get excited thus you are frustrated, look I am calm “
. Short of arguments, she caught her friend and cleared off. Isn’t bullshit the anxiolytic of poor people?

An average girl (I more wanted to ask her to leave than a phone number) came talking to me “have you got a cigarette?
– no
– even if I kiss you ?
– well no… “
and she cleared off to do the same thing with another guy. Distressing. Who told them that they could obtain everything this way? Seriously that irritates me this difference in the balance of power between both sexes. And there are always guys there to pay them stuff otherwise they would not do it any more for long, it is sad! I am persuaded that the heart of the problem it is that the guys do not have sex enough otherwise they would not be so subdued to the smell of the pussy!

The girl of the beginning, the kind of silly bitch with whom I would have loved consuming crack on an old bench full of snow in Stalingrad (she claims she comes from there but I forgot her name something like Svetlana finally an unpronounceable name for a mouth very pronounceable) came back. “How are you the fake fucker?
– fine and you ?
– fine.
– by the way, Le Gothique told me you didn’t have sex for 3 months, poor girl ?
– ah the asshole he told you
– so why do you come pissing me off by throwing your frustration to my face?”
Turned out that she was totally unstable Me the guys I fuck them and I throw them like paper tissues if I want but I don’t do it because everything comes out in this city
– Ah you are a victim of the social pressure then
– no.
– ah
-it’s me who manipulate people I am very good in psychology I always have what I want.
– ah”
. In brief, unhealthy to death the girl. I told her at a given moment (I don’t know why)“do you know that I could make you come with one single finger like E.T. ?
– ahahah how do you plan to do that ? me I need a big cock, a train in my tunnel, you see.”
Besides, she knows nothing about sex, this bitch. I a little discussed with her then told her that I found her attractive even if we had a bad start (because it is an objective fact that she is not ugly) : that a little relaxed her and everything and at this moment she admitted “you look like my ex…
– so do you want to show me your tits ?”
She lowered her dress, lowered her bra in front of everybody and showed me her boobs. Just because I had asked her, like that. That suited her at the level of nipples it was very explicit. Well, then with Padawan we said to ourselves that we were going to go back on this positive note. We are all ugly and beautiful in fact: It just depends in the eyes of who! Knowing it and accepting it allows to make a step forward and to don’t be affected nor destabilized anymore by the small lousy games, it is powerful! Before leaving, I murmured to her tenderly “come on I fuck you the silly bitch” for the provocation.

We left because she began speaking with feather dusters but she ran after us. She absolutely wanted that we walked her back. This crazy chick started telling us that she already had sex in the street … and because we didn’t care, she added “but you, you will NEVER fuck me
– ok but you know we didn’t ask
– your loss
– ah yeah it’s true, you are so beautiful, you can have who you want (irony)”.

She pissed off Padawan in two seconds then caught his arm by calling him pervert because he put a hand on her butt (me too moreover to piss her off). All this by telling him that it was strange that Le Gothique has friends like him, so nasty and perverse while Le Gothique him, he is so classy and nice (he is a typical AFC so he doesn’t make women react). Padawan asked her to stop, to leave him, several times but she caught him more. A strange energy invaded him, I have never seen him like that, the face hardened and he make her a little bit strong armlock.

The madwoman found that surprising. Me too, especially for a guy who is going to be 3rd dan of tae kwon do. A big silence. I read a moment of hesitation in her eyes then she ran away in the street by waving. I think that she is used to control guys thanks to her ass but that because it did not work with us, she freaked out. Here is where arrived the men due to don’t showing their balls.

Phew. Finally freed. She needed it at least. She was persuaded that by behaving like that we would be at her feet or what? Then, Padawan felt a little guilty, but well… It was no bad thing I guess. All this for a bad mussel. Me I would not have done it because I am too kind but I think that it is not so grave. The wrist a little cracked but well.

In the street we met two girls, one blubbered “beuhhh but I’m in love with him“. I hadn’t the courage to explain her that there was 99 % of chances she is not in love with him in fact. That she was simply persuaded that she was because of the television propaganda that people undergo. But that would have been too long to explain then I went to bed.

The next day, the girl whom I had registered at “3some” on my mobile answered that the champagne had risen to her head and that she had forgotten the hour and everything. Then she admitted to me that she was afraid to bang 2 unknowns like that. I like honesty then I have just suggested her screwing her at the end of the week. She answered me that she is free Friday and Saturday… to be continued! In the meantime, I will poke all the girls who were at the official reception. Hey yeah, needs that I fuck, needs that I buzz!

Ah yeah and incidentally: the European elections, I don’t give a damn. It is some shit and it is useless to complicate things with that. I went to put a bulletin “Orelsan President” because seriously I’m fed up that we take us for idiots in the media while only asking us to vote for rich disconnected of the reality who do not respect us to choose which one will have the power on us. Not one single demonstration to cut the head of the presidents of all the political parties? Move your ass suckers. Make bombs explode plz (rather one that I have already fucked PLEASE). We are fed up with those conceited jerks who are nevertheless obliged to look at their popularity rating with submarine so much that falls in gap.

May the God of the Game be with you !

PS : After the party, the crazy girl told Le Gothique that my confidence had made her wet but that she would never admit it in front of me. To want to prove I don’t know what, she has just missed some good orgasms (and the best cunni of her life). Fuxelife, I am not going to fight to give some pleasure. Her pussy is doubtless deep, but she, is a severely retarded person. In brief, I shall see again her certainly by making my shopping like all the young inhabitants of Aix at my dealer in the street Tiers.

PS 2 : I approached a short fat person to piss him off during the night “hello are you a good kisser? ” And he answered “screw your mother”. I followed him by taking very calmly his insults and by speaking to him normally. I remained very cool during 10 minutes, that made him break freak out. He wanted to punch me. I am going to push the harassment until the poke on FB.

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