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Are men obsessed with sex ?

A friend woke me up at 2:30 pm (the day after a party) to ask me with a scandalized voice « OH CYPRINEMAN, DO GUYS ONLY THINK ABOUT SEX ? »  I answered « of course not : We also think about the mouth, the breasts, the stomach, the legs and the ass. » This answer having not satisfied her, I have to develop a reflection. I am going to try to don’t be too macho.

It is about a recurring question, that quite a lot of princesses have already asked me. Indeed, many girl friends have already announced me their disappointment to the stronger sex (fuck, I said that I would not be macho) : saying that we would think only about sex and we would not be interested in the personality, we would all be jerks, we would want just to fuck, and other variants… The girls, if we listened to them, we would all write poems to be popular. Except that in the reality, the poets practice the sport that makes deaf. It is even why they have time to write in verse.

So what ? The man would only think about sex and the woman about love? Stop, it is more than stupid even if it is what we would like to persuade us to make us feel guilty while our elites make orgies. I had plenty of friends who admitted to me being attracted first and foremost by the physical appearance of a guy, others to want only sexfriends until marriage. I also have very romantic buddies who were ready to commit suicide stupidly for a girl who did not answer them anymore on the phone after a first disastrous date (yes yes). The wrongs are thus shared between both sides : each sex has the power to make the other unhappy. But it is not a reason to generalize “they are all bitches/all jerks” or to decide to become a nun. Having said that, if the men who read this text decide to make wish of chastity, so much the better, that will make for me fewer competitors.

Then, who’s to blame? Sarko? Holland? Le Pen? It is the society that “prohibit” to the woman to be teasing, it is what I call “social pressure” on this blog.  She so risks to be considered as a whore, whereas the attractive man would be considered as a Don Juan, that is to say a model to be followed for the other men. Thus when they sleep together the man wins and the woman loses? It is really some shit this reasoning. Why do some people think in a so chicken way ? The instinct of the man is polygamous, he has to fertilize the maximum of females to make sure a descent. The woman, her, can be pregnant only of a single man: because of long period gestation, she has to pay attention to choose minutely an alpha male. The guys thus do not want unconsciously to raise the child of another one and the woman knows it this is why she wants to be thought of as pure. But paradoxically, the girls want to be thought of as pure until you call them tight ass and there they reveal you that not in fact and everything… With the advent of the condom and the pill, it’s a mess in their head. Having said that, a girl who assumes a little more than the average can game admirably well. Hell yeah, if a girl is a little bit smart she will act less boring than the others with the guys she likes and can have the priority to sexier but more boring girls than her. And then make the guys addicted.

On the content, both sexes are not that different, except sometimes in the way of communicating their desires and of assuming them. Indeed, it is the feminine behavior that influences of what an average man is going to think about a girl (if he is just going to fuck her or if she has the potential to become the only woman for him, longer that all night long). What are these elements that influence of what we think of them? I listed four, there are certainly others, but I am still tired.


The men are more turned on by the image, and the woman by the feelings, that was proved. So, a beautiful barelegged or a beautiful low neck can make us feel immediately sexual (that varies according to the physical shape, the concerns of moment, etc.) Getting dressed like a big bitch and adopting a sexy and teasing behavior, places rather the girl in the compartment “sex friend”. She has however to show herself sexy a minimum and to reveal her interest a little so that the alpha male is interested in her even for something more serious. It is necessary to keep our attraction on the alert. A confident man would even be satisfied that his girl excites the other guys and to fuck her HIM at the end of the day. And then, who said that beginning with a sex thing was a bad thing and prevented from something serious after?


If she is tactile and teasing with the other guys, and if the one with whom she wishes a serious relation sees her doing it, he will maybe take her less seriously. Furthermore, the average man does not like competition and will say to himself that she will easily find another guy taller, more beautiful, stronger, richer, more interesting, etc. As for myself, that makes me laugh when a guy tries to pick up my girl, especially if he is awkward. But it is something all the same something to watch because jealousy is a dangerous feeling.


In a club or on the beach, it is rather for a sex thing. On the workplace, it is rather for something serious. On the Internet, it depends. Having said that, it’s not something bad to look for sex, everything depends on the mindset. As for myself, if the girl is nice, she will be entitled to a cuddle besides her orgasms. No, I’m kidding, my open relation: I slept with her the first time I met her and I became attached to her. The sexual and intellectual connection is not something you can buy. In my opinion, it is hidden in the shadow there or it is not there and it is not the fact of sleeping directly or of waiting for 25 dates that will change something. So, sleeping quickly allows to avoid incompatibilities (like after 5 days you discover that your guy has a very little penis or that your girl has hairs everywhere on the ass it is a pain and can waste a relation that you thought nevertheless “good started”). This is why I laugh when on Tinder a girl tells me directly “if you want sex forget me”: what a conditioning and what a bad faith!!! Having sex with her would have enable us to break the ice easier et to have a more honest relationship.


The girl should not talk about her “conquests”. It is better to keep her past for herself. If she tells that she had a lot of adventure, the handsome guy is going to imagine that she too much likes flickering to make a potential faithful girlfriend. Remember yourself that a man does not want to raise the children of another one. Having said that, if a girl is hopeless in the bed, or has no experience, that can scare him off too, that depends on his personal situation and on his mindset. The guys want the butter and the money of the butter. One of the things that nevertheless kink me it is when the girl seems reserved then shows herself very naughty in the intimacy. I’m probably not the only one … There is a thing there about which I would like to think also: will we have a future? The human life is by definition uncertain, thus why frustrating with the aim of a hypothetical future? I agree that it is necessary to stay careful because statistically we will live until 80 years but you never can tell then why frustrating for the principle? There is quite a lot of girls there who make several dates before “giving” themselves so that the guy becomes attached to her but in fact that is just to fill a lack of self-confidence. Or then because her friends told her to do it to keep him waiting for the principle: but they what do they do? And does it work better? Do not forget that the girls are all the same in competition thus be careful towards the advice of your friends. Same thing for the guys who in fact wants to fuck their friends. Think: why do gay people act differently?

Other elements come to me confusedly:
– Is it necessary to sleep the first night? There is really no rule, that depends on the feeling, but I rather think so… Finally that depends on whom you fall. I have already been in couple with a girl whom I had undressed within 8 hours. Thus it is sure that a blood beef could shout “I fucked her then now that I had sex I don’t care of her” needs to choose well. Do not mistake it and one night stand : and even though isn’t it better than watching TV ?
– Is it necessary to practise blowjob during the first time you have sex? If it is done properly, yes. There are girls out there who don’t at the beginning and say to themselves that it is reserved for later: but then, the guy will maybe be pissed off, doesn’t feel desired, and will not call them back. There are people who practise it at the beginning then do not make any more the effort: that also it is a pain, fucking little narrow-minded calculations.

I’m fed up with writing and I am also sleepy so I am going to end. About the first question I answer: we do not think ONLY about sex but we think about it. And you too!!! Then stop acting like saintly hypocrites, it is a pain in the ass. You should a little more assume and especially encourage the guys who assume instead of insulting/lecturing them. After you complain that the guys do not have balls anymore or keep their cards hidden to sleep with you, seriously… If you prefer the smooth talkers and not the true guys then do not be surprised if you take it in the ass eventually. Only the intelligent girls who will know how to put things in perspective between what we tell them to do and what is their real interest can make a real capital gain and enjoy their life. The girls having the sexual power and most of the guys being frustrated, they are naturally going to try to play a league over theirs, this is why it is hard for us.

Let’s finish on something positive: think for yourself. I now address all those who are not satisfied because they fuck but can’t be in couple or to those who are in couple but never have orgasms. You do not have enough to complain, contrary to many women who are not desirable. The fact that the guys want to doggystyle you proves that men like you. Then for the orgasms, choose a lover or come to see me!!!

Go out and take advantage of your life intelligently! 😉

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