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If it was too easy, it would be suspect

June 3rd 2014,

I have just realized one of the most improbable Pick-up of my career. I violently quarrelled with a girl on FB then I met her to have sex with her. Incredible!


It is a girl whom I have poked two weeks ago, since that day we speak to each other: student in 1st year of medicine, cute, fresh, wants to become a little bit naughtier, has flaked me last Saturday “I am chaos” instead of “I am KO” okay I wipe the slate clean… I won’t knock her out with a Larousse dictionary.





Then here we are, we had a date at 8 pm in Aix except that at 7:30 pm she sent me “we see each other rather at 11 pm” and at 11 pm “is it a problem if I come and see a friend before she doesn’t feel good because of a guy?” I downright freaked out! It was disproportionate I don’t know what happened to me. Especially that like a horribly normal student I am at my parent’s to revise my exam of October at the moment, and thus I had reserved my night and especially I had told to my parents that I was going to fuck a chick :it’s too much of a shame to be flaked like that in front of your family !!!


This conversation is very interesting from a point of view psychology*communication (a lot of shit tests), especially for the twist in the drama, then I put here the full text (I would not write all this if I was not excessively paid so like my FB page and follow my Twitter/Youtube to encourage me PLZ) :


06/02/2014 11:12pm

ME : I don’t want to put the pressure on you nor anything but I dress up or I go to bed ?

HER : Ah I’m with my friend.. But otherwise we can settle comfortably in a car. Don’t necessary dress up well ? But if you’re too tired another day ..
Don’t dress up well doesn’t mean come naked ^^

ME : lol no no I’m motivated

HER : What do we do then ? Because I would like that we settle comfortably in a bar but I am in a pullover and don’t really want to dress up ahah

ME : 30 seconds ago you told me we settle comfortably in a car
but well you’re with your friend until IDK when…..

HER : But you wanna go to bed?

ME : I think you will flake lol
And I as much want to go in a bar as to shoot myself
And obviously if you give me no clear answer I am going to go to bed! Moreover it is already late while we had to meet at 11 pm thus we will postpone I guess

HER : What is a flake? No I know I am sorry but I told you that my friend was not feeling good. And understand my dilemma we don’t know each other I have never seen you I don’t imagine myself going up in a car without anybody all around do you understand?

ME : Well listen I reserved my evening for you to finally do nothing, I wasted my time so that irritates me
a flake it’s when the girls get cold feet with shitty excuses
And the thing to settle comfortably in the car it is not me who spoke about that eh ^^ it’s up to you if want you it or not

HER : Yes I want it but I am with my friend so if you want to go to bed then go to bed. No I’m not getting cold feet . If you’re tired sleep.

ME : ah well if you want , as we say “when you want you can”
Yes I am tired but I am ready to make an effort for you, but that does not seem to be mutual, it’s a pity

HER : if I proposed you that we see each other last time it is not for nothing

ME : well ! you look in shape tonight
I have a concrete thing to be proposed to you
How long approximately will it takes with your friend?

HER : What do you want to propose me? I don’t really know… not long I think

ME : you are in L***** that’s it ?

HER : Yes

ME : okay

HER : ??

ME : Good because my osteopath is in Mimet so I took advantage of it to eat at my parent’s, I am still there and I would have taken advantage to come to see you to coming back in Aix but I don’t want to drive now especially if I don’t know if you will not finally tell me “no I stay with my friend” thus if you want to pick me up here there are nice places for a night-stroll there (it’s approximately at 10mn of L*****)

HER : Eeeeh your plan is weird.. Did you understood what I said when I said “we don’t know each other” you can not be mad at me for that. Then I won’t tell you that, I just need some more time with her.

ME : no it is not weird
I have no desire to drive at midnight because I am fucked up

HER : At the same time you had told me that you were in Aix

ME : No I live in aix under normal circumstances
We had to see each other at 8 pm eh ^^
I would have came back easily

HER : Yes but tonight you are not in aix. And I warned you early enough for the fact that it would not be eight o’clock..

ME : yeah I know
So I’ve eaten with my parents and I’m still here

HER : Ok ok so what ?

ME : well or you pick me up here and we settles comfortably somewhere and we spend a great night; or we do absolutely nothing

HER : Ok well me I don’t know your town and I don’t want to get lost. I was OK for aix. I think we did not understand each other well. So have a good night.

ME : okay
your loss eh
Due to making your princess and making yourself movies
I’m fed up with being taken for an idiot

HER : At no time I took you for an idiot. It can be the case the other times seen your manners of speaking indeed.

ME : not related
I’m disapointed
all this for this …

ME : We could have a good moment together, finally I lost my evening waiting for you, you are going to stay with your friend, and I have nothing to blame me for concerning this fiasco eh the efforts I would have made them eh and you begin to freak out for nothing, to play the unsuspicious and hopppppppppppppppppp very very disappointing but well it is just like most of people : adventure frightens you

HER : The efforts? It is you who didn’t any more want to drive while we had agreed for aix. Finally it is not too bad because your reaction proves me that I would have wasted my time with you..

ME : you wuld have lost nothing eh darling
you are 100 % at fault in this story have at least the honesty to admit it
I have other things to do than waiting during 1:30 am after the arranged hour, that is what I call “respect”

ME : That would not have hurt you to be seduced and to have orgasms but going out of her zone of comfort it is hard I understand! Seriously what are you afraid of ? Hello I am not an old man with a moustache who made a profile of young person eh and if I am irritated it is because you made me lose ALL MY EVENING THAT I HAD RESERVED FOR YOU all this for nothing, you got cold feet you in the end and especially do not apologize eh blame me instead

HER : What I admit it is that I left seeing my friend but I spoke to you about it you said it was OK , needed to say it at this moment. And you really believe that if there should have happened something between us that would have been tonight? Maybe I would not even have liked you. We could have meet once and see if that could work.. I ‘m not looking for a boyfriend understand me please, but I’m not looking for a dead man of hunger either. I thought that in 25 years you would be capable of understanding the fact that I am careful and especially that you know that I was very afraid just two nights ago. And it’s a pity because once again, at 25 years old, I thought of finding somebody who would have been on the same wavelength and who would know how to not COMPLICATE THINGS. But I see that it is not the case.

ME : Not to complicate things that means not commanding respect and agreeing to be taken for an idiot?
Try to don’t make me be thought of as a dead man of hunger or an immature eh
Yeah but apparently you are too careful when it is not worth it and not enough when it would be necessary
Ah yeah you are the kind of girl who sees a guy who you like then to abandon him on principle to frustrate both of you? No but needs to overcome her conditioning eh
And let’s be clear if you went seeing your friend it’s because you were put under stress to see me that made a diversion to save time
(If ever you really visited somebody)

HER : I went to see her because she needed me. I won’t repeat you give me a headache for nothing. I recognized that having visited her while I had told you a certain hour it was borderline but when I spoke to you about it you pretended that you didn’t care. And in addition it is you who said that you didn’t want to drive anymore. It is none of my doing me if you are not in aix because as so you told it so well “when you want you can”.

ME : Okay let’s admit it
But when you pretend that the idea of sleeping with me tonight had not even crossed your mind : I say LIAR
And I don’t see what it changes for you it is the same distance it is even less far for you to come here
For your friend I didn’t think that it was going to last 1:30 am eh

HER : Well then even if it was the case you feel obliged to send your dirty sentences saying that I take you for an idiot while not at all and understand it is everything but sexy. I don’t understand why you piss me off now because it is you who finally did not want to drive any more.

ME : Well, yes it was the case then don’t play the unsuspicious, it irritates me the thing “I am not a whore me” you took me for one of these poor guys for whom a girl who thinks about sex is obviously a whore? I thought that you had understood who you are dealing with
And excuse me but your behavior is so classic
Girls I tried to pick up a lot eh and it is often the same thing, you have those who are adventuresses those who want to run wild, they visit me and have a lot of orgasms and ask for more of it
Then those who behave meanly, then pretend that I am a dead man of hunger to justify that they have not the courage to go out of their zone of comfort, and I didn’t think that you belonged to this category you disappointed me
In brief, good for you if you do not know what you missed
(And don’t call me asshole it would be overrated, I just tell you things as they are)

HER : OK you are definitively hopeless. At no time you tried to pick up me love. I assume perfectly the fact of being interested in a relation without consequences but I also assume the fact of being careful. I am like that, and I do not believe it is a bad thing. Now good for you if you are used to girls who join you in a lost place but it is not my case.

ME : but the thing
it is that you think you are smart right now
And do not take a condescending tone because that irritates you that I deliver an analysis of your psychology
you assume absolutely nothing the proof 10 minutes ago you told me “I never do anything the first night blablabla”

HER : Yeah all right about my psychology, you don’t know me so what are you talking about seriously?

ME : The thing that irritates me it is to be the only one to know that if you had come you would have been satisfied of you and I still have to make efforts and beg you for that! That irritates me
But it’s ok you think you are unique, while in fact you are all quite more or less similar

HER : I didn’t say that, I said that I would not join you in a place I do not know while I have never seen you. We would have been able to begin by having a drink and yes at this moment if that was ok we could have finished the night together. Then stop with your insults. You know nothing about what could have happened if at least you had the courage “to drive”…

ME : ok what did you risk? In the worst case you went back home
Ah we would have been able to finish the night together now? Who had believed it? 10 minutes ago you told me that “you were not a girl like that”
the “courage” no but seriously girl are you trying to manipulate me like that? I don’t take the car at 1 am for a girl who kept me waiting 2 hours eh! It was in your turn to make an effort, you did not do it, it’s a pity for both of us but it is you who messed around there

HER : I know nothing about what I risked it is not careful that’s it. I just want to have fun, to spend good moments. But what you can’t understand it’s that I don’t want to get lost in a lost place with a guy I don’t know. At no moment I told you that I was not a girl like that. I think that is needed a minimum of seduction. And of course if I did not like you I would have left that’s it.

ME : well then why didn’t you just do it ?
It is the 1st time you meet a guy who don’t get confused and who tells you things as they are? Some male energy that’s strange eh
did you think that I was going to throw myself on you like a madman or what… I reassure you I have eaten tonight eh lol
The answer: you risked nothing
you have my name, you have my photo, you know where I live you know that I have a blog

HER : It is me who manipulate? While I was ready to come to meet up with you? And that it is me the first one who have proposed that we see each other ? Dude you told me I don’t drive at 1am that would have changed what for you? I don’t understand that a 25-year-old guy does not understand that a 18 year old girl does not want to go anywhere when she does not know the person nor the place.

ME : It is exactly because you don’t know me that it would have been an adventure and that you would have been able to have fun
And it is not lost there are 10 000 inhabitants here
me I am not angry eh I just told you what I had to tell you then calm down!!!
don’t cry eh you still can have your orgasms if you put aside your ego

HER : Yes it is the first time that it happens to me indeed. Moreover it is what I liked , to know that you were not one of these honeyed hypocritical. But there are limits all the same. I don’t think I deserve this false trial while you have never been in the shoes of a girl and you don’t know all what can happen to us…

ME : that’s ok I know it but I thought you had understood who you are dealing with
When you treat me like if I was as dangerous as a villain of the north districts it is hurtful

HER : You think that I am going to cry for you? But where are you coming from? I can find guys like you at every corners of street.

ME : Ah and btw it is exactly because I am not a dead man of hunger that you cannot manipulate me
H’m no lol guys like me are very rare but this is another debate
then if you prefer the guys who lick your boots, who play the romantic and everything, all this because you can make them do what you want just because you are cute… well it is pathetic and in addition they will badly fuck you

HER : No you are not going to make feel guilty like that me. I don’t care if I hurt you when I tell you that I don’t know you and that I have no idea of who you really are. You would have been able to promise me all the orgasms of the whole world (still to be proved) I would never have come there without anybody who knows where I am except my friend who would have been able to do nothing if I had found an old pervert at the meeting. If you are not capable of understanding that it is because you need some notions of life.

ME : Yeah “still to be proved”, well let’s see, as if by chance you do not let me the opportunity to do it 🙂
well you just have to say to who you want that you come I have nothing to hide and I am not an old pervert I am me
You , you go sexy-dressed alone at gare St-Charles and you find that dangerous to come to see me in a enlightened village no but seriously do you realize what you say

HER : you look so confident. me I don’t care that we lick my boots it is not what is going to make a difference in my life believe me.

ME : I don’t “look confident” … I am and it is exactly this confidence that pisses you off
but finally I am not going to let you treat me like an average guy
like I said I have nothing to hide, everything I told you is true, including the orgasms, and to verify it you have only one single thing to do, have fun a little and come to let off steam of this frustration

HER : Jean basket is it sexy-dressed ?! Lol you don’t need much then. I thought I was safe with a friend that night. But he did not show his balls is it my fault? That will not work like that, I find that my too careful reaction for your taste is very appropriate.

ME : I don’t know how you were dressed, and it is not my fault if you hang out with pussies, but do not treat me like them thank you
Your reaction IS too careful because you risk nothing, and not appropriate seen that it has wasted what would have been able to be a good night for both of us
Always needs to complicate everything while that could be simple… fuck why why why ?!

HER : don’t you understand that to meet you I would like that it is in a more secure place first? We have a problem then

ME : all this is bullshit

HER : Are you insane ?

ME : pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
I dunno who you think I am but you are totally wrong, and stubborn in addition

HER : Ah no you are hopeless that’s it. When you will have understood then call me back. I am going to sleep. Alone by your fault, and your laziness to drive.

ME : ah yeah because you assume now ?
where is the public place that is in fact useless because we want to sleep together?
The worst it is that you are persuaded to be right while at the beginning of the conversation you didn’t even assume that you intended to sleep with me

HER : that serves to see if you are not the perverse old man… I don’t even understand why I continue to explain it to you seen that you do not understand.

ME : And if you did not make love tonight, and especially had quality orgasms as I doubt that you already had, it is because you didn’t move your ass
I have nothing of a pervert eh
we are chatting for weeks
you have seen 200 pictures of me
you have my name, you know where I live you can find me easy
And if ever it is an old pervert who comes well you just leave right? I don’t even know why we speak about it seen that it will not happen

HER : Where didn’t I assume ? And you repeat yourself that is useless. I will continue to think that I must be careful if I don’t want to finish in a cellar or I do not know where.. And it is not your whim that is going to change things.

ME : But I make no whim
I make a fair proposal

HER : And I did not spend all my time on your pictures by the way.

ME : “and do you really believe that if something should happen between us that would have been tonight?” did you write it or not ?
In brief frankly if we stay in this dead end we are two idiots

HER : Yes I wrote it because you are too confident, you don’t even know if I would have liked you. Maybe I would have found you ugly and I would have left you know nothing about it.




ME : I admit that I was a little bit excessive, but admit that you were dishonest

HER : I have not the habit to have a change of mind. For me I was right. And a man who wants to taste me he gives himself the means. (I’m not asking you to lick my boots as you said but to drive a car).
A little bit excessive? Downright excessive.

ME : it’s ok I’m not saying the opposite you are an attractive girl

HER : You know why I did not do that thus

ME : I also say that this small quarrel just made me want to see you but tonight while we are still hot, so that you see that I am no guy who has only a mouth on the Internet
I think that you did not do that because you found that weird, and you found it weird because I didn’t give some good explanation

HER : Ah?
Yes it is certainly that.

ME : Yeah because you could say to yourself that I am just a guy who speaks on the net but who IRL has no balls like the others
Yeah that loaded me with sexual energy, then it is healthy the quarrels at least we said what we had to say

HER : I imagine that not with everything that I’ve read.

ME : Ah you read things about me? well it is not the subject

HER : Yeah but you had a flying start.
What you wrote at the moment.

ME : ah okay
I admit you took it in the place of others

HER : Bah it is not fair you don’t know me not and you send your clichĂ©s.

ME : well yeah but you fitted inside, and then admit you tried to test me

HER : Testing you about what?

ME : to see if I was going to be chicken out
well, do you smell any energy in you after this quarrel & do you want to evacuate it ?

HER : To chicken out ?
I have some energy in me yes

ME : Have already made you love after a quarrel?

HER : Yes of course

ME : how was it ?

HER : it relieves

ME : do you want that we meet half-way ?

HER : the problem remains the same..

ME : well listen if you don’t like me, or if I don’t like you, we go home but at least we wouldn’t have stayed at home like two idiots with this sexual energy into us
Then do not always imagine the worst scenario like that, look at me I stay positive

HER : And what if you are the old pervert..
Yeah but you are a guy ^^

ME : Lol enough is enough with that ^^
I am the guy who is on the photos
You know the commonplace guy you can find at any street corner ^^

HER : No but seriously we laugh about it but it happens sometimes
Ahiii you’re so sensitive

ME : don’t worry I am not hurt lol
I stay zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen ^^
do you have skype ?

HER : Well I really want you now. I really want to see you. But the problem remains the same and this quarrel will be useless if I come to see you now
It would not be logical
Skype no

ME : fuck you could have seen me in your webcam
me too I really want you
This quarrel will rather have been of no use if we do nothing ^^

HER : I know..

ME : I swear you I have so much sexual energy in me that I begin to be cramped in my boxer
And it in spite of the fatigue it is a big time

HER : Because you have a boxer?

ME : Well yeah we have a hot weather

HER : Exactly…

ME : lol ! Well come on stop losing some more time
I’m serious it is the adventure right now! And it can be so good to let off steam

HER : I know

ME : you want it, I want it, we are not going to let imaginary barriers dominate us all the same

HER : I am for the adventure. But the anxiety is still the same.

ME : It is the stress of the adventure you feel ; I feel it too
The adrenalin

HER : But where would you want to meet up ?

ME : Well we can find a place, you don’t go out of your car especially, so that you can see that it is really me
In this way you will take no risk

HER : I don’t really like it..

ME : Well anyway I don’t know why we speak about that , it is me
how do you want me to prove it to you
We quarrelled well and it would be really too awesome that we see each other now and that we release all this
But well needs that we both make concessions

HER : I know but it is not in my habits to join somebody I have never met at 2am.

ME : Yeah me neither
It is a so atypical situation
I would really like to see what can happen
Seriously according to the plan we are at less than 10km from each other

HER : And would we go to your place?

ME : Well, no in the car to add some hot pepper
Ah nope 14km to be precise

HER : And if I don’t like you ?

ME : Then you go back home and I do the same
But well do not always imagine the worst scenario like that
You know I am not going to make a disease, I have not an oversize ego, and at least I would say to myself that I gave it a try
I am optimistic, I say to myself that we are going to make love and that will be awesome after such a verbal fight

HER : It’s not wrong

ME : well I tell you where we meet ?
I’m on “google maps” there

HER : Seriously I’m scared

ME : me too
that you eventually send me to hell
I feel nervous in fact
But needs to control ourselves and to know what we want
right now I really want to see you , even really want you I admit
seriously it can be legendary , an original meeting like that

HER : But is it comfortable in a car?

ME : Didn’t you ever try? That has its charm honestly

HER : It is a strange idea. Where would we meet up?

ME : There is a nice quiet spot next to my place I send you the route
It is really quiet and if ever we like each other we won’t be disturbed
Unless you want that we meet up somewhere else

HER : I would prefer somewhere I know

ME : like where ?
because if there is a lot of people in the street it won’t be a good thing

HER : I don’t really know but at least to meet up so that I see that are you not the perverse old dude and that we discuss a little the time of a fag or whatever that would reassure me

ME : okay where concretely?

HER : well I don’t really know your place thus I don’t know

ME : Lol otherwise come where I told you it will be so much simpler
We will discuss don’t be worried I am not a savage ^^
And I guess that you a little know who you have to deal with if ever you have no desire to go farther you will just have to tell it to me and we will go back home
If you go now in not even 10mn we are together

HER : Yes but I don’t feel good I don’t know the place nor you and I am pulled.

ME : I really want you and you want me you told it to me
Nothing bad will happen seriously we are at 10 minutes the one from the other one it is nothing
I am going to wear a jeans and a T-shirt so you will can take them off if you want 🙂
but plz come so that we did not all this for nothing now it would be too stupid

HER : Do you want to come to L*****?

ME : yeah ok ! where concretely?

HER : There is a small park there I don’t know if there will be people but at least to meet up.

ME : well okay how is it called so that I look on the plan?

HER : I don’t know in fact it is just next to a day-nursery

ME : Are you sure that you don’t want to come to the precise address that I gave you lol
it would be soooooooo simpleeeeeeeeeeee

HER : No
You really don’t want to come to L*****..

ME : well in fact because you look undecided then I say to myself that I am going to arrive over there and that you are going to tell me “finally no I’m not coming”
in addition you are not able to give me a precise place
Whereas I know that if you come, I am fully going to assume that I want you
Needs that we stop our bullshit we are going to waste everything
That would be too stupid

HER : I would find security in being next to my place but it’s up to you

ME : you will be just 10km away from your place …
don’t be a pain in the ass earlier you said yes to come here
come on plz so that we did not all this for nothing
I swear that it can be really awesome but needs that we both make the effort

HER : You said yes to come to L*****

ME : yeah I know
come on plz
It is no debate it is sterile what we’re doing right now
Nobody is right nobody is wrong

HER : I would not make you come if I didn’t think about it seriously

ME : in 10 mn we meet
c’mon plz me too I think about it seriously

HER : Yes if you come to L*****

ME : Give me a precise address
seriously “A park next to a day-nursery ”
so glamour

HER : But I cannot open the plan

ME : well do you have google or not ?
You don’t know how to give me a precise address
while I have given you one since 1h
You would already be there it would be good
Come where I told you I swear that it’s not dangerous
date at 2h55
We have lost enough time
I swear on everything you want that you are not going to regret I don’t know what better I can tell you

HER : No at L*****seriously

ME : Needs that you control yourself right now and that you leave direction adventure

HER : I give you an address in two min

ME : Come now that turns in a loop
Why don’t you want to come while you know that I am too tired to drive and everything
It would be so simple
make a little effort plz all the same

HER : well no , too bad , another time then if you are too tired to drive you are too tired to do it too… Besides you will have to come back in Aix at a moment or another one

ME : Well it’s been 30mn that I tell you that CONTRARY TO YOU I AM GOING TO MAKE THE EFFORT TO DRIVE UNTIL L*****
and you are not even able to give me an address seriously …

HER : You don’t let me enough time

ME : you asked “2 minutes” 15 minutes ago

HER : You don’t stop talking to me

ME : move your ass

HER : Rond point L***** B***** it’s ok ?

ME : yes ! Well if I come at how much % are you sure to join me?

HER : sure to join you. there is a park for child there try to go here I am going to walk there and go out of your car too ^^

ME : Okay well then if are you sure we make an appointment there at 3:10 am! But give me your number as guarantee plz


Then, I sent her a text and she answered. Well, I left at 3 am, I saw no car on the road. I arrived in less than 10 minutes, I had a little difficulties in finding her but she answered her phone thus that was OK. Her voice was very stone, I do not think that she had taken drugs but well that’s surprising, certainly the fatigue!!! I parked in a parking, I joined her under a lamppost. Everything took place on the body language level, my calm, my confidence, etc. I approached, I saw that she tried to kiss me when I said hello to her then I took her in my arms after having given a kiss on the cheek to her. Then we sit on a wooden barrier, and I caressed her hair, her back. She turned to me. Seriously, she is attractive, thin, but she smells the fag! She kissed me then came against me, put the hand in my jeans and began to shake me up in the city center. Then, I did the same (I caressed her), her legs began to tremble. At the end of a few minutes, she asked me to go in my car. Just like my cat, I am a night-hunter!


I put her in underwear, then she caught my cock and shook me. I wanted to do other things but she wanted to do only that. I jerked off ! Well, that was fucking good for me to exult through this masturbation all the same. I was fucking excited and full of sexual energy I slapped one liter! Good thing the osteopath told me no excess to don’t be too tired this evening… Then, I lied her down on the back seat I managed to put my hand in her string even if she resisted “I am not comfortable, I am stressed, I don’t like the place, I don’t know you, but I want you, we should see again each other somewhere else”. She was very stressed! I made her rise with ONE SINGLE finger, she rose very high, she removed her panties (with the hands moistened by my compulsive masturbation) alone just before enjoying, certainly to do not dip it. During the rest, I took off her bra. She told me “it is not a normal situation
– but who decides on what is normal or not?” Finally here we are, that made me be hard again and I would very gladly have fucked her like she deservedInstead of that, she made a nasty Last Minute Resistance, but I admit that on an enlightened parking with the look slightly napping and the cars all around it was not very glamorous either then I can understand it is just too bad to have gone there for no more. I asked her if she did not have the impression to be in a dream “yeah totally” and I asked her for what she would have done in this dream “we would have made love”. But IRL nothing. In brief, I suggested her moving the car in a dark corner but she did not want either, too much afraid of me , that I kidnap her apparently. At a given moment I locked the car door so she cannot open it by clumsiness when she enjoyed, she demanded that I UNLOCK IMMEDIATELY!!! Otherwise, she wanted to go from L***** to Aix, having sex at my place, then that I drive her back at her parent’s and that I return then at mine. I admit that I am a little crazy but there are people out there who are really crazy!!!


In brief, then I resigned myself and we a little spoke. Her, installed comfortably in my arms. She knew only 2 guys in her life. Several years relationships (when Hafid tells me that there are only dirty girls in medicine I answer LOL). Then, an unknown like that, that excites her but that makes her feel fear. Besides, she really has no experience if I understood well. She asked me if I was going to put the story on my blog and I said yes: that probably did not contribute to make her feel comfortable… I admit I should maybe have lied but I don’t like that. She asked me how I could be so imperturbable in this situation, I think that it is the experience that spoke. Not much destabilizes me about girls : seriously, that does not make me raise even anymore an eyebrow all this… It is not the first time I jump without parachute! I guess that she has reliable problems (in herself and in the others): plenty of guys promised her the moon and chicken out. She told me that I will never call her back after that blah blah blah. She asked me why a 25-year-old guy like me made love with a kid of 18… I answered her that youth has charm… but at the time, I prefer them a little more experimented because the blockings it gets on my nerves. She would have been able to enjoy much more and stronger if she had gone at the end of what she had so well begun… finally maybe that once again, I demand too much to the others.


In brief, I was not even back home when she sent me a text: she wants that we see again each other, but in my apartment this time, to finish the work. I hope I have given her a lesson of life “nothing is impossible when the will is here”. I shall give her a lesson of sex next time! On the road, don’t ask me why I had put the radio Nostalgie and they wished me “hello and good awakening” that was funny !


I hope that she will not have buyer’s remorse. Like, when she left, she was satisfied to take on herself to come to meet me and to enjoy. But with time, she will maybe feel guilt (or her friends are going to make her feel guilty even if I asked her to don’t tell them that) and considering me inequitably as a big jerk. Seriously, if she tells that :
– The guys who would have liked taking her doggystyle will call her whore because they would have liked this is their testicles that she empties;
The girls who do not have the courage to have fun a little are going to call her whore to consolidate in their shitty position of ease even if they would have liked living an original adventure like that.


[PART 3 : a big doubt]


Otherwise I am too satisfied, I took a rank in tae kwon do (yellow belt: like the sun which gets up, I am at the beginning of my learning in this domain). And Virginie began cooking me too good things (last time it was a cake zucchinis / salmon no but seriously needs to marry her. In brief, what makes me want to follow my reflection to conclude… It is crazy how I become touchy: as soon as we piss off me, I send to hell quickly. Before I was less extreme all the same, more tolerant! These shitty flakes, it’s common practice, nevertheless, that still manages to irritate me while I should be armored for a while. Sometimes, the girls even manage to make me feel guilty a little: I say to myself that my Game is maybe too aggressive, that I demand too much to them. That it is maybe me who make some shit and the common run of people who is right. Maybe that I am stupid and 100 000 km away from reality. Seriously, it is impossible to make have a logical reasoning to people. A lot repeat and will always repeat during all their life the same bullshit… It is inconceivable for me! I come up against walls, even in my own family: my brother assaults me by telling me that I am too thin and that I have to be in poor health all this because we begin to see well my abs while he and his wife are obese and smoke in spite of the fact that she is pregnant. And nevertheless, in everything I said, if I put aside what I see and the fucking social pressure and the conditioning of the morons: I notice that it is so logical. I’m fed up with hearing always the same chicken arguments of ignorant girl “and if I don’t like you IRL ? And you are too confident that you believe that you are going to manage to give me orgasms, you are a dead man of hunger because you assume that you want to fuck me I prefer the pussies move forward masked they less frightens me even if they are coward traitors in the fact, etc.” Fuck you band of embittered discouraged by your boring life!!! Needs that they stop reading not intelligent women’s magazines – pleonasm. It is not because I don’t do like the others nor like you (and what I am less bored) that I am wrong (and that you have to annoy me to compensate for). I return to my sentimental short stories far from the pains of your rotten world. Ah yeah and before I forget here is the worst shit test that a girl who wants to force you into error because she does not assume can use “ah yeah, it is good what you are do, you will find a lot of girls who will sleep with you continue … ah but no me of course”. LOL. Look for the logic. The truth it is that it is the ones who assume to go at the end of the attraction who are rare and remarkable (the courage to take on themselves) not those who get cold feet or who do not assume while pretending to assume, beause we can find hundreds of thousands like them.


May the God of the Game kiss all of you on the mouth.

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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